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I know many of you are following me for the Korea and Japan posts. since I wore Kimono (AND Yukata. even bought it!!!) in Japan, it was quite weird how I’ve never really thought of wearing a Hanbok despite being in Korea for my 4th year now.

okay I actually thought of it once. during my graduation ceremony in Yonsei everyone wore Hanbok but.. me. firstly, as a poor student the 150,000won~200,000won (150-200USD) rental was too much of a burden and I didn’t look good in most of the Hanbok my friends had. I think Hanbok, like Kimono, is very personal and they fit differently for every person. the colours, sizes, patterns had to fit. well that was why in the end, I wore an urban Cheongsam instead.

I had always thought that renting a Hanbok for a day costs a bomb until I came across onedayhanbok. if only I had found it 3 years ago, I would’ve got to wear a Hanbok for my graduation ceremony T_____T.

안녕하세요! 새해 복 많이 받으세요!
설날 연휴 때 한복을 대여해서 촬영했다~ 한복 워낙 비싼거라 대여하기가 힘든줄 알았고 예전에 대여할려고 할 때 다 15만원에서 20만원 쯤이었으니 대여하지 않았다. 그러나 Onedayhanbok 에서 싸게 대여할 수 있다니!!! 이런 가게 생겨서 정말 다행이고 기쁘다.

1383741_10152774567743380_2410346303039631627_n copy

in conjunction with Seollal/Chinese New Year, I decided to rent a set of Hanbok for our team Malaysia’s shooting this time.

picture by Azri. Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

IMG_0020 copy

took a picture of the price list. it’s really cheap compared to other rental places which rents you the whole full set including the inner clothing, cancan etc. but like what it’s called.. they are inner clothings and we don’t REALLY need it since we can wear our own clothes inside. less hassle. it costs only 13,000won for 4 hours and 26,000won for the whole day! what a steal.

이 가게의 대상은 주로 외국사람이지만 한국사람들도 간단하게 대여하고 싶을 때가 있을지도 몰라서 이 블로그는 한국말로! 착한 가격에 물론 메이크업과 머리는 자신 준비해야되고 한복의 내옷과 신발도 없는 걸로 알고 있다. 그런데 1만3천원으로 4시간, 2만6천원으로 24시간, 어디서도 본적없는 착한 가격임.

IMG_0003 copy

IMG_0005 copy

they sell souvenirs too! I’ve seldom see those hanbok origami’s and they had it there!

기념품 같은것도 많이 팝니다~

IMG_0002 copy

Sangjun of onedayhanbok helping me on my ribbon.

원데이한복의 상준오빠가 정말 친절하고 착한 분였슴. 제 몸매가 애매해서 (키 조금 많이 크고 갈비벼가 되게 작다 ㅠ) 입어보고 또 입어봐도 사이즈 안 맞았는데 한복을 하나 하나 천천히 입혀줘서 정말 고마웠다. 결국 옷과 치마는 다른 세트에서 입게되었다. 마음에 드는 색갈만 원해서 그래요 사실 ㅋㅋㅋ.

IMG_0008 copy

there were a lot of accessories to choose from but my hairstyle didn’t look good with the hairbands so I opted for the ribbon. the ribbons are normally for pleated hairstyles but oh well..

they provide pins, clips and hairbands but I saw how some customers are such a jinsang (a-hole. it really means customers whom are difficult to deal with) on taking a bunch home just because it’s free. it doesn’t cost a lot but taking a bunch costs money!!! I get very embarrassed when people of my race and nationality takes a lot of tissues and all at public places too. PFFT.

머리 띠나 다른 장신구는 무료로 착용할 수 있다!

IMG_0009 copy

since onedayhanbok was a rather humble shop, they don’t offer like hundreds of hanboks but they do have around a hundred from what I can see. the good thing about it is that it isn’t like what those 3,000won/7,000won try-on hanbok’s which has.. horrible quality. the hanboks here are of good quality and I heard it’s around 500dollars for each set. they might look simple but they are definitely NOT CHEAP! since I am a Gwangjang market kind of girl, I’ve scouted around and the cheapest medium-low quality hanbok I saw was already 200,000won and above (note: they are custom made). 400,000won for a fairly decent and nice looking one. my Yukata+shoes and bag from Kyoto was only 5,000yen! (50USD) I guess it’s all about the quality!

so yeah, I wore it with care. especially going up the stairs you should REALLY be cautious. I recommend to NOT wear pointy heels because it might tear the skirt.

