okay, I have to admit, I went to see Raccoons but I was more attracted to this cute little baby Corgi in the end.

IMG_9032 copy

anyways, here’s a baby Raccoon!

PS: this is a long post with a lot of cuteness overload pictures. so brace yourself for all that cuteness!

DSC01213 copy

and a close-up! such an adorable little thing no? but it’s actually 12kgs and after you leave the cafe you’ll feel some real back strain.

DSC01139 copy

one thing you should know about raccoons, they GRAB whatever they can grab. and they are strongggggg.

DSC01143 copy

there are also puppies and dogs playing around too! look at those cheeks haha.

DSC01144 copy

it’s up to something…

DSC01145 copy

raccoons riding on humans like we are buses haha.

DSC01149 copy

when I was there, there were 3 corgis. and I felt like I was in heaven. <3. corgi’s one of my favourite breed!

DSC01155 copy

so now, the most crucial question: corgi or boyfriend?!

well.. that’s a tough one xD.

DSC01162 copy

feeding time’s probably the most vigorous. you can see how some dogs/raccoons get really violent and dominant. =S.

DSC01165 copy

I just love how the raccoon picks up food with its hand. eating like a human xD.

DSC01167 copy

scheming something again..

DSC01171 copy

the baby corgi didn’t have a spot so I stole some food to feed him. but my hand was filled with saliva after that haha. don’t mind. still think a dog’s saliva’s cleaner than humans =P.

DSC01172 copy

what’s the cutest thing about corgis?! well, their butt! (no, I’m not a perv!!!)

DSC01175 copy

after feeding the baby corgi it’s time for pictures!

DSC01188 copy

ngaw isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve seen all day or what?!

DSC01189 copy

you want more food baby?

DSC01194 copy

and those, I swear, are the softest paws I’ve ever touched. and perhaps it is because he’s a baby, his fur was soooooooooooo soft.

DSC01201 copy

and he quickly fell asleep in my arms NGAWWWWWWWWW……..

DSC01202 copy

but it seems like it’s more comfortable in my boyfriend’s arms haha. way to check if a guy’s good boyfriend quality!

DSC01205 copy

this baby corgi just kept sleeping after he’s done eating. I guess I take after them puppies. *yawns*.

DSC01218 copy

my favourite picture of the day hahaha. looks like the raccoon’s plotting something evil behind his back. but really, he was just biting his nails.

DSC01230 copy

look at that paw print!!! hahaha so adorable!! and do not squat down to take pictures with them raccoons if you do not want them climbing onto you.

DSC01239 copy

mr.raccoon messing munchkin’s hair!

DSC01240 copy

raccoons are really really smart. it knows how to like act dead, please with both hands and even salute!!!

DSC01260 copy

it’s always biting its fingernails. hahaha.

DSC01261 copy

like, always.

DSC01268 copy

preparing to climb on me. once this picture was taken he just pounced on me T_T. cute but he was really heavy!

DSC01284 copy

when his owner goes “BBANG!”

DSC01285 copy

pretending to be dead but uh.. not really haha. took him a while to get back on his feet.

DSC01293 copy

the white dogs there all had their cheeks and the tip of their ears dyed pink and it looked silly but adorable at the same time. Koreans and dying their dogs’ fur. hahaha. I’ve seen dogs with blue tails etc.

DSC01295 copy

my mean boyfriend forcing the poor puppy to look into the camera hahaha.

DSC01298 copy

and then he became attached to munchkin.

IMG_9043 copy

still the most adorable corgi I’ve ever seen!!! <3 <3 <3.

okay, enough of cuteness, here’s some info of this raccoon cafe.

things to beware of when handling raccoons:
they have sharp teeth so be careful.
only touch their back.
do not let them climb to higher places by climbing on you.
be careful not to leave your things in your pockets nor leave your bag open as they are professional in digging pockets.
hold your drink with you all the time if not the raccoons are going to drink it and it ain’t good for their health.

there’s no time limit unlike other pet cafes.
flat entrance fee: 6,000won
compulsory drink/person: 1,000won – 3,000won

I ordered a Sweet Potato Latte (Goguma Latte) and it only costed 7,000won in total. it’s quite a deal for so much happiness. but I really recommend to quickly finish your drinks so you do not have to worry about the raccoons stealing it. the drinks were yummy and definitely reasonably priced. even though you are probably not looking forward to the drinks, the drinks are pretty tasty! their goguma latte had real goguma in it! was really surprised by the quality of their drinks to be honest.

the smell. but you’ll get used to it.
some people think it’s quite controversial to use pets as cash cows. but I really think that the raccoons and dogs are having fun.

would I recommend it?
DEFINITELY! I think this was the highlight of my boyfriend’s trip in Seoul because we had so much fun and the cuteness of all the raccoons and dogs just melted us. plus one good thing about this cafe is that unlike other cafe’s where you pretty much have to try really hard to get a picture with the raccoons/dogs, this cafe has enough of raccoons running around freely and if you request, they would carry the raccoon to you to pose for pictures. although all you have to do is squat down and the raccoon will climb on you haha. the staff were super friendly too. one of the friendliest staffs in Korea so far. I became friends with them instantly and I felt really warm and welcomed =3.

also, I would recommend going on weekdays as there are going to be much lesser people (according to the owner). it is quite crowded on the weekends and you may not get a seat. since there’s no time limit, you do not know when are the customers going to leave. but people left quite quickly when I was there so I barely waited although I was 2nd in line. the ones after me waited quite a bit though. so yeah, it depends on your luck too.

operating hours:
12:00 ~ 23:00


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it’s located on the 5th floor! it’s in the same building as artbox! (near club caccoon, innisfree and etude house. walk into the smaller street by etude house!)

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shuvayan basu
shuvayan basu
7 years ago

Reccoon is not good.

7 years ago

I heard that there are also cat cafes and dog cafes? hehehe

6 years ago

Can i have the address and roughly how to go in english? Like nearest subway station or something, i find on google but couldn’t find it 🙁

6 years ago

It looks like a sad place, they are fat for some of them and in captivity. You shouldn’t recommend this kind of place if you respect animals and their freedom

Benjamin Tan
Benjamin Tan
6 years ago

Hello! May I ask where is this place?

May I kindly have the address? Thank you!