I am not sure if you know, but I am actually a huge Ghibli fan. other than the few latest movies I watched almost all of Hayao Miyazaki’s popular creations and I LOVE IT!!! up till the point that I need to restrict myself from going into a Ghibli store before I spend all my savings on fan items I know I shouldn’t buy.

but this time, since my sister came to visit me in Tokyo last winter, I decided to go online (you can check the availability here) and book the tickets 1 month prior to her arrival. holy cow! one month?! yeap. one month.

IMG_6051 copy

so how do you get the ghibli museum ticket? well.. it’s really easy for those who’s living in Japan. and for those who isn’t living in Japan, you may want to find someone to help you get it in Japan. there’ll be a machine that looks like an ATM machine in LAWSON (a convenience store) and you can buy your tickets there! there are 4 time slots a day and the earlier ones tend to get sold out quickly. and weekends gets sold out faster than the weekdays too.

IMG_6052 copy

so about the museum. every little detail was carefully and perfectly made. and I especially liked their washroom. it was very ghibli. the only drawback is that you can’t take pictures inside the museum. so as a blogger, I can’t show you much. but I would like to say that it was a great experience for me as an avid fan of Ghibli movies.

IMG_6053 copy

at the entrance, you’d be greeted by Totoro!!!

IMG_6054 copy

and these cute little furballs =3.

IMG_6055 copy

had to take a picture here xD.

IMG_6058 copy

even with the pre-booked ticketing, the queue was long. seems like nobody forgot their ticket!

IMG_6059 copy

the whole building itself was very pretty. and it resembles a lot of the houses in many Ghibli movies!!!

IMG_6060 copy

there was a merchandise shop inside the museum where you can go crazy with. there was a Ghibli watch where I was eyeing on but too poor to buy it T_T. sigh. they have stuff that you cannot buy outside of the Ghibli Museum like badges and plates that are very very unique. so if you have money and you love Ghibli, you MUST come here.

IMG_6064 copy

me with the giant robot from Castle in the Sky~ this is probably the only place you can actually take pictures with something iconic.

IMG_6075 copy

and uh well.. I found some other spots too. please excuse my horrible fashion sense. hahaha.

IMG_6081 copy

and here too!!! and a glimpse of the inside. I highly recommend it to other Ghibli fans like myself! =D

directions to Ghibli Museum: the site tells you to get there by Mitaka where you can either choose to walk or take the bus. but I am a stingy person and I am fairly familiar with Kichijoji. hence I went to Kichijoji instead (it’s located in between Mitaka and Kichijoji) and walk through the Kichijoji park to get there. there were signs on how to get there and there was also Iseya (a cheap and yummy Yakitori place) at Kichijoji so I just HAD to use the Kichijoji route xD.

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Wee Wai
Wee Wai
8 years ago

Are you currently at Japan now?