there is this one thing which I didn’t enjoy at first because I thought it was weird– Ganjang Gejang. but as time passed I opened up my mind to all types of food and when I started to think raw food ain’t that disgusting, I begin to fall deeply in love with it. and because it’s raw in a way, you need to go to a restaurant that does it right. of course, there’s “PRO Ganjang Gejang” at Sinsa but because I live in Jongro, it’s very far for me hehehe.

IMG_3649 copy

Keun Giwa Jip is a famous restaurant for Ganjang Gejang in Seoul and I dare say, it’s one of the best Gejangs in Seoul although I hadn’t had too much of it (it’s expensive!). it even earned a Michelin Star! from reading Korean blogs, I heard that there are very few good gejang places in Seoul. so far, Pro ganjang gejang and Keungiwajip is the best.

IMG_3641 copy

it’s served at a high 50,000won for one crab (for one person) and rice, banchan (side dishes), dwenjang soup is also included.

IMG_3640 copy

the black sesame soup starter. I am not a big fan to be honest. I think it’s because I am much more fond of Malaysia’s savory black sesame soup. the Korean version of it is rather bland but it feels much healthier.

IMG_3642 copy

the table setting! they use expensive high class Korean tableware and these costs a fortune I’m telling you. upon colliding with the tableware, a sharp sound will be heard with a long echo. the amazing sound of expensive tableware <3.

IMG_3644 copy

it is known as the “rice theif” and you’ll definitely finish all your rice with this excellent crab. whoever who created this, thank you very much! you’re awesome! I only wished I could have more of it.

look at the paste U_____U. it melted in my mouth like buttttterrrr. there were a lot of those yummy paste at the head of the crab too! if you’ve seen it in drama’s before, you’ll know that you should eat the awesome paste on the head with mixing rice there. it’s the best part. sorry I didn’t remember taking a picture of me doing so because.. I was too concentrated on eating heehehe.

IMG_3647 copy

we also had a Ganjang Gejang Bibimbap which costs 30,000won. for those who don’t want to get your hands dirty, this dish may just be the one for you. you basically just mix it with rice and it tastes almost as delicious but I prefer biting and sucking it all from the crab itself YUMMM.

IMG_3650 copy

and last but not least, they served us a chilled cup of Omija tea. the crab was fabulous.

can tell that they use very fresh crabs here. though it’s not a heavy meal, it was very very satisfying.

here’s a video of the drama I used to watch (식샤를 합시다. watched it for Yoon Doo Joon because he was nice to me when he first debut! and I love food porn too.) which made me want to go to this particular restaurant for Ganjang Gejang. and I guess it will make you want to go there too!


directions: from Anguk Station Exit 1
the pathway there is one of my favourite stretches in Seoul too! beautiful alleys with unique shops and cafes~

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7 years ago

Hi Jamie,

The crab looks delicious. I would like to try some during my visit to Korea soon.
So just to ask, is it okay for Muslim to eat there? Is there any alcohol or meat broth use as stock?


7 years ago

Hello do you know if this restaurant accepts one person dining thanks!