[Korea] Directions to Nami.

UPDATE on directions (20/6/2014) : you can take the subway OR ITX (you get seatings but it’s super annoying because it’s always sold out and it runs hourly. it costs around 6-7thousand won I think? it is also the fastest if you.. don’t end up having to wait for it) and take a taxi to Nami Island from the station. it’s walkable but.. might be too far for tired and lost foreigners. AS FOR THE BUS.. the bus way stated on this post is more of a dating kind of route as well as like some bus-ride experience. it’s more expensive though =(. outside of Nami Island you can take a bus and ride it to Petite France (HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED. I went there twice and didn’t like it both times >_>.) and the Morning Calm Garden for only 4,000won if I am not wrong. =).

Nami Island 남이섬 was one place I didn’t exactly plan to go. it was where Winter Sonata was filmed, and it is VERY FAR AWAY from the city. it takes approximately TWO HOURS just to get there. but I met some nice people at our guest house and they said it was BEAUTIFUL. convinced by them, we decided to go there on the second day as some major spots are closed on Tuesdays.

just so you know, it is not just an island which were the film set of a drama. but it was a really artistic place, it was beyond what pictures can tell. like a huge art playground; with loads of love. it’ll take away at least half of your day. it’ll be around 6-7pm when you’re back in Seoul. =). definitely worth a visit. especially if you’re there on autumn or winter– like how the movie is named.

also, make this a MUST VISIT SPOT if you’re there with your lover. *winks*.


a completely irrelevant picture. the dog was seemingly sleeping. you can see it breathe. but only after the 2nd time seeing it I knew it was fake. PFFT. Continue reading “[Korea] Directions to Nami.”

[Korea] Suwon.

sadly, I didn’t visit the Suwon Fortress. but lucky for that too because according to our young guest house mate, she told us it is boring for young people. =(. anyways, James and his friends lives there so they invited us over for dinner. I really wanted to see how other cities look like too =D.

IMG_9741 copy

Peter calls it the more adult No Rae Bang. no rae bang (노래방) = karaoke in Korean. =D. Continue reading “[Korea] Suwon.”

[Korea: Everland] my trip to Everland.

UPDATE on directions (20/6/2014) : just take the subway to Gangnam station and take bus 5002 from the bus stop near exit 5. the bus stop is in the middle. but my other recommendation will be calling the tour bus to get you there. the only bad thing is that you HAVE to go there at around 9am and MUST RETURN at 6pm. it’s faster and more comfortable for families. if you’re okay with the time restrictions then I’d say it’s the best choice. you can get the contacts (it might change from time to time so best if you visit the site) from the site. any tour buses =). it was 12,000won the last time I took it. BUT, not to mention that they opened a new subway line connecting through the Bundang line =). so if you don’t mind subway then I guess this would be the BESTTTT choice. it isn’t updated on their English website. if you need any more info please leave a comment and I’ll try to help when I can!

but because the trip there in the BUS is already so amazing, I’ll be showing you more of what I saw when I was in the bus. Continue reading “[Korea: Everland] my trip to Everland.”