[Malaysia: Gardens] Fong Lye Taiwanese Food

this would be my second time posting about it. hehe. about a month (yes it have been that long!) ago, my mom and I brought my grandma out to the malls. this would be the rarest situation because she doesn’t even like to go out! not only that, it is already rare to see me in malls with my mom. ahhaha. my mom said when you get older you’d find malls boring. hope not? =/.

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[Malaysia: KL] Snowflake at Pavilion

this is Yee Jin. (who he himself too, think that his smile is very.. wicked/horny/humsup) he studies in HELP and is single HAHAHA. and is looking for hot girls that studies in his college too *coughs*. just joking. actually I don’t know if he would still be available when this post is up =D. I shall just assume so. =S. a dear friend of mine =). Sandra was supposed to come but she last minute FFK (fong fei kei/ditched) us. Continue reading “[Malaysia: KL] Snowflake at Pavilion”