[Kyoto] Fat Cat in Gion.

for the first time in forever my blog, an animal post. hahahhahahaha.

I’ve never really liked cats.

I’d scream and yell if there’s a cat near me. I especially hate how their tails touch my leg.

and also when I slept over at a friend’s house in Korea whom has 3 cats and woke up with cats sleeping around me AND blood stains on my face (the cats scratched and walked all over me pfft). oh the door was closed. somehow the cats managed to open the door via the handle wth.

I don’t know since when but cats DO seem adorable to me now. I still love dogs more but I start to think cats are really cute creatures. especially this fat cat I bumped into in Gion, Kyoto.

IMG_8755 copy

apparently this cat was kind of famous in Gion. locals recognizes it! it was soooooo fat. and it kept rolling around. Continue reading “[Kyoto] Fat Cat in Gion.”

summer vacation back home

warning! this is quite a personal post. travel post readers might find this boring =X.

my first summer vacation in Malaysia after 3 years. no doubt many things has changed. the crazy jam all over because of the MRT, inflation of almost everything, friends all started to work and the worst thing was, it is the busiest month for all. but nevertheless I am really grateful for those who had to travel all the way to see me because my license expired.. too long ago to be renewed. it is actually a good thing that I can’t drive. I don’t want to hurt anybody =X. I admit, I’m a lousy driver hahahahah. I’ve been told that I’m multi talented. but I can’t drive well and I have not mastered the basic skill to cycling, skating and anything involving balance with ANOTHER object. okay except high heels.

CIMG3340 copy

so as soon as I’m back, Pavilion was my first destination. and coincidentally, there was a K-festival thingy going on. my mom didn’t believe that those behind those costumes are Malaysian she had to ask them. I AM RIGHT! Continue reading “summer vacation back home”

Dear Reader(s)

I am not a famous blogger or anything, but I do get all sort of weird things ranging from hate mails to essays of their own life to love letters. I learned to be thick skinned and forget and not even let haters affect me. but really, to those who love me overly. please stop it. it’s creeping me out and I felt like I have a psychotic follower who is going to kidnap me one day and force me to marry him. Continue reading “Dear Reader(s)”

Filial Piety

have you ever questioned yourself, how would your perfect family be?

of course you have.

but from what I see, as people move on to their later stages in life, most tend to forget about their old ones.

as you get busier and busier with your life, your old parents sitting at home calling you would be such a bothersome thing. you just DO NOT have time for them. but heck, you have time for your friends and your kids. first ask yourself why do you not have time for them. well, stop giving excuses because what they talk about is just plain annoying to you. Continue reading “Filial Piety”

Korean War-like Class Registering System

Korea is indeed the leader in education because they do not treat their children like children but robots just so they can get a high paying job which require them to work like robots which does not require a long recharging period.

but after all the systematic systems and all, we have to spare ONE WHOLE BLOODY DAY or MORE on each semester for the time-wasting thing called “sugang” which is a day for registering your classes. while this does not matter to most university students in the WORLD, it is a bloody important day in Korea because that is where your parent (or yours) hard earned money is spent on.

why do I say that? because it’s technically war. Continue reading “Korean War-like Class Registering System”

Korean Etiquette/Courtesy/Culture and Japan

since I am stuck in Japan with my friend’s Japanese laptop (my laptop can’t connect to the internet and there’s no adapter yet T_T), I will first choose topics to write about which doesn’t require much pictures and editing.

SO, living in Seoul for about 3 years now, of course I’ve noticed more and more and from my mistakes, I learned even better. Continue reading “Korean Etiquette/Courtesy/Culture and Japan”

why studying in Korea is tough.


dear everyone who would like to study in South Korea.

I major in Business Administration and thank goodness for that I can have half of my classes in English because they normally have certain classes taught in English for the foreign exchange students. but the thing is, these classes run out. you might think that being able to speak in English would be a plus for you and that you’d definitely score in those classes because Koreans are bad in English.

and that is where you are wrong. Continue reading “why studying in Korea is tough.”

My Malaysian Affairs

so when I was in Malaysia, I literally went out everyday with different people until my grandma started nagging at me. for being out more than being home. and I gained 6kgs. I’m not sure how much I lost since I’ve been back to Korea, but probably around 2-3kgs. and it has been 10 days. I need to lose more weight T_T.

Malaysia was hot. when I first got back it was actually pretty cooling and I actually felt cold at night.

CIMG7869 copy

so yeah, Malaysia truly Asia for you =D. the Petronas Twin Towers =3. probably the most attractive building in Malaysia. wait. no. it IS the most attractive building. standing up at 88stories, built by Koreans and Japanese people, this building is the tallest twin towers in the world. not the tallest tower but tallest twin towers. Continue reading “My Malaysian Affairs”

[Kyoto] Arashiyama – Bamboo Grove

so upon exiting the garden, we found ourselves at the famous bamboo grove of Arashiyama!

this is another popular landmark of Kyoto other than Kinkakuji. Although I personally prefer Ginkakuji over Kinkakuji. I loved the bamboo grove though. and I felt it is really a must visit if you have at least 2 days in Kyoto. it isn’t number 1 on my list but it is more than just one-visit worthy.

IMG_4283 copy

somebody please tell me what they say hhahahaa. Continue reading “[Kyoto] Arashiyama – Bamboo Grove”

[Kyoto] Shijo, Gion & Kyoto Station

first day in Kyoto was amazing because I went to so many places in just a few hours. basically the famous few hang out places are pretty cramped up in the middle of Kyoto and they are either of walking distance or just a bus ride away.

IMG_4143 copy

above’s Shijo. there are like rows of shops and I can say.. it’s awesome. I loved it there. and at the end of the street there’s my favourite Sabazushi shop as well. there are loads of shopping and also.. OPA!!! though the name is weird but there are plenty of pretty shops in there!!! Continue reading “[Kyoto] Shijo, Gion & Kyoto Station”