so apparently, Kichijoji is one of the best places to live in Tokyo. according to many of my Japanese friends at least! and I also heard that many celebrities live here! hence, although this is not down-town Tokyo, the rent here’s crazy I heard. well, I can kind of see how this place is so popular since.. it has a lot of good food, a lot of hipster cafe’s/shops, and a huge, beautiful park; Inokashira park.

IMG_0784 copy

where you’d see many people jogging or strolling around. and the best of all? it looks absolutely beautiful during Autumn. hence there are loads of (old) people taking pictures of birds, autumn leaves and even animals since there’s a zoo there! I heard the zoo’s just meh. =X. and I think there’s a shrine at the back of the lake too!

IMG_0354 copy

just look at this picture! this picture was taken with my phone so.. you can tell how beautiful it ACTUALLY was!

IMG_0782 copy

and there was this hipster hut in the middle of nowhere (in the park) selling coffee, beer and wine.

IMG_0783 copy

oh hello =D. such a beautiful arch no?

IMG_0785 copy

weird looking candid but I love the background colours!

IMG_0340 copy

vin chaud! or.. hot wine. I think they mixed it with cinnamon and a lot of sugar because it tasted pretty sweet. but unlike other places, this vin chaud was pretty strong and I kind of got tipsy mid-day hahaha. but it was like the best drink to warm me up during that cold afternoon. =D!

IMG_0793 copy

romantic boat ride for only 700yen!


IMG_0794 copy

you can either ride on the normal boat or these “bicycle boats” which I heard is pretty tiring hahaha.

IMG_0797 copy


IMG_0798 copy

and in the middle of nowhere again, a mysterious Thai restaurant! somewhere I really want to go T_T. but I have too little time in Tokyo to be eating Thai food here =S.

IMG_0799 copy

and since I went on a Saturday, there were quite a few street performers but this guy was my personal favourite! he could do things from paper cutting to other traditional tricks! it was like watching a street show from 100 years ago =3.

IMG_0800 copy

but I thought this was the best of all because.. he balanced a spinning top at the TIP of his sword! isn’t that crazy?! and he has been keeping his cheerful attitude since like.. 2 hours before. and he kept going with different tricks. super interesting ^^.


IMG_0521 copy copy

the model student picture pose! with a cup of wine =X.

IMG_0781 copy

so if you’re looking for a place to date or go autumn leaves sight-seeing, then Kichijoji will be the place!

*high quality pictures by Meng Huey*

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