to balance things out between my Korean and Japanese posts, here’s a 5 month old outdated post on one of the best Jeongsik (Korean course meal) restaurants in Seoul, Jangsarang.

CIMG6102 copy

salad and acorn jelly appetizer for starters! (and a lot of side dishes!) that kimchi acorn jelly appetizer was the bomb. I finished it all. hahahaha. salad’s just salad.

CIMG6105 copy

this place was made famous by their many dishes but this was my absolutely favourite, the Baasak Bulgogi! which literally translates to crunchy bulgogi. served with crunchy seaweed with a generous dash of sugar and mushrooms, this bulgogi is like no other. while bulgogi’s supposed to be served on a curved pan, the bulgogi here is served like a pancake. but it was oh-so-delicious. it was a little sweet but the taste of the marinate was amazing and together with the crunchy seaweed and mushrooms? simply the best.

CIMG6103 copy

there’s also the half kimchi half chives pancake which was to me authentic and light compared to the other heavy pancakes which was like a meal to me. the dish behind was perilla seed sujebi. it was quite special and the sujebi (some type of fat and flat noodle) was cooked to perfection ^_^!

CIMG6104_mr1445046846803 copy

always grateful to JiHoon oppa for bringing me to such authentic places. it seems like I’ve only been to yummy places every time I meet him and also get a whole lot of life and career advises. how can I thank him enough xD.

CIMG6106 copy

stir fried spicy octopus!

CIMG6107 copy

this is literally called the healthy stone bowl rice. hahahaha. it really felt very healthy but at this point I can barely fit anything inside my stomach. there was also a bean paste stew served as a side!

CIMG6108 copy

my favourite korean snack, seaweed with soy sauce! mmm. try grilling some seaweed at home and dipping it in soy sauce, it’s really really good!

I thought I had pictures of everything but it seemed like I missed out the grilled fish which I quickly devoured hahaha. this jeongsik was literally good enough for 3-4 people in my opinion and I had to carry my belly with both my hands home because I was that much filled. D=.

if you’re looking for an authentic Korean restaurant to dine at, I’d say go to Jangsarang! but remember to book because I heard this place’s always filled!


주소: 서울특별시 강남구 신사동 624-47
Address: 624-47 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul-si


Phone no: 02-546-9994
Directions on Google
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