to everyone who knows what Namja is in Korean.. you might have the same first reaction as I did. WHAT? BOY TOWN?

CIMG7688 copy

that’s not the point. the point is. SAILORMOON food!

CIMG7635 copy nobody knows why it’s called the Namja Town but.. it’s filled with cat characters.

CIMG7636 copy

the entrance to the “town” itself costs 500yen and then you will see many stalls selling Sailormoon stuff. I don’t know if I should call it a cafe or not since.. it’s quite an unusual concept. the Sailormoon food are quite overpriced but hey! if you’re a fan.. you get a postcard with it! so it’s worth it!

CIMG7637 copy these macaroons costs a bomb. but I wanted them so bad T_T. Sailormoon macs anyone? there’s one with a jewelry box too T_____T <3. #timeswheniwishimrich    

CIMG7638 copy

and Sailormoon candy!

CIMG7641 copy I forgot to take pictures of the Sailormoon goods but I wanted to buy everything! there were a lot of Namjatown goodies too!

CIMG7648 copy

basically.. the “town” is cool but awkward. maybe because I went there on a weekday.. it was really empty but the place is like.. an amusement park. with really cute stuff all around. super Japanesey.

CIMG7652 copy I mean, it looks really nice!

CIMG7662 copy

you can also buy food from the stalls and eat them at places like these! there are some other small enclosed area which looks really cool. it’s pretty old school so if you’re interested in the old school Japan, this is the place!

CIMG7669 copy they have this Gyoza town inside. at first I thought the prices were reasonable, but the Gyoza’s were really tiny. =S. it tasted good at least. but I felt cheated because I paid so much for so little food T___T. the multicoloured Sailormoon Gyoza’s looked dangerous for consumption too lol.

CIMG7671 copy

so in the end, we got ourselves some drinks. they were really yummy and reasonably priced! plus the postcards were soooooooooooooooo cool <3. I love Sailor Mars!

CIMG7692 copy here’s the really tiny Gyoza which tasted really good hahahah. I probably need to eat 50 of these if I want to feel full. anyways, that’s all for the Sailormoon place. =X. there were other sections where it’s more like a “theme park” but gaijins like us would probably not know what to do. so just head to the stalls for the Sailormoon food and take a stroll around the really cool “town”. it was really dark and my compact camera didn’t work nicely there so.. ><“. ANYWAYS! the great thing about going there’s because.. THE POKEMON CENTER IS RIGHT BESIDE! CIMG7712 copy I’ve never really watched Pokemon but you do not need to watch Pokemon to love…CIMG7715 copy

PIKACHU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA <3.CIMG7717 copy I love touching Pikachu’s butt. someone get me this pillow please please please <3.

CIMG7720 copy

white Pikachu for Christmas anyone?
CIMG7723 copy

or… for the new years haha.

CIMG7725 copy

but out of all, this was the cutest. the sleeping Pikachu <3.

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8 years ago

Funny post Jamie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ahhh I remembered the sailormoon days….

8 years ago

Awww…the sleeping Pikachu is so cute. ^^