night views don’t really interest me but the night view in Japanese cities are just.. breath taking. and they are so beautiful, I highly recommend them. first, there was the Umeda Sky Building which had amazing architecture and also an amazing view. but I found an alternative. the Abeno Harukas. at 60 floors, Abeno Harukas is also 20 stories taller than Umeda Sky Building.

CIMG6499 copy

it was so high up I couldn’t catch everything in frame!

CIMG6500 copy

the christmas tree outside Abeno Harukas was so pretty!

CIMG6504 copy

the pathway to the observatory was decorated with pretty lights and decorations =3.

CIMG6508 copy

and finally, the Harukas 300. the downside of this attraction is definitely the price. I enjoyed it very much except for.. it’s 1,500yen. just for an elevator up to a beautiful view.. I am not sure if it’s that worth it for me. but since it’s a one off thing.. =S.

CIMG6515 copy

but look at the breath-taking view! I would actually bring my mom here next time if I could.

CIMG6528 copy

it was pretty darn scary standing there.

CIMG6542 copy

the best thing about this observatory? it is 3 stories! and there’s an indoor garden area which was really pretty!

CIMG6571 copy

look at all that illumination with the pretty view!!! highly recommended for a nice date =3.

CIMG6573 copy

I was just happy hehehe.

CIMG6620 copy

and more ugly selfies with the pretty view.

CIMG6647 copy


IMG_0679 copy

you can even see the shinsekai tower from here!!!

IMG_0683 copy

when I went there was some concert so I guess I was lucky. the band seemed pretty famous too! there is a cafe on the same level at the terrace!

IMG_0671 copy

last but not least! I recommend YOU to try out desserts sold at Takashimaya, Namba =D. THEY ARE SO DELICIOUS. just head to the basement level of Takashimaya and you will find yourself in a desserts heaven.

IMG_0674 copy

I had this much!!!!

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