가게가 많이 크지 않지만 한 100벌의 한복이 있다. 알다시피 한복의 가격이 다양하지만 대여하는  가격이 착하면 질도 별로 인줄 알았는데 생각보다 정말 질 좋은 한복이 많아서 참 놀랬다.


other than accessories.. other things like.. the SELCA POD and Polaroid camera’s are free for rent too! you might need to buy the film for the polaroid. there were also umbrella’s for sale so I’d say they’re pretty equipped.

IMG_0011 copy

the array of accessories! best thing is.. THEY ARE ALL FREE FOR RENT! I still remembered how tempted I was to rent/buy hair accessories and other accessories when I wore a Kimono in Japan and they were all so overpriced T_T. ended up with a few but still, I couldn’t believe I spent 10USD just on accessories >_>” but since that Kimono rental place (Yumeyakata, Kyoto) was cheap, I just rented them. totally fell for their marketing trap hahaha. worth it still. =P.

IMG_0017 copy

past customer’s pictures. just to show you their other hanboks. they have the short length (the one I wore), medium and long ones. the long ones were really empress like. not my cup of tea. there was a girl who wore it with pants and it looked so fashionable D=.

한복을 대여하실 분들. 다양한 한복을 onedayhanbok 웹사이트로 가면 구경할 수 있어요~

IMG_0012 copy

look how good the quality is?!

질 좋아서 정말로 좋았다!

IMG_0019 copy

just me being.. me. hahaha.


the downside is that.. they do not provide hair services. I had my hair done in Kyoto when I wore my Kimono for an extra 1,080yen (10USD) because they only provide 5 styles and they do the same 5 styles over and over again (other styles are much more expensive >_>). to get your hair done in Seoul, it normally costs around 50USD. so I guess DIY is the best choice! they don’t normally tie a ribbon with.. a bun. but I got innovative hehehehe.

since they provide rubber bands, pins and even straighteners and curlers, it’s totally fine doing your hair there.

머리는 아침에 혼자한 건데 하루 중일 튼튼하고 문제 없어서 다행이다 ㅠ. 보통 이런 머리스타일엔 리본 착용하지 않지만 그래도 이렇게 하는게 이쁘죠?


all I did was twist two stands of hair on the side and tie it together with my pony tail. then take a strand of hair from my ponytail, braid it, tie. AND THEN, twist it all together to form a bun, use pins and pin them all together. I did it at home so I didn’t have to spend so much time at the shop. the shop isn’t too big so when other customers come, it is pretty hard to take your own sweet time to do your hair. so another recommendation? DO IT AT HOME!


hello =D.


that’s Pheuron Eonni in her empress hanbok and Azri behind =D. we were at a very modern place called the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP). who would’ve thought?

10984591_10152774567583380_4196751011774301637_o copy

my favourite picture by Azri. loved the flow of the skirt. normally, when we think of hanbok, we’d probably think of traditional places like palaces or villages like Bukchon Hanok Village. but Neoh, another photographer in our team, suggested DDP and the pictures were so avant-garde (it means innovative in French. lit: before guard). DDP is also near to the hanbok shop! walking distance kind of near.

가게와 가까운 동대문 디자인 플라자에서 찍은 사진들~

11021129_10152774567618380_1156332539603993014_n copy

I think many people think that my choice of Hanbok is quite dull and not very pretty compared to the other striking ones but I am really glad I choose the not so popular one because it looks really sophisticated and classy =3.

10996657_10152774567698380_6986545373784220302_n copy

DDP seems like THE PLACE for pictures. and I really do recommend tourists to check it out just for its amazing architecture. I live nearby it so I didn’t thought of blogging of DDP but I guess I really should!

IMG_9548 copy

I’ve always thought that I look horrible in Hanboks because everytime I try it, I just don’t look good in them. but I’m glad I finally found one that fits me! it was a little difficult because Sangjun said I am too tall and “thin” so it was quite tough looking for my size but really, I have a very small body frame and yes I’m tall I have no idea why I look petite in pictures but I am not! at all! maybe because my head’s very big T_T.

pictures taken at the shop and from this picture (above) onwards are taken by Neoh.

