so when you go to Hokkaido, there’ll be a few things that the locals will tell you to eat. there’s of course the fresh and cheap(er) seafood, soup curry and…

Genghis Khan.

I kid you not. there’s this dish in Hokkaido literally called Genghis Khan. and it’s basically Lamb BBQ.

wait what? isn’t he that historic guy from Mongolia? that guy who’s the direct ancestor for 0.5% of males in the world? (apparently he had many wives and raped many too. and had thousands of kids) what’s that got to do with Hokkaido?

I asked people from Hokkaido but they don’t seem to know how the name came about so… I wikipedia-ed it:

“The dish is rumored to be so named because in prewar Japan, lamb was widely thought to be the meat of choice among Mongolian soldiers, and the dome-shaped skillet is meant to represent the soldiers’ helmets that they purportedly used to cook their food.” — from Wikipedia


anyways, there are plenty of Gengkhis Khan shops in Susukino.

and I think I was lucky to stumble across this reasonably priced yet popular shop called Ajinohitsujigaoka (味の羊ヶ丘). there was a line, so it must be good! I was at the redlight district of Susukino and… well.. I found this.

IMG_1732 copy

the prices of 1 portion of meat is around 500-930yen. pretty reasonably priced no? hey it’s lamb meat! I think there were cheaper stuff but the cheapest one I ordered was the 500yen ones. they also have internal organs and all but I opted for all meat.

IMG_1733 copy

what’s better than to have a chilled mug of Sapporo beer in Sapporo with Gengkhis Khan? my meal couldn’t have gotten any better to be honest. it was my most enjoyable meal throughout my whole trip in Hokkaido.

oh and that sauce is just amazing. it is a little salty but it goes with the meat so well I just had to dip a lot of it. the sauce tastes like the usual yakiniku sauce except that it had a hint of garlic and chilli flavour to it.

IMG_1735 copy

because I am a huge fan of lamb meat (Korea’s lamb meat costs a bomb and they only have them on skewers), we ordered 4 portions for the 2 of us. where in the end I added 1 more portion just for myself to devour. yeap. I may not look like I can eat a lot but I had 3 portions of Genghis Khan. hahaha now that sounds wrong.

IMG_1736 copy

the small restaurant I went to had 2 floors and they only had such limited space but yet their service was so good. they asked if we needed more vegetables and served us with patience despite the long queue of people waiting outside. I was lucky that I only waited for 15minutes since they had 2 spots and people in front of us were all groups of 3-4 people hahaha.

IMG_1739 copy

waiting impatiently with a happy face for my meat to be cooked!

IMG_1740 copy

TADA! LOOK AT THAT FRESH MEAT. have you ever ate mutton that MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH? it’s like the Kobe Beef for lamb meat. except this is much more affordable compared to Kobe Beef. I’ve never had lamb meat like this. this was one of the reasons why I want to return to Hokkaido so bad U_U. also, even if you come alone, there is a BBQ plate for every seat so no worries!

IMG_1748 copy

satisfied customer. I mean, super duper uber ultra satisfied customer.

IMG_1749 copy

so I dip it with that much of sauce and let it sit on my rice for a bit so the sauce will get to my rice and ohhhhhhh it’s serious yummy stuff. and Japanese rice’s so delicious. do you know that Japanese rice are so delicious they taste good by itself?

IMG_1750 copy

if you need extra garlic or chilli flakes for your sauce, you can just ask for more! I added a lot of chilli flakes for mine =D.

if you love meat, you’ll have to go to Hokkaido because this will blow your mind away!

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9 years ago

Hi jamie!! I wonder how much you spend on food alone considering that you always go to fancy restos (maybe?) hahahaha.. Are your friends that generous though? Hihihihihi

9 years ago

Japanese rice is nice bec its japonica,,,their rice is aromatic

8 years ago

Hi Jamie,

May i know if you still recall the name of this place you went to?
On a tight budget here~ 😉

Many thanks!

8 years ago

Hi Jamie,

No worries 🙂 thank you for the description, will try hunt it down
Good info on the blog btw, was looking for interesting places to go in Hokkaido and i found your site!
Thank you for blogging it out

8 years ago

Oh tts great! Perfect for my next Hokkaido trip there. Sad to say I didn’t get to try it previously (as we were always full from all the good food there)
Thanks for the information Jamie. Appreciated much!