the decision to take you home was something long considered. before moving to a new home, we’d always make sure the apartment allowed animals, and that the area would be dog friendly. after years of long considerations and a visit to your breeder, we fell immediately in love with you. you were curious, hyper and loved biting my hair. you were everything we ever wanted. it was the exact definition of love at first sight.

we carried you and played with you for a long while and realized we had to take you home. that you were the child we are going to bring home and commit the next 10-15 years to. our lives will change but it’ll change for the better because you’re going to be worth it. you came home shortly after a week of seeing you as your mom finished nursing you. you were not like the others; you were tiny. a very small little corgi but unlike the bigger shy corgis, you were a burst of energy, and that was what we were looking for– an active corgo that can go on hikes together, go for long walks and runs.

you came home at 2.4kg and you were a pooping and peeing machine. you never made a sound despite your energy and you were so adorable. potty training you was the most difficult as you kept getting it wrong and you pooped and peed everywhere; your bed, the floor, the carpet, and all other smaller carpets. I started to think maybe you weren’t bright but that’s okay, because you cute. your favourite sleeping place is oddly on your pee pad. it was so smelly but you somehow loved curling up there instead of your comfortable bed.

you grew so very quickly and at 5 months, you started to bite daddy hard. we were worried so we got you a trainer and those sessions unleashed a whole lot of potential. we realized how we could communicate better with you and we worked so hard. you learned how to potty shortly, know how to sit, spin, down, bang, touch and even ring! we look at other older corgis that can’t even do half the things you do and we start to realize you were actually a genius.

maybe you were too smart, you would bully mommy and daddy with your teeth, growls and snaps and gave us such a hard time, but that was alright, because you were so sweet otherwise. If we were to sit on the floor, you will come in between our legs. sometimes resting your head on our lap. you worked with mommy on my lap for such a long time when you were tiny. when you grew a bit bigger, you just slept around my feet because you want to feel close to me. when you were long enough to jump on the bed, you started wanting to sleep right next to us — body on the bed and head on the pillow, just like us. you really enjoyed that didn’t you?

you started to bark one day and it just grew more and more, but it was the cutest bark. you would bark at the slightest noise because you were waiting for one of us to come home to you, or trying to let us know someone’s at the door–thank you. but that’s not all, you would make dinosaur sounds. sounds that we can’t really describe but you stretch so much and you would make all these weird sounds that made us so happy.

not to mention when you sleep, you sleep belly down first but very quickly flip across and completely humanlike. we do question the spots you choose to sleep but it seemed like your favourite was definitely the white carpet. it wasn’t as fluffy and comfortable as your bed but we suppose because you can see us from there and the carpet smells like us.

and how can I forget your sharp ears. they were big for a reason, because you can hear the slightest sound (although you kept doing it selectively!). when we open the door, you would bark. when we open the fridge, you would go into stalker mode and look out from your pen and your bunny-like ears popping out. when we play videos of us training you, your head goes left and right and left and right; honestly the most adorable thing on earth. when mommy comes out from the toilet, you know it’s time to head to bed because I would always give you a treat. when we call someone, you would get all excited wondering who’s going to talk over on the other end. you were so smart and adorable it made us smile so much.

many people loved you since you were this cute fluffy bunny. fluffy because mommy gives you salmon oil everyday but when you walk/hop, you really do look like a bunny. and nobody would say no to you. you were a beggar for pets but everyone who see you WANTS to pet you; because you’re this adorable. even when another smaller younger, questionably more adorable corgi walks in, eyes are all on you because you shined so bright.

daddy has a soft, timid character with not a lot of discipline in terms of his schedule at home, but you completely changed him. for you, he was so determine to change so that he can lead you and be the best dad to you. he always doted on you. always bringing home watermelon– your favourite. making more rice or pasta so we can feed you some. cooking our steaks without oil so that you could have some and getting to understand which kibble is the best for you, and made sure you only had the best and the tastiest. your love for yoghurt is also unreal. you would go ahead and lick up a whole tub of yoghurt until your entire face is smudged with yoghurt, and you look so adorable after that. especially when you’re being mischievous and all we had to do is say “watermelon” or “chicken” to get your attention.

