transportation in Seoul is probably one of the best in the world. it’s fast, affordable and easy. however, as a traveller, you may want to explore the narrower alleys and places trains and buses can’t reach and travel like a local. Seoul recently came up with the most brilliant idea, and that is to bike around in Seoul!

however, the website is really complicating and even with the Korean website, it took me and my friend over an hour to figure out how to use it.

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if you walk around Seoul, I will guarantee you that you will stumble across stations with a stretch of these bicycles in white and green. they are located 500m-1km away each so it makes renting and returning very easy and convenient. you can simply rent the bicycle at Hongdae and return it at Hangang.

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for me, I started my cycling journey at Hangang, cycling around for 2 hours before cycling all the way to Hongdae for dinner.


there is one catch.

in order to save money, you need to “report” at any bicycle station after every hour. don’t worry because there is a screen on your bicycle that tells you exactly that.

what happens if you don’t?

you simply get charged 1,000won every 30minutes. but if you don’t return within 4 hours, then the bike will be reported as stolen and uh oh…


that’s not too difficult.

#1 simply register at the website.
(there is a column called rental code which asks you for 4 digits, they are NOT the password for your account, but simply the digits you need to punch in on the screen of the bike when renting it. so do not worry about it.

#2 purchase the voucher with a credit card or a local Korean debit card (if you do this, please register with the Korean version of the website. yeah, the website’s still very faulty. )

#3 register your T-money card (recommended) or download the app Ttareungyi (I couldn’t seem to install the app so this is not recommended.)

#4 just rent your bike from the bike stations with your card or app by pressing on the button on the bike (under the screen)

it’s that simple!


1 day: 1,000won
7 days: 3,000won
1 month: 5,000won
6 months: 15,000won
1 year: 30,000won

if you rent it for say, 1 day, you buy the 1 day voucher for 1,000won with your credit card, then you can technically cycle for 24 hours for that price given that you “report” your vehicle at any station within 1 hour every time! easy right?

DSC05847 copy

my best friend and I cycling at the Hangang cycling track!

these bikes ain’t the best bikes to cycle quick with its small wheels but it does the trick!

DSC05873 copy

the path along Hangang is really beautiful especially in spring or autumn. and since spring is coming, you know what to do!

DSC05889 copy

with the bike, you can take pictures at non touristy areas!

DSC05907 copy

I actually went out that night to see the supposedly supermoon. it was much bigger in real life haha.

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7 years ago

So you’ve done this last December 2016! I remember taking a picture of the supermoon outside my apartment. But it isn’t that clear, polluted air makes it sooo blurrr. 🙂