I am pretty hipster myself and that is why I love the alleys of Noksapyeong because it makes me feel super very hipster. for those who is bored of eating Korean food every single day, there’s this place called Kkaolli Pochana where they serve Thai food in a very laid back Thai-looking environment.

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very Thai! I’ve actually wanted to try this place for a LONGGGG time but because the queue was always more than an hour long, I decided not to. but one day, I couldn’t stand it anymore and I queued up for it! but it only took me 30minutes!

CIMG8406 copy

very Thai no?

CIMG8407 copy

the catch to this reasonably priced Thai food is that.. you cannot reserve. and like many other places, you need to arrive earlier and put your name on the waiting list and wait for their call. or you can just wait outside. haha.

CIMG8412 copy

plastic cups, steel chairs and tables. and a huge bucket of beer flew in from Thailand.

CIMG8413 copy

I actually got to know that in Korea, restaurants that look run down is actually MADE with loads of effort to look like that. can you believe it? it actually costs a lot to make a place look run down!

CIMG8414 copy

perhaps the only place to get chili padi in Korea. hahahahah. we literally put it on everything because we love the spice!

CIMG8417 copy

one of my two spicy food buddy in Seoul. who recently left Korea for good so I currently have.. zero spicy food buddy in Seoul since other one left too. tsk.

CIMG8425 copy

Thai glass noodle salad. 8/10. it could be much spicier and maybe more lime. good nevertheless.

CIMG8426 copy

minced pork rice! 9/10. loved this one! but again, wished it could be a bit spicier. but because they have chili padi’s there.. the spiciness was compensated but of course it wouldn’t taste as good to if they mince it together with the pork.

CIMG8428 copy

tomyumkung. 7/10. I don’t know if it’s because I am from Malaysia but I just expect everything to be much more strong in its taste. this was good because they had enough cilantro but.. MyThai have better Tomyum I’m sorry T_T. but on the other hand, this actually tasted pretty original.

CIMG8429 copy

oh hello! totally unrelated but those are glow sticks worn as bangles on my arm! got them from the club party for SKKU’s exchange students. weird thing was a random Korean American (not from our uni) just randomly put it around my neck like a necklace hahaha. but since I love these glow sticks I wore them as bangles until they finally stop glowing.

CIMG8433 copy

let’s dig in!

CIMG8437 copy

the plates and cutlery really reminds me of Thailand. which is a good thing =D. when cheapskate plates, cups and cutlery is a rare sight, they become preciously expensive. weird but true hahahahahha.

CIMG8438 copy

green curry! 8/10. I’d give it a 9 if it was chicken I guess. I’ve never had green curry beef before so I thought why not. but bad decision. it was actually pretty funky. I think I’d prefer it much more with chicken haha.

CIMG8443 copy

so if you miss Thai food in Seoul, you have Kkaolli Pochana! they have another branch in Hapjeong and Shin-Nonhyeon too. use your naver map to look for the location! just look for 까올리포차나 ^^.

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here’s the directions to how to get to the branch I went to which is the original one! from exit 2 of Noksapyeong Station!

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