한복이 잘 안 어울리는 줄알았지만 이제보니까 괜찮네요? ㅋㅋㅋ. 그래도 머리가 커서 (모자도 못 쓰는 만큼. 얼굴 안 커도 머리가 커요 ㅠ) 키가 엄청 작게 보인다 ㅠ.

IMG_9568 copy

we later went to Deoksugung, one of my favourite palaces in Seoul which has 3 sessions of guard exchange ceremonies at 11am, 2pm and 3:30pm. since it is free entrance to any palaces if you’re in a hanbok, I took my chance! I also like Deoksugung for it’s over 100 years old Western buildings. I thought the Korean and Western combination was amazing. the other palace I like is Changgyeonggung’s Huwon (or secret garden) where you need to first enter the palace and pay an extra fee (5,000won) to go on a guided tour to the most beautiful garden in Seoul.

only Neoh and I went because Pheuron was tired and Azri needed to work T_T. but we worked so hard brainstorming on places, poses and themes the night before.. such a waste. but it was a very productive day!

여기부턴 덕수궁에서!

IMG_9572 copy

the happily staring out at space pose.

IMG_9618 copy2 copy

the “chase me” picture.

IMG_9676 copy

the “I was waiting all day for you” pose.

IMG_9697 copy

the avant-garde pose.

IMG_9723 copy3

the “look at my beautiful hanbok” pose.

IMG_9731 copy

the… shoes ain’t matching. they should totally do a shoe rental once they expand. actually, even Koreans don’t wear traditional shoes with Hanbok sometimes hhahaha.

IMG_9841 small

the “I’m going to wait for him to get done with the war” look.

IMG_0001 copy

roamed around Seoul for 9 hours in this Hanbok, all tired and that’s a wrap!

Hanbok rented from Onedayhanbok
location : Euljiro-4(sa)-ga Station, head to exit 7 and before walking up the stairs you will see a pathway with shops, walk straight on for about a minute and you’ll see the shop on your left. very easy to find.
을지로4가역 7번출구 나가기전에 지하 상가으로 가면 됨.

웹사이트 한국어로 되어있는거 없지만 직원들 다 한국분이라 문제 없을거다. ^^.

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9 years ago

Hi Jamie! I love your photos. I agree that the pictures taken at DDP looked so avant garde. I’ve been there and the architecture is so nice although they said during the construction it was controversial? Or was it the new city hall.

Anyway, thanks for sharing!

9 years ago

I like the pictures…
was the photographer the same as last time?

9 years ago

Nice! Good photos and have the gone back into time feel

Nabila Armalia
Nabila Armalia
9 years ago

Hi Jamie.. You said that you get free entrance to any palaces if you’re in a hanbok? Is it for everyone or only the korean residence? Is it including huwon? I can’t find the information about it :” thanks

9 years ago

You’re absolutely stunning on this hanbok ! I enjoyed everysingle picture you posted ^^
I love your avant-gardiste poses haha and the choice of the places is very original indeed.
The hanbok you choose is very beautiful, I’d choose the same if I were you kkk I don’t understand people’s thoughts about the hanbok being too simple?.., anyway everybody has his own tastes right?

Greeting from Algeria.

9 years ago

hi jamie! you look gorgeous 🙂 i was just wondering about the deposits and stuff.
like if i were to rent it for the min 2 hours do i still have to leave a 80k /30k won deposit? and do i get the deposit back once i return the hanbok?

do hit me back 🙂


8 years ago

Hi Jamie,

You really look great in the hanbok!
Wish to rent it when i visit Seoul soon.
Just wonder did you change your hanbok to casual clothes when you move around 2 different places?
I scare i will feel embarrass for walking in the city with hanbok>.<

7 years ago

Your photos look so pretty! I think the hanbok that you’re wearing looks great on you. Thanks, this really helped me decide to rent a hanbok during my trip to Korea. I’m only worried about wearing hanbok in winter since it’s so cold…

ching ching
ching ching
7 years ago

can i have the contact of your photographer?