I was devastated ever since Hongik Bossam closed down. I felt like there were no more good Bossam’s around. until I found Janggun Bossam at Myeongdong, which costs a bomb.

then I thought to myself.. okay, there is no more good AND affordable bossam anymore..

and my friend brought me to this bossam shop hidden at the alleys of Jongro, Samhaejib 삼해집.

홍익보쌈 닫아진 후 맛있는 보쌈집은 명동의 비싼 장군보쌈 밖에 없었더라구요.. 근데 친구 소개로 종로의 유명한 보쌈집, 삼해집을 알게 되었다!

IMG_4380 copy

that red and yellow is the sign for this yummy place!

굉장히 작은 골목이긴한데 맛있는 집 많은 것 같았다. 신기한게 종로의 큰길에서 골목으로 들어가면 다른 세계로 들어가는 느낌이 있었다.

IMG_4363 copy

what’s even better about this place is that a Gamjatang will be provided as a basic side menu– FOC!

여기서 보쌈 먹으면 기본으로 나온 감자탕! 짱 좋은 서비스 ㅋㅋ.

IMG_4362 copy

now, now, just look at that amazing plate of bossam. bossam at many other places are normally too hard and chewy and the pork’s not fresh/kimchi tastes bad. but this place’s purrrfect. so juicy and porky. except the pork isn’t from Korea. it’s imported that’s probably why it’s so much cheaper than other places. but hey! it tastes really good!

we ordered the large portion (30,000won). there’s a medium (25,000won) and a small (20,000won) depending on how much you want to eat. for 3 people, I’d normally take the medium but it was our main course and I had two big eaters with me. so we ordered the large. but heck, we were so filled!

대자로 시켰는데 완전 배고픈 우리 3명의 배를 꽉 찼다. 굴은 완전 꿀맛이죵 ㅋㅋㅋ. 보쌈은 외국산이라 다른데보다 좀 더 싼것 같지만 질이 떨어지지 않아요~ 완전 맛있었어요! 부르럽고~ 맛도 좋고~ 다른 데의 딱딱한 보쌈보다 훨 맛있었다. 김치는 제일 맛있는 것 같아요~ 그래도 보쌈 먹으면 김치 젤 중요하죠! 그래서 삼해진 강추! 돼지고기만 외국산. 다른것 다 한국산인 것 같다.

대자는 3만원, 중자는 2만5천, 소자는 2만원였습니다~

IMG_4365 copy

ohh glorious ja-mong-e-i-seul. this grapefruit flavoured soju is DA BOMB in Korea right now. beware and not order the OTHER grapefruit flavoured soju. because you know only this brand rocks. =D.

요즘 핫한 자몽의 이슬 2병!

IMG_4366 copy

lets dig in!

IMG_4369 copy

I HAD TO UPLOAD THIS PICTURE! look at Neoh’s face!!! he was very hungry because I was late haha. it was my last day in Korea! so……………….. . my eyes were closed halfway so I had to cover it ahhahaha.

IMG_4370 copy

Neoh’s single and looking. well after uploading this picture.. I hope he gets more girls hahahahaha. he’s my most adorable friend. =D.

IMG_4411 copy

and just a few hours later, I saw Chanyeol at the airport. D=. CHANYEOL I’m TALKING ABOUT. total coincidence. I was glad I arrived hours before my flight. there were so many people around with their large cameras. and I was inside the airport. AND I got a good viewing spot =3. I’ve never said this on my blog, but I have Chanyeol on my phone’s background picture for over a year now. I really like him. heheeh. I guess it was just meant to be.

몇 시후에 공항에서.. 찬열을 봤다!! 찬열이 <3. 전 찬열이 완전 좋아했는데 우연히 공항에서 봤던게 말도 안 됐다.

right, before I get carried away, here’s the map to the restaurant!! 그리고 삼해진의 지도~ 종로3가역 15번 출구 근처라 찾기 어려운거 없었다.

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