so in this post, I will talk about Palette’s well known buffet breakfast and dinner although they serve even during lunch and tea time. the Grand Mayfull Hotel is a 5 star hotel that is completely Taiwanese owned and it just opened its doors 1 year ago. Although they are not so well known yet, their buffets are already experiencing long queues and especially their dinner, you should only go after making reservations.

DSC03097 copy


thanks to the Grand Mayfull Hotel, I got two days of very filling breakfasts where they absolutely spoiled me for choices.

DSC03240 copy

there were a selection of ham, salad, sauces and even the Japanese comfort food; ODEN! they serve only the best type of balsamic vinegar, salt etc. it was definitely very classy.

DSC03245 copy

on the other side, you have a whole counter of pickled food and taiwan’s very own chicken floss to go with porridge. there’s also a selection of soba that you can go with different type of sauces and toppings like seaweed, crab meat, cucumber and egg strips. they were not the dipping type but I especially enjoyed the cha-soba with sesame sauce. simply the best! there’s also an array of bomboo trays consisting of baos, cooked pumpkins.. etc. and there’s of course a whole row of cooked food! with both German and Taiwanese sausages!

DSC03255 copy

my favourite part’s this though. you get to have freshly cooked eggs on-demand! my favourite was the over easy double side up because it’s just delicious with ketchup.

DSC03256 copy

here are some Taiwanese treats like the pork stew, chicken floss, egg pudding and well, just attractive looking salted eggs!

DSC03263 copy

they also serve yoghurt for your digestion, cereal, freshly squeezed juice (you can have anything freshly squeezed too!) and my favourite.. the bread pudding. an English special. but tasted so good here. next to it is actually goguma (sweet potatoes) which tasted EXACTLY like those I had in Japan. it’s super soft on the inside and you can just SCOOP the fill out!

DSC03268 copy

and of course, I have to have my pastries. they were really good too! especially the one with a strawberry on top! it reminded me of the amazing pastries from the 5 star bakery in Seoul (passion5)

DSC03265 copy

now lets eat!

DSC03271 copy

for second round, we had a slice of delicious and tender honey mustard glazed ham.

DSC03273 copy

and what the Grand Mayfull is famous for, their Mei Fu beef noodles.

FUN FACT! the hotel was built after their success in their famous beef, the mei fu beef. hence, they REALLY take pride in their beef! I think that this dish is the best of the entire buffet!

DSC03113 copy

you can also pick any noodles that’s suited to your taste. I would definitely recommend the aged beef noodle as I had two bowls of that every morning hahaha.

DSC03266 copy

the bowl of noodles isn’t too big. it’s served with two generous chunks of very tender and flavourful beef and some veges. I drank most of the soup too haha. we actually went to a quite famous beef noodle shop but I hated that one (hence will not blog about it. it’s called Niu Dien) and think that this one is 100 times better.

OKAY. breakfast ends here and lets move to their DINNER menu. there’s also lunch but I ate out haha.

DSC03428 copy

so upon arriving at 5:50, there was already a long line in front of me. mind you, for DINNER especially, you cannot come without booking. because it is THAT popular.

DSC03433 copy

this was our take for the first round. if you have lived in Japan, skip the sashimi and head for the prawns and crabs because they were really delicious. the sashimi was fresh but still it is buffet sashimi, you can’t expect much. and yes, those are wagyu beef sushi. I went on a wagyu month and they had extra more wagyu. but they change every once in a while so stay tuned to their official instagram @ grandmayfull =).

DSC03438 copy

they presented us a menu of 5 different dishes upon getting seated consisting of chicken, beef, pork, lobster and fish as I can remember. the most popular was probably the Wagyu beef cheek and also the lobster served with cod on the side. it was plated quite prettily and it may look sall in pictures because it was served on a huge plate. but the portions were actually pretty decent. I was 40% full after having this!

I really loved the wagyu beef as it was tender and beefy. it just melted in my mouth. so….. good. the lobster tasted really good too especially with that delicious sauce. but I definitely liked the beef cheek a tad bit more!

DSC03440 copy


DSC03108 copy

so they have a whole bowl of CHEESE to make their cheesy salad in. while it was delicious, it wasn’t too cheesy. it can definitely do more fish. the seafood bar is crazy. there were prawns, crabs, clams, squid, mussels and even ABALONE!! you heard me right. there are unlimited abalone up for take. but it did taste a little fishy so remember to dip them in sauces. there are also sushi’s which I didn’t take because I was too full. there vegetable bar is mainly for your bowl of noodles which is made for you on the spot. they look so fresh and delicious!

DSC03119 copy

they serve quite a wide variety of sashimi. but because I lived in Japan, I am quite picky with my sashimi. it was good but just take one of each I guess. the bottom were just some Japanese side dishes which were mostly made on point!

