one thing I really love about my exchange here in Japan is actually the dorm. and why you ask? well.. fortunately I was placed in this dorm called the ISDAK. it’s basically like.. a “club” where you need to pay a membership fee. which is totally worth it because they have a lot of cool and fun events from time to time. so far I’ve been here for a month and there are 3 welcome parties, 1 Halloween party and a lot of private floor parties. again, I’ve only been here for ONE MONTH. maybe it’s common in Europe or USA but it is definitely not it in South Korea where we have to RENT a whole apartment/hall just for MT and probably a lot of drinking in bars.

okay so first let me talk about the Halloween party which happened.. yesterday.

CIMG6166 copy

I dressed as a mummy, if you can’t tell. not a post-plastic surgery patient. I’d need a super swollen face for that xD.

CIMG6165 copy

everyone dressed up so well!

CIMG6168 copy

the organizers of the party! they spent the whole afternoon preparing so thank youuuuu!

CIMG6170 copy

here we have Pedro dressed as a CHINESE WOMAN.

CIMG6175 copy

Ada, my favourite dong saeng from HK! shes a vampire with no blood on her lips hahaha.

CIMG6180 copy

the mummy raping the Pikachu HAHAHAH. sorry for spoiling your Pikachu imaginations!

CIMG6187 copy

Ryuta and Manlai! Manlai’s from Mongolia but I thought he’s Japanese at first because he’s superrrrrrr fluent in Japanese. D=. I was drunk when I took this picture *coughs*.

CIMG6188 copy

and we have the tallest guy in ISDAK, Gus! you’ll never guess where he’s from. seriously. nobody could. Brazil.

CIMG6189 copy

they both look Hawaiian hahahaha. Jimmy from Taiwan and the very good looking pretty hafu Japanese hafu German, Roman.

CIMG6191 copy

the super cool costume contest! I participated for the “sexy” contest and won! but the prize was.. seriously not usable. see through pajamas and panties LOL when will I ever get to wear that pfft. and let me show you who I thought had the dopest costume.


Darth Maul! I kid, it’s Roland from France. he SHAVED his hair just to be Darth Maul. that amount of dedication. respect. okay lets move on to other smaller scale parties.

11249912_10153093563426850_4170500039027386913_n copy

so we receive something called the “floor money” where it can be used to buy toilet paper, detergents, TV or.. well.. throw a small scale party. we bring our own drinks to parties normally and it’s really fun as we get to sit down, talk with people.. mainly in Japanese. I’ve been to 3 floor parties so far and I was the only one who didn’t speak Japanese in 2 of them.

12167212_684255258376897_386511408_n copy

see, out of all these people I am the ONLY one! T_T. okay, to be frank I DO speak a LITTLE Japanese. but it is far from enough to make a normal conversation. most people turn to speak to me when I go out with my German friend  but I always gave the clueless face and they all get surprised when she speaks to them in fluent Japanese. ahhahahaha.

12179710_132467290442184_35117136_n copy

Ryuta and Jihye! these are the only pictures I have from the 2nd floor party I went and I took none for the 3rd. but it was a beer pong tournament party HAHAHAH. it’s so funny how the organizer, my German classmate, asked people to e-mail him to register to participate in the tournament. xD. it was super fun but I was so drunk I forgot to take any pictures.

there was also a “Kodaira Tour” event. the place I’m living in is called Kodaira. a humble town in Tokyo. which doesn’t resemble Tokyo at all hahahaha. at this event, we were told to go to certain places to take pictures in front of them to get points. and guess what, our team won 2nd! just 1 point away from the 1st team anyways but because we didn’t know being late would cost us points T_T so some people took their sweet time when coming back hahaha. but anyways, check out some of the awesome pictures we took! bare in mind we don’t know each other prior to the event since ISDAK is home to students from 4 different universities~

12084152_881899485180994_729193341_n copy I had my bike with me because I hurt my leg =X.12084068_881899241847685_1723733597_n copy12083935_881899601847649_2075186111_n copy

it means BIG A. BIG in Kanji looks like that!

12083754_881899558514320_790324299_n copy

Kungfu pose ahahaha

12071899_881899368514339_195340873_n copy12064104_881899385181004_1821710663_n copy12047795_881899255181017_958921665_n copy10529442_881899561847653_612389111_n copy11012127_1095142453830970_5760047315524809763_n

it’s a pity how Hitotsubashi isn’t as well known as other Universities like Waseda when getting in to this university is much more difficult and valuable than say, Waseda. many students here end up here because they did not get in to their first choice university. but for me, Hitotsubashi was my first choice haahha. I did a survey on all these universities and found out that the ex-prime minister of Korea graduated from Hitotsubashi! isn’t that amazing? well many students turn out to love this university a lot. the only bad thing is that it’s situated pretty far away from the heart of Tokyo so.. it does feel like I’m living at the countryside. however, I’ve always disliked how people in Tokyo are always in a rush and there are just TOO many people. there are a lot of neighbourhood events here held by the super friendly older folks living here and it’s really pleasant and I love it very very much! I just couldn’t express how awesome this exchange is to me and I really regret to have only applied for one semester. however, I’ve always been super scared of earthquakes and all hence I didn’t want to stay here for such a long time =X. but whatever it is, Japan has been really nice to me so far and I hope I can find time to tell you more about my amazing experience!

there are heaps of homework in this Univ. and after writing this post, it’s time to study. T_T. if you’re not the type who studies hard, maybe… this university may not be a good choice for you. unless you don’t mind failing hahaha.

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