there aren’t many dai-pai-dong’s left in Hong Kong but Sing Heung Yuen is actually one of the very few that still exists until today! so what is a daipaidong? it literally means big board stall. but it really mean open air stalls where you can sit by the road side and dine like an old school local.

DSC07281 copy

so what do they sell here? well, an array of different Hong Kong (mostly suitable for breakfast) stuff. like instant noodles, toast, macaroni etc. there’s an English menu there so no problem for foreigners like myself. this stall only opens from 8am till 5pm so please arrive as early as you can to avoid disappointments! and also, expect to queue up for this place!

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daipaidong’s facing extinction in Hong Kong and they are slowly moving towards the “indoors” type of daipaidong which doesn’t serve its purpose anymore in my opinion. moreover, Sing Heung Yuen has been here for 40 years!! there’s always a reason for why a business sustain this long. hence, I really recommend this place for people whom wants a taste of the old HK and dine like a true local.

DSC07284 copy

I ordered the most famous dish here, the tomato (macaroni is actually more famous but they ran out of macaroni when I arrived T_T.) and beef noodles! HKD29. and although they use canned tomatoes, the tomato soup here tastes.. amazing. I was quite skeptical at first since it was made out of complete instant food. but.. I was wrong. the food here was very very VERY comforting. I LOVED it. the soup was so dense and it seems like they had cooked their broth for a really long time to obtain this deep flavour. from what I know, they cook their broth daily in one big pot hence what I got was actually the bottom, and you know what’s at the bottom; all that good stuff.

DSC07285 copy

if you love tomatoes or ketchup, I am sure you will enjoy this place as much as I did! it was very refreshing; sourish and not sweet at all. just yum.

DSC07289 copy


DSC07294 copy

Sing Heung Yuen is of course NOT ONLY famous for their noodles, what I am showing you above is their stall specialty; the mixed spread crispy bun. HKD14. I had their last crispy bun. the couple who came after me wanted it so bad and I really wanted to share it with them but I didn’t know why I couldn’t bring myself to say it. maybe because I was eating halfway already haha.

I am not sure if having all that spread was the right choice. but I absolutely loved how the crispy bun was like its name, really crispy on the outside, but incredibly soft on the inside!

DSC07296 copy

now isn’t that bowl of noodles photogenic. although instant ramen and instant tomatoes sounds very artificial, I assure you that it taste otherwise. although I cannot say that it is healthy haha.

DSC07298 copy

I ordered something that’s one-of-a-kind and only available to this daipaidong. it’s called the ice sprite with salted lemon. HKD18. pretty expensive for a drink at a food stall but it was really special. I had never had anything like this. it was pretty good! but ordering so much for myself was really too much haha. so if you’re going alone, please order one thing less!

DSC07299 copy

also, I really enjoyed walking around the area! so just to show you a little on how the whole area look like.

DSC07301 copy

DSC07304 copy

so there’s this one wall outside a hipster furnishing shop. and it is so pretty, there are plenty of tourists here so..

DSC07330 copy

I became one too!

DSC07341 copy

compulsory tourist selfie.

DSC07308 copy

and then I found an angry reindeer at the stone steps.

DSC07309 copy

who’s angrier?

Sing Heung Yuen ($)
2 Mee Lun Street, Central, Hong Kong
+852 2544 8368
8AM – 5PM (closed on Sundays)

Jamie’s Rating:
taste ☆☆☆☆
atmosphere ☆☆☆☆
originality ☆☆☆☆
service ☆☆☆
hygiene ☆☆☆
value ☆☆☆☆

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