so during my last visit to Fukuoka. around a year ago… *chokes* Megumi’s grandma brought us to this beautiful place called Yufuin which is located 3 hours away by train.

IMG_7850 copy

this view is probably the most staple “look” of Yufuin as this is what you’d see once you step out of the station.

CIMG0890 copy

we took THIS TRAIN! to Yufuin. the famous Yufuin No Mori train that looks nothing like the normal train and it only runs between Fukuoka and Yufuin!

WARNING! long post ahead!

CIMG0874 copy

so let’s go!

CIMG0875 copy

my partner in crime =D.

CIMG0893 copy

sorry but I just had to haha. I’m a tourist after all..

CIMG0895 copy

Megumi and her super adorable grandma who photobombed her!

CIMG0902 copy

we also got ourselves some croissants to snack on during our ride!

CIMG0904 copy

Megumi’s grandma told us that.. whenever she looks at us, we are always eating. I guess we are best friends because we are both similarly as gluttony.

CIMG0911 copy

the view throughout our journey was magnificent and they even slow down and told passengers to look to the left or right when we pass through notable scenes. love their hospitality!

CIMG0921 copy

they even had all these hats prepared for passengers so that they can have a memorable ride! as you can see, my pictures are a year and two months old hahaha. I totally forgot about blogging about Yufuin until Megumi went there again yesterday. =X.

CIMG0935 copy

first meal in Yufuin! they are famous for their fried chicken/karaage apparently! go around and you’ll see fried chicken shops everywhere!

CIMG0936 copy

a shop selling ALL GHIBLI GOODS!!!

CIMG0945 copy

cafe’s and restaurants here are so pretty <3.

CIMG0956 copy

huge takoyaki anyone?


CIMG0963 copy

it was pouring but there’s no reason to stop exploring!

CIMG0968 copy

pretty ceramic shop. if you didn’t know yet, I’m a huge fan of pottery.

CIMG1021 copy

just look at that view! we had to bring a towel and walk around like as if it was in the middle of a hot summer (yes Japanese people walk around with a towel when it’s super hot haha. not everyone though.) but it was because.. we were soaking wet. rain in Kyushu’s pretty heavy.

CIMG1028 copy

somewhere near our Ryokan!

CIMG1046 copy

look at the amount of wild Ajisai!!!

CIMG1047 copy

soooooo pretttyyyyyyy. we went back to the Ryokan because the rain didn’t stop and we got tired. haha.

CIMG1059 copy

our room!! I was so surprised on how there was.. ONLY A HUGE TABLE in the room. where’s the bed?! well… in Ryokans, they’d come and prepare your bed for you at night while you’re out having dinner. and the table will be moved to the side.

CIMG1072 copy

if you haven’t noticed, we got sister dresses hehehe.

IMG_7752 copy

this was what our room looked like! I still find it weird how there’s two sets of table and chairs haha. there’s a TV but we didn’t use it because when we had time.. ONSENNNNNN was what we did.

IMG_7784 copy

they prepared some snacks, dried plum, tea (with tea sets) at our room for us! if you’re wondering, we lived at Sansuikan! because they have the most awesome view! you’ll get what I mean when you read on.

IMG_7756 copy

SO for dinner, we had this amazing omakase course meal!


IMG_7753 copy

each of us get our own portion of raw fish plated so beautifully with a touch of nature =3.

IMG_7754 copy

yummy sticky rice!

IMG_7761 copy

oh hello =D.

IMG_7767 copy

IMG_7768 copyIMG_7769 copyIMG_7771 copyIMG_7772 copy

everything was perfect until.. I was super full but they still served rice with pickled vegetables. I really dislike Japaense pickled food other than Mentaiko, jellyfish and pickled seaweed. =S. they taste really weird to me but Japanese people love it hehe. and there were more in the middle but I totally forgot to take pictures of them =X.

IMG_7774 copy

and last but not least, dessert!

IMG_7790 copy

there’s a local brewer next to our hotel so I tried their black beer! not sure if I like it though..

IMG_7777 copy

the moment when I saw the bed!!! yup. I jumped on it. and Zzz right away. hehehe. Japanese futon looks really fluffy and irresistible.

