if you ask me what’s my favourite Korean food, I can’t name just one. but Galbi Jjim (or ZZIM according to masizzim hehe) got to be one of my favourite! (it means beef short ribs stew!) so there’s this new chain shop in town and they sell… well you’ve guessed it, one of my favourite Korean food, Galbijjim. and they only sell Galbijjim.

IMG_4101 copy

there are quite a number of Masizzim chains. I’ve seen it in Daehak-ro, Hongdae and a few other random places in Seoul but it seems to me that the one at Samcheongdong looks the best. but however, the ones at Hongdae and Daehakro are much cheaper during lunch. the one at Hongdae seems like it’s going to be the same price the whole day. and it’s well.. still cheaper.

for this one, it costs 13,000won per portion. and god. it was soooooooo good.

IMG_4105 copy

whats this pink thing? it’s actually a kind of appetizer which most foreign people wouldn’t like. since it’s made of radish, I’ll call it radish ice blended haha. yes it’s cold. I hated it at first but I came to like it later.

IMG_4091 copy

they serve simple side dishes. no kimchi though. just some basic side dishes. I really liked the acorn jelly though! far at the end. =P.

IMG_4110 copy

I ordered the 2nd level spicy short ribs and gosh.. it was so addictive. I LOVE spicy food if you don’t know yet. as for the noodles, I picked “dangmyun”, a type of chewy see through noodle made out of.. sweet potato I think. they are yummier than udon, trust me.

I seldom eat good Galbijjim as they are normally expensive and the cheaper ones are just not up to par but this one’s so………. very…….. goood………….. <3. like I said, super addictive. PLUS, the beef here is made so tender it melts in your mouth! it smells great and just look at the picture above. is it not enough to make you salivate?

for 13,000won, I think it’s a little pricey but still worth it since it’s soft tender beef cooked with super yummy sauce! and you’d not find any Galbijjim for a price lower than 13,000won haha. if you can’t take spicy food, there’s the soy sauce one which isn’t spicy at all. but I think the spicier one’s MUCH much much better.

IMG_4111 copy

lets eat!

IMG_4113 copy

at the end of your meal and you still do not feel filled, go ahead and ask for some rice to be mixed with your left over sauce to make a pot of yummy fried rice/bokkeumbab for an additional 2,000won!

IMG_4087 copy

if you’re looking for some yummy Korean food, I highly recommend Masizzim! they also have an English menu so you have nothing to worry about! you might need to queue up for quite a bit if you go there during the weekends! it’s located along Samcheongdong so it will not be difficult to find =).

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Melanie Putra
Melanie Putra
8 years ago


Masizzim sounds yummy!

The pot I see in your photo.. Is that for one person? I’m traveling with a friend to Seoul. I don’t eat pork while she doesn’t eat beef. I read that Masizzim serves pork as well as beef.. Would they allow one person to order a pot of beef while the companion orders pork? And they must not come in one pot..

Tq, Mel