I didn’t know that. and I guessed most of you didn’t know that.. Soup Curry is a Hokkaido specialty. other than the amazingly cheap and fresh sushi, Gengkhis Khan (mutton), milk etc, one of the MUST EATS in Hokkaido will definitely be the Soup Curry. Japanese curry may not suit the tastes of most people whom prefer their curry to be more fragrant and spicy rather than being sweet like how most Japanese curry is.

I wasn’t a fan of Japanese/Korean curry at first but I came to like it later. but SOUP CURRY? it’s like.. a whole different type of curry. I don’t know how do you put it. it ain’t exactly sweet but it’s very fragrant and yet the curry is adjusted just right so that the “soup” will be drinkable; not too salty!

IMG_1106 copy

soup curry is said to be all around Hokkaido but honestly, I’ve only seen it twice in my 1 week holiday and I had it on my first day at the JR Tower’s Stellar Dining area (6th floor).

IMG_1104 copy

happy girl with her soup curry! please don’t mind my hair hahaha I went to the onsen and didn’t dry my hair properly because I was in a rush. the onsen in Noboribetsu was just too good I spent too much time resting at the outdoor onsen and had no more time to dry my hair hahahahaha.

IMG_1099 copy

THIS WAS IT! my chicken and assorted vegetables soup curry. 완전 밥 도독이다. in Korean, we will call this the “rice theif” because with this dish, you’ll eat ALL your rice. I finished my rice AND I also drank all of the remaining soup. SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOD.

IMG_1101 copy

I was so satisfied with my soft chicken, that yummy brinjal and okura (ladies finger). it was like, all my favourite stuff was in one pot! that curry especially, it wasn’t the light curry texture of the Malaysian Roti Canai curry nor is it as thick as the curry chicken kind of curry. but it was yummy to drink and superb when you eat it with rice. I was so tempted to buy the DIY Soup Curry packs at the subway station because the testers was AS AMAZING. I am pretty sure soup curry anywhere in Hokkaido tastes awesome so make sure to put this on your list!

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9 years ago

need. to. go. to. hokkaido. lol!