ask the locals they say, because they’d know. and so the recommendations of a true Japanese who was born and bred in Hokkaido recommended me to Nemuro Hanamaru. 6th floor of the JR Tower (Sapporo Station), Sapporo.

IMG_1350 copy

we actually came here on the first day but due to limited time we headed on for something else and came back the next day. with a similar line. waited for around 45 minutes at around 1pm. I’ll have to say.. the wait’s worth it.

IMG_1361 copy

it had been a while since I had a kaiten belt sushi but this was no ordinary kaiten belt sushi as everything (well I didn’t really fancy their kaarage/fried chicken.)

IMG_1364 copy

can you believe that this plate’s from the kaiten belt?! this salmon melted in my mouth like how marshmallows melts in your mouth. but with a lot of flavour =3. fresh salmon flavour. I can’t really explain it. you NEED to go there and try it yourself!

IMG_1367 copy


IMG_1372 copy

plate after plate after plate. the fatty tuna/chutoro was SOOOOOOOOO good. it melted in my mouth T_T. le Japanese was disappointed with the quality of the day because it wasn’t as good as before probably because it was new year’s eve. I wasn’t a fan of the Kaarage but everything else was great! I mean, it’s better than most sushi bars I’ve been to. not exactly the best I’ve had in Japan (Sushi Dai spoilt me) but that Chutoro was amazing. second right on top of the picture. my next favourite was the scallop (hotate) and CRAB! (Hokkaido’s crabs are SWEET and very juicy mmmmm) moreover, it’s very reasonably priced! we had so much and the bill was around 4,000yen if I am not wrong.

IMG_1374 copy

most of the plates we had wasn’t on the belt and there was a small piece of paper for you to write on to order. I heard they had english menu’s and all but I went with a Japanese so…

IMG_1375 copy

IMG_1376 copy

I know you’re jealous of me now teehee.

IMG_1395 copy

I heard they only serve very fresh fish hence the popularity. this is a branch and ACCORDING to my friend, the main restaurant tastes slightly better though the difference is not very prominent.

IMG_1396 copy

great setting, great service, very satisfying great sushi! I am satisfied!

IMG_1398 copy

if you’re in Hokkaido and is tight on your budget but would like some great sushi, I highly recommend Hanamaru! and look!!! it’s a double-decker conveyer kaiten belt! one for sushis, another for the cups and saucers!

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