planning a trip to Tokyo this Autumn but not quite sure on where’s the best place to see those dazzling golden leaves? want to escape the crowd in Tokyo? well, I’ve got you covered. and the place is: Showa Kinen Koen or simply Showa Memorial Park. just a 40minute train ride from Shinjuku.

CIMG8398 copy

here’s a random picture of Hitotsubashi University because I think it’s pretty.

CIMG8402 copy

OHAI! I’m your guide for today!

CIMG8406 copy

the entrance of Showa Kinen Park! this park is a rather spacious (and extremely large) park and is has several entrances. there’s a different entrance for the winter illumination viewing but the most general entrance (the one above) is close to Nishi-Tachikawa Station.

CIMG8408 copy

and today’s co-guide is the handsome Mongolian prince (pun intended), Manray.

CIMG8409 copy

fun fact: this park was opened in 1983 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Emperor Showa’s reign.

CIMG8411 copy

but now, it’s pretty much a place for tranquility and uhm, family outings and dates. but in Autumn, you can expect this park to be crowded for its famous memory lane with two extensive streaks of Ginko trees.

CIMG8416 copy

I went there during late Autumn and the weather was just purrrfect.

CIMG8417 copy

you can totally meditate here if you want to.

CIMG8421 copy

also, this place is ideal for portrait pictures so highly recommended!

CIMG8422 copy

or.. if you just want to have a quiet date.

CIMG8425 copy

but I came here to take pictures heh.

CIMG8428 copy

Manray being forced to become my photographer.

CIMG8431 copy

I do not understand why but Japan’s maple leaves are just more beautiful!

CIMG8433 copy

so this is the famous Ginko lane but I got there a week too late and the trees were pretty bald. but nevertheless still a beautiful sight. good thing is that it’s less crowded haha.

CIMG8438 copy

I was really trying to be a bunny. but failed epicly.

CIMG8451 copy

OOTD shot that I really liked because my legs look 10 times longer and slimmer.

CIMG8472 copy

one of my closest friends in Tokyo; I would like to thank Manray for always accompanying me around because of my fear of traveling alone hahaha.

CIMG8485 copy

the late bloomers fallers haha. if you get what I mean.

CIMG8486 copy

it just look so beautiful. was really angry with myself for not going there a week before. you can also come here during spring and join in the hanami parties (sakura viewing parties). otherwise, the poppy flower bed would look pretty amazing too during spring!

CIMG8504 copy

you can just bring a picnic mat and picnic at this wide field in the day.

CIMG8506 copy

the park closes before sunset so make sure you arrive by noon because you may want to spend a few hours there to fully enjoy the beautiful nature and there’s even a bonzai museum there!

CIMG8510 copy

I just had to have a picture with the pretty camellia flowers.

CIMG8517 copy

the park was closing but I didn’t want to leave. T_T. I was just so absorbed by the beautiful nature. but they were repeatedly telling people through announcement so..

CIMG8519 copy

another random picture of a cute girl in a super long sleeved kimono!

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