when our friends visit, you were always so excited and it made everyone so happy. your little nips were cute but most of all it’s all that positive energy that you channel. you are such a simple dog. all you want to do is play and eat treats. it doesn’t matter where, but who you’re with. mommy could be chasing you around the house and your tail would wag left and right continuously. recently you even turned on your turbo tail wag speed which was something that made us laugh. you learned to walk so well and the sight of you looking at daddy continuously melted mommys heart. you are so attentive and curious at everything. a cat, another dog, grass, paper, plastic, everything. you sniff and sometimes you eat. you shock mommy always by having the ability to poop out almost everything, including a huge piece of plastic which we had no idea how you ingested it. having to bring you to ER several times to regurgitate all that huge foam that you eat scared us. you always come back weak and it hurt us so much to see you without energy.

with that said, seeing you go is probably the hardest thing that we ever experience. because you were such a special girl. you’re not only a pet, but you’re our daughter whom we care for deeply and love so very much. your scent is so strong and we love it. it still lingers at home and we miss you every moment. everything we do at home, it almost felt like we weren’t just conditioning you, but our own actions were conditioned. when we open the fridge, when we wash our hands, when we call someone, when the doorbell rings, when someone is outside and most of all, the anticipation of seeing you when we open the door every day.

you don’t deserve to go so young. theres still so much more food we want you to try, so many places we want to bring you to, and we want to spoil you so much more although you’re already a queen at home. after you left, we crumbled. we never knew it would hurt this bad. although you were in our lives for a mere 6 months, it felt like eternity, because we knew it was eternity for you. and even it was a short time, it was the most rewarding experience raising you. and we promise to love you till eternity, never forgetting you. daddy told me that the morning I left for work, you whined. I forgot to get my purse and I came back up but I didn’t even say bye to you because I don’t want you to feel lonely without me, but if I had known that that will be the last time I would see you, I wouldn’t worked from home. I would’ve played with you all morning. I would’ve tried to kiss you knowing you don’t enjoy it. I would’ve done so much more..

when a life is taken, it always feel so unfair. why does such a bright, smart, lovely, cheerful and sweet dog have to go this young, and this way. but I know that you’re with us at home as I am typing this out because I can still smell you. and when I close my eyes, it feels like you’re still here. what I miss the most is your footsteps tapping on the floor, your dino sounds, your whines, your growls, and believe it or not, even your butt and poop smell. I would pick up your poop 10 times a day if I had to. and I would give everything to have you back with us. because you meant this much to us. today we bid our last farewell to you. we saw you enter the chamber of fire and we laid flowers next to you. you have your favourite watermelon right next to you and daddy’s socks that you so eager try to steal every time but because you’re such a good girl, you always give it back when we ask you to give. you were so beautiful. you laid there with your eyes closed; looking peaceful. you were cold, but your warm body that warmth us through the entire winter will be in our memory. your fur was so soft. and we kissed you goodbye.

I don’t know how long mommy and daddy will cry and how many more breakdown episodes we might have. don’t panic if you see us this way, because it means we really really miss you and that our love for you is true. it is very difficult because we miss you so dearly and it hurt us to know that we can’t recreate the happy moments again in this life. our heart feels hollow, and its feels like our hearts are sunken to the very bottom. it will take us time to get used to not having you around. waking up is still the most difficult because each time we hope so much that it was just a bad dream and that you would be jumping back at us again; waking us up sharp at 7am everyday with your poop smell and jumps even though your breakfast is at 9:30. we will remember your birthdays and prepare your favourite watermelon and chicken. and we will think about all the good times we had.

we hope you will visit us often, we hope you’ll appear in our dreams. we love you so very much. it is hard for us to say goodbye, but we believe that we will be reunited one day; it might take quite a long time, but at the mean time enjoy running endless fields with your new furry friends in heaven and feel free to visit whenever you miss us. we don’t mind if you leave a couple of farts of brush your butt smell everywhere, we would be so happy to know that you’re here.

once again, we just wanted you to know that we love you so much, so much more than words can describe.

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4 months ago

Belated Happy Birthday Jamie… so sad to hear about your dog… :'( I hope you guys will get better soon 🙂