my second day in Sapporo was new year’s eve. and to my surprise, many shops were opened! but the thing was.. it’s quite quiet. what I mean is.. there was no new year mood. maybe it wasn’t the best time to visit since most Japanese people had to gather with their families.

삿포로에 있는 2번째 날은 새해 하루 전 날이였다. 그런데 사람들은.. 생각보다 새해 기운이 없었다. 새해 때는 역시 도쿄다.

IMG_1112 copy

my NYE morning was beautiful though!

삿포로의 아침은.. 기가 막히게 아름다웠다.

IMG_1113 copy

snow piling on every little branch <3.

IMG_1115 copy

this was one shop that I was hoping to go to.. it’s a famous parfait shop operated by only one person and I heard from the guest house owner that the shop’s owner open and close depending on his own mood and if there’s enough FRESH ingredients. it’s a very unique shop indeed but……. it was closed for my whole trip there. bummer.

정말 기대했던 파르페 가게는.. 닫았다. 심지여 내가 갔던 5일 안에 하루도 안 열어줬다 ㅠ.

IMG_1121 copy

the best thing about Sapporo? the snow! I’ve heard so much about Hokkaido’s snow and oh man it was fine. like snow fine. the snow was very powdery and soft and making a snowman was really easy. I remembered how I made my snowman in Cheongju, Korea with a bucket of water because the snow just wouldn’t stick! but in Hokkaido, I think I can make a dozen of it with just pure snow. OKAY, I know, my first Hokkaido snowman’s quite creepy but.. oh well!

눈은 역시 홋카이도죠. 홋카이도 눈보다 더 예쁜 눈이 없을껄요? 거의 불가능한 것 같다. 여기서 눈말고도 해물, 우유, 양고기 등 즐겨울 수 있어서 정말 여행 오기 좋은 곳이다.

IMG_1125 copy

it definitely looked like Pinocchio.

피노키오를 닮은 내가 만들었던 눈사람.

IMG_1148 copy

I became a little girl when I saw a land of snow.

IMG_1157 copy

I couldn’t even hold myself =P.

IMG_1158 copy

the snow was so soft and fluffy!

IMG_1159 copy

but it was really cold pfft. kids, don’t do what I did if you don’t want your butt to be wet.

IMG_1160 copy

I had fun nevertheless!

IMG_1169 copy

so we walked and walked and stumbled across this beautiful red brick building which was a Government’s office called the Red Brick Office.

IMG_1171 copy

trust me, it wasn’t that cold. as long as you have your feet and hands warm, wearing a coat or not, it didn’t seem to matter.

IMG_1173 copy


IMG_1185 copy

the back view of the Red Brick Office.

삿포로의 시청 같은 곳이였다.

IMG_1194 copy

I personally REALLY LOVED THIS PLACE because there was snow everywhere and it was purrrfectly beautiful

IMG_1201 copy

ducks and duckface.

오리들. 나포함.

IMG_1230 copy

=D. it don’t look very crowded from my pictures but it was in fact.. REALLY REALLY CROWDED.

IMG_1280 copy

becareful! we can turn into a cute orange bear if the snow from the roof fall on us!

IMG_1327 copy

and that really scary metal face right outside of it was.. super scary.

삿포로 시청의 정문!

IMG_1336 copy

this was what’s facing the Red Brick Office.

정문 앞.

IMG_1341 copy

and nearby was Sapporo Station!

시청근처에는 삿포로역이 있다!

IMG_1343 copy

that’s JR Tower (I think it was the 6th floor.. there were a LOT of beautiful restaurants there and they were all so good T_T) and..

JR타워에서 맛있는 것 정말 많았다! 현지인에게도 유명함. 6층으로 가보세요!

IMG_1347 copy

THIS IS DAIMARU! one of the most beautiful shopping malls in Japan (to me). they always have clean and surprisingly beautiful washrooms hehehe. and a lot of branded handkerchiefs! the underground food and sweets stalls were amazing too!

다이마루 내 사랑 <3. 이 백화점의 화장실도 이쁘고.. 명품 선수건도 다양하고.. 지하에 있는 명품 음식들까지!!! 맛있고 예뻤다!

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