IMG_7842 copy

AND the next morning!

CIMG1112 copy

oh hello!

CIMG1231 copy

trying to look as Japanese as I can but phail hahahaha. but look at my view!

CIMG1234 copy

because Doraemon sleeps in there. =D.

CIMG1237 copy

Megumi’s turn ehhehe.

CIMG1249 copy

the Ryokan offers buffet breakfast with Japanese and western food. and I had so much because I wanted to try everything. but like every buffet, I got too full before I even get to try it all pfft. which is why I don’t like buffets!

CIMG1248 copy

our view from the restaurant =3.

IMG_7797 copy

and the view from our ROOM!

IMG_7794 copy

you jelly? hehe. early in the morning the mist technically covers the entire mountain and it was magical to sip on tea while watching the mist to slowly clear off in the morning =3. I actually went for another round of hot spring while Megumi slept throughout the early morning.

IMG_7817 copy

and we took a quick stroll around our Ryokan~ the natural scenery here’s just breath taking.

IMG_7829 copy

another type of Ajisai!

IMG_7832 copy

because I’ve never seen Ajisai before, it was love at first sight for me. it’s so hard to believe that they are wild flowers.

IMG_7833 copy

and so many of them!!! only during (early) summer!

IMG_7843 copy

but the bad thing about coming here during summer is that.. it rains so often. and because we were all wet, we had to return and it was really nice how some random strangers gave us umbrellas and told us to just take them. for free!

IMG_7857 copy

beautiful pots and cups! they ain’t that expensive too! around 300yen for a cup I think?

thank goodness the rain cleared and we changed and went out. again!

IMG_7859 copy

IMG_7862 copy

they sell chilled cucumbers on a stick in Kyoto for 250yen but it’s only 100yen here! but Ramune’s sold for 100yen in Kyoto and 150yen here haha.

IMG_7863 copy

this vendor was really nice and he asked us to try this and that but finally..

IMG_7864 copy

we got ourselves some Ramune. hehehehe. I think that all foreigners should try this soft drink not because of its taste but because the bottle’s so unique! you can’t see it from this picture but there’s a glass ball on the top part of the bottle rolling around!

IMG_7868 copy

back to the Ghibli shop!

IMG_7873 copy

flowers will bloom when these umbrellas get wet. don’t worry, they are sold at many tourist areas haha.

IMG_7878 copy

because I love Ajisai!

IMG_7882 copyIMG_7883 copy

the beautiful alleys of Yufuin~ it’s mostly shopping and cafe though.

IMG_7893 copy

snoopy cafe!

IMG_7896 copy


IMG_7898 copy

samurai chopsticks hehe.

IMG_7904 copy

quaint little shop =3.

IMG_7908 copyIMG_7920 copy

and there’s this huge pretty shop cum cafe that sells all kinds of unique items that.. you won’t know you need it until you see it =P.

IMG_7927 copy

hello Megumi!


IMG_7930 copy

and more shops.

IMG_7940 copy

the cutest honey shop.

CIMG1270 copy

so attracted to the flowers! aren’t they pretty or what?

IMG_7944 copy

another random cafe

IMG_7946 copy

even the road that leads you to the cafe’s magical looking =3.

IMG_7976 copy

after walking far inside, we found this hugeee lake.

IMG_7977 copyIMG_7994 copyIMG_7996 copyCIMG1276 copy

simply phenomenal, no?

CIMG1279 copy

love my casio camera for its art mode!

IMG_8002 copy

Kumamon!!! the black bear from Kumamoto. and everything in this shop’s Kumamon!

IMG_8004 copyIMG_8009 copy

and then there’s this place called the Yufuin Floral Village that looks like.. Europe. except in a much smaller scale.

IMG_8012 copy

there’s even an Owl park!

IMG_8013 copy

have you eaten really delicious curry? hahaha it just cracks me up.


IMG_8014 copy

the Owl park was much smaller than expected haha.

IMG_8016 copyIMG_8018 copy

for plushies, sheep’s my favourite!!!

IMG_8022 copy

the building here’s pretty low so if you’re tall…..

IMG_8028 copy

it looks like a princess would pop out somewhere but.. a guy did pfft.

