if you’re a bird person then you should have heard about how Japan’s taken over by these owl cafes. not only is owning an owl (very very expensive pet) becoming a trend, stores don’t just sell owls anymore but they are earning by letting you pet very softly on their owls and shower them with human love!

CIMG4655 copy

there are quite a number of these owl cafe’s but I decided to go to the one with the MOST owls! although it’s located literally at nowhere, we were practically their last customer of their day. since it was raining cats and dogs that day, it wasn’t so full. I’ve read reviews how you have to come here and put yourself on a list (they don’t accept over the phone bookings) a few hours before you actually get a place since they limit like.. 6 or 8(?) couples of 2 in only.

it costs 1000yen and you get a drink (which you’ll eventually just leave there) and an hour. they basically explain the rules for around 15 minutes so 45 minutes left. time goes by really quickly there! they have an ENGLISH menu so it’s quite foreigner friendly =D.

CIMG4658 copy

so this is not even all. they are not actually tied very tightly around the pole so they can walk around the area but they are just so obedient @@. however, the ones above are actually the more badass owls so.. you should only look at them.

CIMG4656 copy

and then there’s the baby owl section. my favourite owl!!!

CIMG4663 copy

then there’s the evil looking owls.

CIMG4664 copy

one thing I noticed about them is that.. certain owls squint a lot. like that.

CIMG4666 copy

when an owl gets scared they actually say sorry to the owl and their care taker even gave the owl a big warm hug ngaww T_T.

they also require everyone to sanitize their hands before touching the owls. and you can only stoke and owl’s head and back with the back of your hands =).

CIMG4667 copy

the 60 year old (or did she mean that this owl can live up to 60 years old hmmmmm… I don’t understand Japanese so T_T) owl was hugeeeeeeeeeeeee. and he, squints his eyes too. “whatcha lookin at?”

CIMG4668 copy

just owl’s doing their thing~

CIMG4671 copy

SO, my first owl. you can put it on your arms, shoulders or…….. HEAD. but the thing about putting it on your arms and head is that.. you need to bear the consequences if they suddenly poo poo on you =X. thank goodness for me, I had him on my head for quite a while but he just enjoyed grabbing my hair.

does it hurt? nope, not at all =D.

CIMG4682 copy

and at certain angles, he look so completely clueless hahaha. <3.

CIMG4687 copy

“go away”

CIMG4700 copy

then I found an owl who liked looking at me. bigger owls are put on your hands and because they have… ridiculously long claws, you’d better wear a glove for it! the employees don’t though ahhaha.

CIMG4711 copy

meet little wasabi. I wanted to put her on my head but I just saw someone else having poop on their shoulders so I thought having poop on my shoulders would be better than directly on my hair =X.

CIMG4732 copy


CIMG4738 copy

I found my owl twin!!!

CIMG4743 copy

and then there’s this owl that doesn’t look like an owl.

CIMG4749 copy

back to my cute baby owl! <3.

CIMG4751 copy

the evil-eyed owl. @_@. and that owl beside’s still like “whatcha lookin at?”

CIMG4753 copy

doe-eyed owl.

IMG_0415 copy

winking owl.

IMG_0419 copy

uhhh okay you win.

IMG_0421 copy

look there!

IMG_0445 copy

this owl was realllllly heavy. I could only hold it up for like 5 minutes and my hands got so tired =S.

IMG_0458 copy

so our baby owl’s balding. just kidding. owl feathers are said to give you good luck!! they sell them for like.. 500-1500yen so if you see one GRAB IT! but make sure nobody saw you *chokes*.

IMG_0465 copy

but the employee there took it’s feather and put it on the evil looking owl’s head. ahahahha. he didn’t even realize.

IMG_0469 copy

look how warm and fuzzy it looked <3. so owls here sleeps at night with their caretakers =3.

IMG_0474 copy

“what do you want?”


IMG_0472 copy


here’s the address!

1-10-13 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
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9 years ago

This is a very cute entry! Totally loves it!

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9 years ago

It’s cuteeee~~and scary @~@