OKAY. so there are a lot of nice places in Seoul but good cakes? well.. I’ve not had many good cakes in Seoul that doesn’t cost a bomb. I’m not saying that the cakes from Peony is very cheap but.. it’s average and yet it tastes sooooo heavenly! I love their cakes so much I queued for an hour to get their cake for my birthday last year. yes, their whole cakes requires queuing.

CIMG8350 copy

SO! the bakery is named Peony. lovely name isn’t it? it moved from the old location to this new location still in Hongdae. near Hongik University!

CIMG8365 copy

the previous place, it was clean and nice but this place is MUCH BETTER. the entrance was this pretty and..

CIMG8352 copy

there are so much more seats! I used to wait in line just to get into their cafe but now it’s pretty empty probably because the hype’s over, people don’t know about the new place and there is much more space. the cake’s still good nonetheless!!

CIMG8357 copy

so which is my favourite cake? THE STRAWBERRY CREAM CAKE!!! it is such a simple cake but.. soooooooo gooooood. the cheesecake was dense and creamy too and I loved it but the strawberry cream cake? phenomenal. the cream tastes like milk and it is very light. you’d not feel sick even if you have the whole cake! it’s so light and fluffy and everything just blends in together so well!

CIMG8358 copy

I remembered how my guy friends all said they don’t like cake and would only take a bite of my birthday cake. and in the end? they ate SO MUCH because they all said it was really really really good.

CIMG8362 copy

plus this new place has a balcony and the view’s pretty bomb and it looks really really romantic. loved it!

CIMG8363 copy

so if you’re in Hongdae, you HAVE TO DROP BY FOR THIS CAKE. you’ll not regret it!

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directions from Hongdae Station Exit 9 =D.

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