just a stones throw away from the hotel we were staying at– the Grand Mayfull Hotel, was this famous fine dining restaurant/desserant called Yellow Lemon. I was truly intrigued by their picnic styled high-tea set which I first saw on instagram and since it was so near to our hotel, we decided to give it a try.

DSC03293 copy

it’s located conveniently near Dazhi Station and it wasn’t difficult to locate. the exterior was simple, nothing too fancy and it was rather empty when we went at noon because it was quite early.

DSC03294 copy

they have a variety of desserts and dishes but I got to stick to my main goal: the picnic high tea set.

DSC03295 copy

the interior of the restaurant was pretty nice. with an open kitchen and also unique futuristic designs.

DSC03300 copy

there were mostly desserts, some brunch dishes and high-tea sets. their famous pic-nic set costs 600NTD per person. after conversion, I realized it’s a hefty RM85 per person! that is around 22,500won. definitely not cheap. but it’s reasonable enough I guess since high-tea’s ALWAYS expensive :(.

DSC03303 copy

we had the star chef of the restaurant, Andrea Bonaffini serve us. he wasn’t all smiles like his pictures but he was definitely very professional and quick at what he does.

DSC03310 copy

in less than 3 minutes, everything’s laid down beautifully on the table with a dash of liquid nitrogen above the cap of the “imitation carviar” can. be careful though when he does it. a drop hit me and it was pretty painful. but I have to say, the whole presentation looks absolutely FABULOUS.

DSC03312 copy

this place is definitely the perfect instagram spot. everything is laid down carefully on stones, wood, bai-jiu cups and uh.. grass? they also decorate it with acorns and children’s toys to give it the perfect touch. you can see that they do not stinge on flowers too. because they decorate their tables with fresh lisianthus which costs a lot here in Korea. probably my favourite type of rose.

IMG_2540 copy

IMG_2581 copy

see how good it will look on instagram?

IMG_2547 copy

let’s feast! I mean, high-tea.

OKAY. so you must be wondering. so HOW does it taste like? 

let me go one by one on explaining. :D. if you read my blog you should know I am brutally honest.

DSC03316 copy

this shaved ice drenched with I have no idea what it was but I think it’s pomegranate juice inside the shell of a passion fruit was not my dish. it was cool because they put dried ice below it to keep it cold for a long time. but the leafy toppings and the chocolate balls just did not go together in my opinion.

DSC03317 copy

next we have the star of the whole pic-nic. and it is no other than this black pepper macaroon stuffed with fresh crab meat and lemon mayo topped with a generous amount of ikura. THIS, my friends, is the most phenomenal piece of macaron I’ve ever had in my life. and if this item is available for a-la-carte, go for it.

IMG_2578 copy


DSC03319 copy

to tackle the savory side, they served a cheesy ham sandwich with some meat and a lot of caramelized pepper-y onions. this was no doubt delicious. I mean, you can’t go wrong with all that stuff! I think you get what they produce that hour. because when we were leaving we saw other tables having bread topped with slices of salmon instead. I really wanted to try that too though.

DSC03320 copy

the other star of the menu was this green apple chips sandwich with pastry crumbs in the middle with some sweet caramelized banana sauce and some poppy candy to give you that tingling sensation to every bite. it tasted good. definitely special. but it wasn’t phenomenal.

DSC03321 copy

next is some kind of dry pastry stuffed with some kind of berry jam inside topped with vanilla cream, mangoes and edible flower petals. I didn’t fancy this one. don’t get me wrong, it was delicious nevertheless, but there was no wow factor to it. it definitely looks much more delicious than it taste.

DSC03322 copy

the imitation caviar was pretty good. beneath the balls of chocolate lies a bed of minty jelly with caramel on top. I mean, chocolate and mint’s every guy’s favourite right? another dish that can never go wrong. the way it was presented and the texture was quite special I have to say. taste wise, very familiar.

IMG_2579 copy

yum yum.

DSC03325 copy

then we have this chocolate put on top of a bai-jiu shot glass. yummy chocolate with praline(?) in the middle.

IMG_2586 copy

I love all chocolates, and it doesn’t exclude this one.

the last two which I didn’t take close up pictures of was the creme brulee and (the not so fancy) macaron. the creme brulee was very delicious, but nothing spectacular. the macaron on the other hand, I completely have no idea what it was. but it had yellow and black shells with a berry in the middle. it was well made, but the overall taste of it was very “unique”.

VERDICT: I would say come and give it a try provided you have the extra cash. it’s definitely physically appealing and certain dishes wows you too. will I come again? well, maybe? that’s because the only item in the whole menu which I would come back for is that crab meat macaron. others were good but given the price, I don’t think it’s THAT worth it. and there were a few items which I just didn’t enjoy. but who knows, it seems like the chef is always improvising.

Yellow Lemon ($$$)
No. 561, Mingshui Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10491
+886 2 2533 3567
11AM – 8PM (weekdays)
10AM – 8PM (weekends)

Jamie’s Rating:
taste ☆☆☆☆
atmosphere ☆☆☆☆
originality ☆☆☆☆☆
service ☆☆☆☆
hygiene ☆☆☆☆☆
value for money ☆☆☆

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shuvayan basu
shuvayan basu
6 years ago

Very good experience.