so last month, I visited my senior’s newly opened cafe and it was.. one of the most beautiful cafes I’ve ever been to. maybe because I know how much work and effort they made into designing this cafe, but whatever it is, I absolutely loved it.

it’s located at a new park area in Gongdeok (near Sogang Univ.!) and when I went, there was a coincidental bridal shower and it sparked me, if I have a bridal shower in the future, I would love it to be at this place too because it is just SO BEAUTIFUL. I mean, like REALLY beautiful. along the street there are quite a number of hipster and beautiful cafes as well so I really recommend checking the area out if you have free time in Seoul! especially if you would just want to chill out and have a relaxing day.

DSC02927 copy

the sign is quite difficult to read but as long as it look pretty right? haha.

DSC02923 copy

hello dong saeng!! my super tall little bro welcoming us. like literally a head taller than me haha.

DSC02906 copy

it reads “what is the shape of your heart today?”

DSC02895 copy

so they have some books and also a chess set available for your entertainment. and I especially like how they made this old hanok look so modern with every single stylish piece of designer furniture (which I heard costs a LOT of money)

DSC02887 copy

they serve crackers with some home-made butter with your order. oh that butter was really good. everyone should make their own butter!

DSC02889 copy

most of the drinks on the non-alcoholic menu were coffee and the only thing that is non-caffeine is this strawberry milk literally with the most chunks of frozen strawberries I’ve ever had. well worth the 5,000won (it was also a huge cup and very yummy). they have a super wide array of beer and also white/red wine. I recommend their blanc Belgian beer by the way. had a sip and it instantly became one of my favourite!

*sorry I forgot to take a picture of the menu since I didn’t actually thought that I would blog about it at that point of time. but after chilling for a while I fell in love with the place and decided to do so!

DSC02893 copy

light, why you no fall on my face like those fashionable shadow shots.

DSC02905 copy

the tissue asks you the shape of your heart too haha. I am guessing it means what is your feeling (emotionally) today.

DSC02914 copy

my view. I think I chilled there for 2 hours haha. that strawberry milk lasted that long.

DSC02909 copy

the whole place is very open-concept and comfortable. with all that wide windows etc. but what I liked the most was the see-through ceiling. imagine when it’s raining, it’ll be just so calming!

DSC02919 copy

here are more pictures of the interior! I liked how the water-dispenser table is all gold and glossy. it absolutely highlighted the whole area!

DSC02920 copy

another reason why you should come here (on weekends especially) because the guys who work here are tall and good looking. xD. say hi to my senior! also, they are actually all very successful people and they made this cafe as their side hobby. which is just amazing. have you ever had some really successful people serve you your drink? well, here, you can experience that! haha.

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6 years ago

Wow!!! Looks great. Thanks for recommending.
Shall try it when I’m in Seoul…

shuvayan basu
shuvayan basu
6 years ago

The cafe is really beautifull..