IMG_8030 copy


IMG_8032 copyIMG_8039 copy

this area’s really not that big. but it’s so cute =3.

IMG_8042 copy

let’s go into the shop!

CIMG1284 copy

here, they sell wine with… anime characters on it. D=. hmm. weird combination. it’s like they are trying to attract kids but yet it’s not for kids. well.. ONLY IN JAPAN!

IMG_8047 copy

my dad’s first car’s this size and this colour! useless fact haha.

IMG_8050 copy

they made the village look really big but.. oh well.. if you have $$ you may consider living here too because they have really pretty rooms!

IMG_8052 copy

I’m only 170cm and I wasn’t even standing straight. I bet most tall people would knock their head on the arch haha.

IMG_8056 copy

back at the huge tako place! you can even have it with coke! it’s funny how they have both Japanese and Korean on the menu but no English pfft. I guess there are just more Koreans than Chinese nor Americans here haha.

IMG_8057 copy

another pretty shop =3.

IMG_8060 copy

something that I really really REALLY liked from this trip. the BEST cheesecake I’ve EVER HAD IN MY LIFE! Milch’s Kase Kuchen. it sounds German hmm but anyways, this dessert wasn’t even expensive and it brought me so much joy.

IMG_8061 copy

it’s packed like a cup of ice cream!

IMG_8063 copy

but seriously, this was SOOOOOOO good you’ve got to buy a dozen of this if you go there. SO SO SO SO SO GOOOOOD.

IMG_8071 copy

there’s also a famous Jam shop here but I’m not a fan of jams =S. or maybe just not yet haha.

CIMG1311 copy

even the drain here looks awesome hahahah.

CIMG1316 copy

I’ve never liked fried food. I’d even remove all the fried part when I have KFC. everyone would laugh at me when I do that. but the Koroke’s in Japan are soooooooooo SOOOO GOOOOOOOD. they don’t seem as oily as they are hence I don’t find them disgusting hehe.

CIMG1319 copy

I found the creamer really interesting as they look like ice cream haha.

CIMG1322 copy

a little souvenir for myself from that Ghibli shop =3. I loved it! have you watched this Anime too? because you should! go search for Princess Mononoke!

CIMG1324 copy


CIMG1335 copy

this looked so good but because the price was even better I didn’t get to try this T__T. but look at that marbling beef D=.

CIMG1357 copy

looks like I’m not the only person taking a selfie hehe.

CIMG1359 copy

it would be a perfect picture if it wasn’t for that pole pfft. but still a nice picture yes? =D.


CIMG1360 copy


CIMG1362 copy

such a pretty logo! classic.

CIMG1364 copy

please take care of us!

CIMG1368 copy

and lastly, I’d like to thank grandma Kuriyama for this amazing trip! =3.

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8 years ago

That was long.. but read it till the end.. hahahahhaha

Drawing some good vibes before getting back to work. XD

Nawel R. Ouahrani
Nawel R. Ouahrani
8 years ago

Wow it’s awsome *o*
The views are breathe-taking and the food so yummy!!!!! (I love japanese Food)
I’m not fond of fried amd oily food but that one looks quite delicious!
Thanks for this awsome post, I am craving for Japanese foods now yummy :3

8 years ago

Hi, can I confirm with you if the Yufuin No Mori train departs from Hakata station ? As this is my 1st trip to Japan next year, I would like to know more about their transportation (especially their train) in Kyushu. I am planning to purhase either the Qpass or Northern kyushu rail pass, and I need to familiarized with their train types. It seem like there are quite a numbers of different trains. Other than Yufuin No Mori, is there any other train that I could take to Yufuin from Hakata?

8 years ago


I liked all the pics. Bet the trip was awesome 🙂 Thanks for sharing

7 years ago

i just love to go to the japanese onsen, the outdoor bath is the best experience

7 years ago


May i know what hotel u stay in Yufuin? thank you!

Bee Bee Cheok
Bee Bee Cheok
5 years ago

All the places that you visited is very very nice ! The photo is like postcard ! I am going to Yufuin for one day trip only . May I check with you , all the places that you visited is only walking distance from Yufuin Station ?