like the one I’ve wrote about the things I’ve noticed about Korean people, since I hadn’t been in Japan for so long, I don’t have that many things to talk about haha. so here’s the 25 things I’ve noticed about Japan and Japanese people! and please note that it isn’t about ALL of Japan and ALL Japanese people. it’s pretty subjective :).

1. cars here are very fuel savvy. drive for the whole day and be shocked on how slow the fuel gets consumed!

2. people here are very, very courteous. they always smile! especially in shops. further, if you have a problem, all you have to do is ask for help and the Japanese people are very willing to help and they’d not ignore you or pretend to not understand you. very very helpful people. they’d also help you with a smile!!!

3. however they can be relatively scary at the same time because it seems like they never reveal their true emotions as they are brought up to be nice to everyone and care about others’ feelings. imagine when they erupt with anger suddenly =S.

4. there are a lot of vending machines. actually, too many of them. to the extent that they have an energy problem I heard.

5. packaging in Japan wouldn’t be any better. they all look so pretty.

6. but it is a problem because they pack everything like cookies in individual packaging. waste of plastic. also, they wrap all the boxes very nicely with PAPER when you purchase a gift, food, etc. waste of paper =S.

7. Japanese people knows how to market souvenirs. very well. they make everything look very attractive. but the ones buying them are usually the Japanese too since it’s too expensive for most foreigners.

8. while Japanese clothes are normally super expensive, foreign chain stores like Forever21 is incredibly cheap. especially during the new years!

9. Japanese people are very hospitable and kind. they take note about every detail, remembers them and try their best to be the best hosts.

10. Japanese people are very calculative. not the stingy type of course! living in Korea, we have the norm where one person buys the meal and another person buys coffee or the next meal etc. whatever it is, Koreans don’t calculate it to the cents. Japanese people do. they don’t mind paying a little more but they always calculate their portion and give you enough so it wouldn’t be less and find it hard to accept it if you want to pay more. not exactly a bad thing especially for guys hahaha.

11. transportation is very expensive. and the Japanese people know it too. taking the Sinkansen (bullet train) is more expensive than taking a flight. can you believe it?! it sounds really absurd if you’d ask me =S.

12. Japanese people have a habit of buying gifts for people. I find it very kind at the same time quite a burden T_T.

13. right. Shinkansen to the Japanese people ain’t just a fast bullet train, it’s SHINKANSEN. it’s different. they take their pride in it so NEVER call it a train haha.

14. foreigners think that Japan have a lot of crazy stuff and crazy people but in reality.. it’s much more normal than what we think. most Japanese people know lesser than us foreigners about stuff like.. cosplay suit vending machines. always remember, Japanese people are human too don’t treat all of them like an otaku or something. though there ARE really a lot of weird stuff sold ahhahaha.

15. while I adore Japan so much on their anime and Jdramas. their TV is just so boring. it feels like they are just repeating everything again and again. which might make sense since not many people have time to hog onto the tv.

16. cheap hotels exists. you just have to find them. when in Hokkaido and had nowhere (as in, friend’s home haha) to stay. I stayed in a dormitory guesthouse which was only one dollar cheaper than a nearby HOTEL. which I changed to later.

17. Japanese food portions are so small ._. I feel like a glutton for eating two portions everytime. well I guess that is why they can have a variety.

18. Japanese instant food are so good. while instant food normally sounds like.. it’s delicious because of the amount of ajinomoto in it, but they have other stuff like instant miso which tastes absolutely just like miso soup =X. and it doesn’t feel THAT unhealthy. their instant mentaiko sauce for pasta is the bomb D=.

19. I love Japanese people. but.. sometimes I think they do not care about others. I remember offering my seat to the old lady in front of me and she was so shocked. in Korea, they’d just sit down and well.. say thanks (maybe) and feel that it’s very normal of me doing that. but in Japan, even if one’s purse got snatched, nobody seemed to bother to help (saw it with my own eyes T_T)

20. I heard from my friend’s mom that.. in Japan there’s two things kids love to eat. tuna and.. NATTO. yeeesh I hate natto >_>.

21. you can find (almost) anything in Japanese convenience stores. be it vegetables or fish or kimchi or pasta or dishwashers or mops. they have everything and you can definitely live well with only going to the convenience stores here. convenience stores cannot get any better =3.

22. Japanese people are very patient. I noticed this when I went to Disneysea and USJ. people can WAIT for hours and they don’t seem to complain or look horrible because of it. plus, people wait very patiently outside yummy food stores. also, during new years sale they’d wait outside a shopping mall hours before it opens =X.

23. Japan have bad heating system. I read from somewhere that their houses are cold during winter because it has something to do with having the building being light and durable during earthquakes but.. because they have no ondol or good heating system, living here during the winter is almost like being in Antarctica. I have to wear down sweaters INDOORS. =S.

24. most Japanese people are atheist nowadays. but they still go to shrines.

25. Japanese beaches may be dirty, but otherwise the city and other places are very clean. especially the toilets. the auto bidets, dryers, MUSIC (for when you poop so nobody can hear you pooping) makes it a BREEZE for anyone to poop at public toilets. the best part is that you can clean your own toilet seat before sitting on it. they always have a sterilizer spray present in toilets. most toilets I’ve been to at least.

so these are the 25 things I’ve noticed! what about you? ^^.

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Kee Hoong
Kee Hoong
9 years ago

Interesting blog you have here. Will be sure to look out for these attributes when I visit Japan later this year ^^

9 years ago

.. Do Japanese really speak in a very cute manner??

8 years ago

Hey Jamie, I had to reread this blog post. hahaha
I don’t even remember reading this.. lols until I read my comment above from last year.
So now I got another question, in your own point of view, are Japanese guys marrying material? hahaha
(I’m not planning on marrying a Japanese, but who knows? I might consider hahaha)