recently I got the nickname “ramen girl” from my Japanese friend because he stated that Ramen isn’t normally loved by women. but if you look through my instagram a month before I leave Japan, you could probably see my love for ramen, which made me the “ramen girl.”

while the best ramen I’ve ever had was still the one from Osaka, from a chain called.. I forgot (update: it’s called 藤平) but it was near Fukushima station, Tokyo has the widest range of ramen in my opinion. it is like, you can find anything in Tokyo. and I love Tokyo for that reason. if you are living in Tokyo and loveee ramen, then Afuri shouldn’t be a name that is unfamiliar to you as it is literally ONE OF THE BEST ramen available in Tokyo.

IMG_0202 copy

you should know how no ramen in Japan would taste the same, Afuri takes a huger leap away from the weird. they are known for their Yuzu ramen, or in other words, Citrus ramen. how would the citrus’ tangy taste taste like with salty ramen? well, that’s why I went to find out!

IMG_0201 copy

you might be really pleased to know that Afuri (located in Ebisu and also in Harajuku! and a few other places I think) opens throughout the week and it serves awesome ramen from 10:30am to 3:00am. yeap, 3 in the morning!

IMG_0200 copy

there are two choices of broth and I chose the recommended Tanrei!

CIMG0664 copy

unlike many other ramen bars, there are actually women working here! you normally see manly looking guys serving you the hot bowl of goodness but it was really different here.

IMG_0199 copy

and the famous Yuzu Ramen! it was really good. I was actually very skeptical about it because I ate Yuzu ramen at another popular place at Kabuki-cho which copied Afuri and boy was that a disappointment. this one though was really good! it is quite funky since it’s sour, bitter and salty at the same time. but the noodles were cooked to perfection and the yuzu freshens up my whole meal!

IMG_0195 copy

and this is the Yuzu dipping sauce Tsukemen! I actually preferred this as it was more refreshing. love how Tsukemen noodles are so chewy and the way they serve their dipping sauce cold complements the Yuzu very well in my opinion. it’s more sour and the way the pork was cooked until tender and diced up like that made the whole slurping experience even better.

IMG_0196 copy

the dipping sauce!!! very citrusy but yet less bitter than the Yuzu ramen.

CIMG0668 copy

look at those yummy pork!!! I actually preferred the Tsukemen over their store specialty. so I urge you to try the tsukemen instead!

CIMG0672 copy

went with Ryuta Saru-chan again! (saru means monkey. he looked very funky in this picture so I hid him before he comes complaining to me heheh) long live our ramen adventures!!!

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