SO! I was supposed to go “touch cockles” which means to collect cockles at the beach but the weather was crazy so at a last minute change of plan, we went to Tai O which is at Ngong Ping, where the big Buddha is! except you need a LONG bus ride to Tai O. one way costs around 20HKD but it is cheaper on the weekdays. haha.

IMG_4993 copy

so the thing is, I wasn’t really there for there Pink Dolphin because according to the internet it costs over 400HKD but HERE, it costs only 25HKD (got mine for only 20HKD though!!). probably because it’s a small boat and they don’t stop for a long time to watch the dolphins but trust me, it’s long enough.

IMG_4991 copy

well basically it’s a fishing village so there are a lot of dried fish, scallops etc.

IMG_4997 copy

oh hello!

IMG_5003 copy

the famous Tai O view!

IMG_5005 copy
need a picture here!

IMG_5009 copy

is that shark skin I’m seeing @@…

IMG_5011 copy

and are those dried puffer fish?!

IMG_5012 copy

and more?!

IMG_5014 copy

Tin Hau Temple!

IMG_5018 copy

there’s also this famous “kai dan zai” shop there. the uncle’s literally wearing a sunglasses while he’s working. indoors.


IMG_5021 copy

what makes this place special is actually these houses built above water. no it isn’t anything like Venice but because HK is well known for only high rise apartments, this is quite a rare sight.

IMG_5030 copy

it was very old school. just like how HK drama’s are. like.. when they kidnap someone and bring them to a house located in no where lol.

IMG_5033 copy

it was incredulously hot.

IMG_5037 copyIMG_5038 copy

someone please tell me what these are? I was thinking it’s some roots but.. I don’t know =S.

IMG_5040 copy

this is completely unrelated but let me say something. the cheapest drink in HK other than expensive plain water is probably this particular orange juice which costs 7HKD. plain water costs at least 5 already and in the airport, water costs over 10 bucks!!! holy mother of………….. please drink only an adequate amount of water while you’re there.

IMG_5062 copy

oh hi again!

IMG_5067 copy

Chinese bridge!

IMG_5070 copy


IMG_5080 copy

peeking into a fisherman’s home. I actually really like this picture. credits to Bon Bong for taking it!

IMG_5081 copy

the neighbourhood! I find people here pretty nice compared to the people of the city. well.. it sounds like common knowledge but there are a high percentage of mean people everywhere in HK. especially the older ones =S.

IMG_5083 copy

so who wants to be her husband?!


IMG_5086 copy this place reminds me of Penang’s Armenian street minus the street art. maybe someone should start drawing on these walls here!

IMG_5090 copy

and finally! my boat ride out to the ocean to spot for pink dolphins! they are very rare and I think they can only be seen in HK (?) so take your chances!

IMG_5092 copy

old school restaurant there.

IMG_5097 copy

I would’ve never knew that this is HK. well, it is!

and some pictures with my Casio camera!

CIMG9014 copy

CIMG9016 copy

love the art mode!

CIMG9019 copy


CIMG9020 copy

quiet small alleys but they feel really safe!

CIMG9023 copy

more dried fish!

CIMG9026 copyCIMG9028 copy

CIMG9039 copy

again, the boat ride was awesome so you GOT to try it.

CIMG9042 copy

thank you to my long time HK friend Bong Bong for taking me here!

CIMG9045 copy

when nice clean pretty buildings look out of place.

CIMG9072 copy

the subway station to get to Tai O(by bus) is right next to the City Gate Outlet and.. if you’re a shopper, then this would be your heaven.

CIMG9077 copy

or if you have kids, you may even consider bringing them to the fountain area! looks super fun to me!

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8 years ago

Looks super fun! I miss HK! =)

6 years ago

Loved your post! Do you think spending about an hour at Tai O would be enough just to look at the stilt houses and take a boat to see dolphins?