DSC03406 copy

there were also smoked salmon, ham and salad of course. the cheese bar only consisted for 3-4 types of cheese. but brie and blue cheese were all I need. that’s another picture of the seafood now with abalones. haha.

DSC03114 copy

and one of my favourite at the counters, the vege and wagyu skewers! those fats in between simply melts in your mouth. mmm.

DSC03413 copy

there’s also a sukiyaki bar which looked really good but once again I didn’t have space to try them. there were also curry and black pepper sauce to eat with vege and meat!

DSC03414 copy

if cold crab isn’t you cup of tea, there are STEAMED ones too! and a wide variety of cooked food to choose from.

DSC03416 copy

good news for wagyu beef lovers because they serve unlimited beef steaks. I wasn’t a big fan since it was too chewy for me. but I can’t chew most steaks so.. they also have a wide selection of sauce to go with. even sour cream!

and moving on to the Indian and Thai food counter, they had some roti, thai curry and even minced meat which I loved!

DSC03420 copy

this is a must eat too! the meat was very tender and yummy so highly recommended!

DSC03429 copy

something like pho where you put in hot water to cook the meat. but I over cooked it while taking pictures. please do not repeat my mistake T_T.

DSC03101 copy

there are also a variety of bread, toast, jellies, (very amazing) chocolates, (yummy) macarons and other french desserts. the dessert bar will never let you down so make sure you try as much as you can!

as for the fruit bar, you can actually ask them to mix ANY fruit available to make the juice of your choice! I find that very cool. the common salad bar is common. haha. but their veges were of very high quality so I still enjoyed it.

DSC03099 copy

and here comes the dessert!! the ones with the write cream on the bottom tasted HEAVENLY. another thing that you must try is their cheesecake. as for the rest, they are still great. but please try my recommended ones!

DSC03103 copy

this french dessert though. I forgot the name of it but it was great. it tastes even better than their madeleines. so crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside. super fragrant and yummy. I had to steal one before leaving the restaurant. mmmm.

DSC03106 copy

and oh them glorious chocolates. I had so much. they look like the milky way and the taste phenomenal. just close your eyes and it will transport you to the milky way. it’s so good. I definitely did not expect such high quality chocolates coming from a hotel. and you can eat as much as you can here!

DSC03407 copy

do you know what ice cream is better than Haagen-Dazs? MOVENPICK. and these are the two ice cream that they serve. there are also many different flavours in contrast to many other buffets.

DSC03456 copy

I had strawberry from both Haagen-Dazs and Movenpick but Movenpick tasted so much better. Haagen-Dazs used to be my favourite but it is too creamy and heavy for my liking now.

DSC03426 copy

guess what.. they have chocolate lollies!

DSC03454 copy

this was a platter of bliss.

DSC03458 copy

after all that food, we had a nice romantic time back in the room with our white wine to end the night perfectly!

Palette at Grand Mayfull Hotel ($$$$) (BOOKING RECOMMENDED)
No. 55, Lequn 2nd Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10491

Breakfast: 06:30-10:00(Weekdays), 06:30-10:30 (Weekends and Holidays)
Lunch:  11:30-14:30
Afternoon: 15:00-17:00
Dinner: 18:00-21:30

Breakfast: Adult NT$860+10% Children NT$430+10%
Lunch : Adult NT$1,500+10% Children NT$750+10%
Afternoon tea:Adult NT$980+10% Children NT$490+10%
Dinner: Adult NT$2,000+10% Children NT$1,000+10%

Jamie’s Rating:
taste ☆☆☆☆
atmosphere ☆☆☆
originality ☆☆☆
service ☆☆☆☆
hygiene ☆☆☆☆☆
value ☆☆☆☆

VERDICT: it is a buffet where you cannot finish everything even if you take only one piece of each. I would say the highlights would definitely be the desserts, made-to-order dishes, their wagyu and them ice cream. most of the food were of top quality and they definitely offer much more luxurious food items than common hotel buffets. if you have a black hole in your stomach, this place might actually be the best place to go to if you find yourself in Taiwan! remember, book before you visit as this place is very popular amongst Taiwanese people!

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Vincent Jui-Yi Tsai
Vincent Jui-Yi Tsai
6 years ago


Hope you can come to CityLink in Nangang train/MRT/HSR station next time! XD

6 years ago

Hi Jamie, I love hotel buffets especially their breakfast as it goes along with the booking mostly (that’s the case in most of the hotels I’ve been to). And I definitely try to eat every type of food there is. I learned to take in small portions of each so i can eat as much as I can. But the food in Palette is A LOT!! Perhaps, three weeks is enough to try all of the food? hahaha AND OMGEEEEEEEE PASTRYYYYYYYYY!!!! (Ehem)
Question: Is the meat in ege and wagyu skewers raw? or you still have to cook it?

The brown french pastry (which you forgot the name of hehehe) is called Canelé I guess. Just learned about that when I watched Your Lie in April anime series over the weekend hehehehehehe