so there’s this place in Seoul where you can devour beef ribs like as if you’re a cartoon character.

IMG_1866 copy

and it’s this place called Bukmakgol located at the end of Samcheongdong.

IMG_1865 copy

and the best part? you get to dine in an old fashioned looking hanok!

IMG_1854 copy

the banchan! as in side dishes. they serve AMAZING side dishes. like, that marinated mini octopus!!! we loved that so much I think we asked for refill like 3 times. D=.

IMG_1855 copy

AND THE MAIN DISH!!! the great and majestic BEEF RIBS!!! called Wang (king) Galbi Jjim don’t you just want to eat it right nowwwwwwwww? that sauce though. it went really well with that tender beef. this would be like the literal love at first bite kind of dish. MMMMM. and the damage to this is 39,000won (63,000won for the bigger one!). although it’s pretty pricey but I ASSURE YOU that it’s worth every won. you’ll literally finish all those vegetables even if you do not eat vegetables because of that amazing sauce hahaha.

IMG_1860 copy

and their famous bossam. I like it because it was different. the quality of the pork was definitely great and the sourish onions went very well with it making it feel like some sort of light appetizer. BUT, I kind of prefer the normal kimchi and pork bossam as it is heavier =X. this costs 28,000won. the bigger one will cost you 38,000won.

IMG_1861 copy


IMG_1859 copy

also for sides, we ordered makguksu! (10,000won) this was pretty good too! very homey feeling and they weren’t stingy on ingredients ^_^. the meal here was for 5 of us!

IMG_1857 copy

strongly recommend this place! so if you’re visiting Samcheongdong, be sure to stop by here for their phenomenal beef ribs! =3.

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7 years ago

The beef ribs look so yum!