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last month when my best friend (Megu) visited me before I left Korea for good, I was invited to Grevin to tour around their museum. and it was really beyond my expectations! and oh, that day I found out that Brad Pitt’s actually taller than me! (since I am quite a tall girl for Asian standards)

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situated just right outside Euljiro-1-ga’s exit 1, it was very easy to locate. and *quite* nearby there’s this famous cafe called Hanyakbang Coffee.

DSC04757 copy

so why you should go to Grevin? well, because it’s the only one in Asia. other’s are located wayyy too far from Asia.

DSC04758 copy

upon entry, we saw this ajosshi, so.. picture taim!

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and at a random corner, there was like a whole section dedicated for a famous baseball player in Korea. and you can even try tossing balls yourself! (I missed all of mine though T_T.)

DSC04769 copy

HELLO SEONBAENIM! fun fact: Bae Yong Jun, Song Joong Ki, Krystal, Joo Won… etc. were all from my University xD.

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and the two supposedly hottest guys in Korea the last gen.


DSC04805 copy

Kung-fu masters kicking my butt.

DSC04811 copy

random waiter~

DSC04821 copy

it’s rude to point at someone like that!

DSC04826 copy

pretending to karate his fingers off (Godfather scene?)

DSC04837 copy


DSC04845 copy

another fun fact: the kids I teach English had always said that I have ET fingers, because it’s really long and slender ._. in a very weird way.

DSC04850 copy

trying to fit in with Rambo.

DSC04855 copy

first time betting in a “casino” and no money was involved hahaha. I really like Grevin because of the fun-filled activities they prepared. hence it ain’t just a boring wax museum.

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she’s the 50,000won lady!!!

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all hail King Sejong!

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thank you for inventing Hangeul. I kid you not, you can learn how to read and write Korean in just a few hours all thanks to the great King Sejong. because he made it so simple and easy to learn! also, the purpose of the huge revamp was a part of his plans on getting rid of illiteracy and it worked so well!

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time for some math class with le geniuses.

DSC04892 copy

the person that everyone look up to. you don’t have to be good in school to be a genius; that’s what Einstein taught me.

DSC04916 copy

and with the two most famous Pope’s in Korea!

DSC04925 copy

thank you Ghandi, for all that you have done!

DSC04938 copy

after meeting admirable people from all walks of life, it’s time to meet some politicians on the second floor!

DSC04946 copy

so there’s even a room inside private jets?! how cool is that!

DSC04953 copy

Obama is MUCH MUCH MUCH taller than expected.

DSC04956 copy

just chillin with the President of China

DSC04963 copy

and going on a hat party with Queen Elizabeth.

DSC04968 copy


DSC04969 copy

spam spam.

DSC04972 copy

Asiana probably have the best in-flight toilet haha.

DSC04974 copy

Megu ordering Trump around. oh wells.

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and then there’s Megu driving a plane. (wow so multi-talented). Captain DiCarpio was behind too!

DSC05026 copy

a picture with Christiano Ronaldo is a must!

DSC05052 copy

no joke but my friend Peter looks exactly like Park Ji Sung.

DSC05075 copy

I absolutely failed in basket ball. but still a little better than Megu xD.

DSC05086 copy

Park Chan Ho the most famous baseball player in Korea (or the world? D=)

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and if you’re into golf… even Charlie Chaplin’s there!

DSC05120 copy

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some random “trick eye” art pieces.

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I kind of liked this part of the museum because..

DSC05157 copy

you get to learn how they make them wax figures, and also turn yourself into a digital wax figure!

DSC05160 copy

it’s really scary without colour tho =S.

DSC05164 copy

so.. this is how it looked like, although I look completely ridiculous.

DSC05170 copy

OHAI! that’s me and Psy! I look so scary hahaha. I know.

DSC05176 copy

Marilyn Monroe, the iconic artist who’s in every single wax museum haha.

DSC05179 copy

I was shocked to see Van Gough! never actually knew how he looked like, but I could recognize that this is him right away!

DSC05182 copy

and a random photobooth in the middle. there are really a lot of activities to do in this museum!

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welcome to my emo world.

DSC05224 copy

some more iconic people! do you know who’s that on the bottom right? (p i c a s o!)

DSC05245 copy

the person whom I looked up to the most in Korea; Andre Kim. he makes the most talented fashion designer I’ve ever seen, and he absolutely does not give a **** to what other people say about him, as long as he thinks that it’s fashionable.

DSC05248 copy

Tyra Banks and Lady Diana

DSC05258 copy

with the global oppa; GD.

DSC05263 copy

nice.. uh, bra.

DSC05273 copy

like seriously, do I look like her? I got like at least 30 comments on me looking like her when the drama “doctors” came out. .__.. *I wish*

DSC05281 copy

the last section was totally for K-DRAMA. they had a set where you can even see yourself on the big screen! that was pretty fun haha.

well that’s all! I think I only managed to take pictures of less than half of all the famous people morphed into these realistic wax figurines. there were so many and I was absolutely not expecting that. like I said, it wasn’t just wax figures but there were a lot of other little fun activities to do too! so I think that it’s absolutely worth a visit if you find yourself in Seoul! expect to spend around 2 hours in there and I would urge you to arrive as early as possible to avoid the crowd!

that’s all for now!

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