okay, to be honest, I had a hard time translating the name of this spectacular cafe in Yangpyeong, South Korea. it’s literally called the dreaming camera. but.. it can also mean dream camera too. like.. the camera that’s like a dream. and it actually is. and it is a place for you to share your dream.

there were actually nothing much nearby and it’s ridiculously difficult to go as it’s ridiculously far from Seoul. but for a ridiculous reason I find myself having the urge to go back there every season. because.. well look at it.

IMG_4299 copy

this cafe has a surprisingly short history. it opened back in 2013 but from what I heard from the lady owner, they had planned for this from a long time ago. it was modeled after a twin lens Rolleiflex and it just look phenomenal from every angle. and there IS a reason to come here. similar to how this couple managed to build this dreamy camera, they try to spread their positive aura to motivate others achieve their dreams too! and the owner would LOVE to listen to your dreams! that’s actually what this cafe is for, to share your dreams. it ain’t just a normal cafe you go to and it is definitely not just a camera themed cafe.

IMG_4221 copy the interior of the cafe was clean cut and well.. filled with cameras. it wasn’t really big so if you’re here on a busy day.. you might have to wait. but lucky for me, I went there right at 11am and the shop just opened! so I had the luxury to occupy the entire cafe for at least 30 minutes until it started getting packed.

IMG_2071 copy

Americano! glassed prettily.

IMG_4220 copy I was so glad I ordered Cammomile tea because of their cute teapot/cup. hehehe.

IMG_4222 copy

the view was really calming and look! the pot the plant was put into looks like a film!

IMG_4224 copy there were plenty of games for the kids and also coloured pens and pencils for you to write down your dream. I’m pretty sure I took pictures of them but I couldn’t find where those pictures went. they magically disappeared hmm. well you should write 5 of your dreams on a piece of paper and have a picture of it taken then the owner will place it on their wall. if you succeeded one of your dreams/all of them, you can either write back or go back and let them know and they will give you a small gift or something as an award ^^. IMG_4226 copy the amount of camera’s there was just.. overwhelming.IMG_4227 copy

I wanted to buy this polaroid tissue holder so bad but I had my luggage packed and I didn’t have any extra space to store them as I was leaving Korea right after visiting this cafe T_T. if I’m not mistaken it’s sold for only 15,000won. or was it 25. hmm. I think it was 15. haha.
IMG_4231 copy maybe you can try spot anyone you know on the walls! only my “dream list” is going to be on the wall hehee.IMG_4232 copyIMG_4233 copy IMG_4237 copy

IMG_4235 copy their mad camera collection is actually one of their dream. and they made it! it’s a very impressive camera collection I must say.

IMG_4293 copy that’s a coinbox on the left!

IMG_4238 copy

the camera this building was modeled after!

IMG_4260 copy =D.

IMG_4287 copy

I was actually there with Sangjun of onedayhanbok so I wore.. “a few” hanboks.

IMG_4297 copy we were there for a long time since we took LOADS of pictures. and since there were no other customers (it was the MERS period. I am guessing it’s going to be much more packed during weekends and without MERS haha) the kind lady owner made us more tea. in these beautiful teacups.

IMG_4298 copy

the kind lady owner =D. she’s really passionate about her cafe and she’d tell you all about the history if she’s free! provided that you speak Korean as well hehehe. because she did mention that her English is pretty limited.

there’s also a sad story amongst the amazing ones where they got married and have a pretty daughter. and it’s that their dog passed away just the end of last year and it left them heart broken..


IMG_4327 copy but they have 2 more pups now! and they are soooooo people friendly.

IMG_2299 copy

they literally ran towards me as soon as they saw me!

IMG_2321 copy and they kept trying to lick me on my lips hahaha. for those who’d like to rent a Hanbok in Seoul, visit www.onedayhanbok.com =).

IMG_2090 copy

there’s a separate blog post on onedayhanbok here.

IMG_2531 copy2 copy IMG_4381 copy

that’s all for now! I loved the cafe very much. 5/5 stars despite their location. so I really recommend you to visit this cafe if you have extra time on your itinerary! =3.

directions to the Dreamy Camera:

1. take the subway to Hoegi or Cheongnyangni Station (line 1)
2. head to Yongmun Station (Jungang line)
3. take a cab and tell them to bring you to “ggum ggu neun sa jin gi” =). (it’s literally pronounced like.. goom goo neun sah jihn ghi)

it’ll take more or less 2 hours to get there so please plan your time carefully =).

operating time: 11:00 ~ 18:00

address: 341-13, Jung-won-ri, Yongmun-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, Korea, Yangpyeong 476-843

website: https://www.facebook.com/cafedreamy

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8 years ago

Ok so your picture are all there in http://www.onedayhanbok.com…hahahahahha
I love this themed cafe,. really nice.. XD

Molly Yap
Molly Yap
8 years ago

How much does the taxi trip usually coat?