[Cheongdo] Wine Tunnel <3. 청도 와인 터널.

this must be the place that I love the most in Cheongdo.

hint to my future husband whoever he may be, I want you to propose to me here. *coughs*. (super tiring to go all the way to Cheongdo just for the occasion perhaps T_T)

IMG_8848 copy

when it rains here, it doesn’t stop. not that it ever rains a lot like in Malaysia until trees get blown down. but here, it rains non stop. sometimes for 24 hours straight, which is pretty annoying. I guess rains like this only happen to places that have 4 seasons haha. Continue reading “[Cheongdo] Wine Tunnel <3. 청도 와인 터널.”

[Cheongdo] Bull Fighting Festival 청도 소 싸움 축제

the good thing about not being shy in class is…….. your chance of experiencing something awesome is larger.

so during level 3 (and every alternate term or year I heard.) you get to visit a faraway place for FREEEEEEEEE. yes, you read it right. FREEEEEEEE. if you hadn’t already know, I shall inform you that travelling anywhere out of the Gyeonggi area would cost quite a lot. especially down South. Cheongdo is somewhere near Busan and Daegu and hence it’ll really cost a lot if we were to come here by ourselves. Continue reading “[Cheongdo] Bull Fighting Festival 청도 소 싸움 축제”