so for Halloween this year, I fortunately followed my friends to Universal Studios Japan and I am glad I spent my Halloween in Japan. I was never too interested in going clubbing dressing like a zombie or vampire or something but this time, I have to say, I REALLY enjoyed myself.

CIMG4250 copy

so on the way to USJ, I ran into IRONMAN! and Pepper. his arm and leg gear was so good he deserves a trophy really. and the girl’s hair was so…….. glam. I am pretty sure she dyed her hair for this special occasion!

CIMG4444 copy

look who joined me in my adventure?! MEGUMI! ^^. she flew from Fukuoka just to meet me here ngawwwww <3.

CIMG4458 copy

역시 내 베프! 사랑해~ <3.

CIMG4463 copy

guess what pose this is?

anyways, shall the costume hunt begin? let’s start!

CIMG4466 copy

and the best costume award goes to……… JOKER! his attire + make up was good enough. and even his hair! I thought he was Heath Ledger for a while @@. he had his hair permed and dyed to green. and that girl had really realistic looking scars all over her face. I was gobsmacked by their effort. really.

CIMG4470 copy

GIRLS WILL SAVE THE WORLD! SAILORRRRRRR MOON! my favourite anime since I was young hahaha. don’t judge. >_>.

CIMG4473 copy

and the hottest zombies I’ve ever met.

CIMG4475 copy

meet my new boyfriends =D. our clothing was so matching! hehehehe.

CIMG4477 copy

Megumi didn’t have a costume so here’s a furry bear hat!

CIMG4481 copy

say cheese! Harry Potter tie!!! super expensive T___T.

IMG_0120 copy

sexy cops?

CIMG4486 copy

냥냥~ cat women and… jail breakers? haha.

CIMG4493 copy

HELLO! I am a Pirate by the way. PIRATE. NOT A BEER GIRL. pfft.

CIMG4496 copy

hello Mr. Pumpkin!

CIMG4499 copy


CIMG4502 copy

PIKACHU!!!!! so hardcore D=. all the Rs.

CIMG4508 copy

and the Mario girls.

CIMG4509 copy

the brides and the.. nurse? hmm.

CIMG4510 copy


CIMG4515 copy

cadets and the SWAT team!

CIMG4524 copy

the rainbow girl. I really respect this girl for her effort. her whole dress is MADE for USJ. Jaws, Spiderman. sickkkk.

IMG_0135 copy

the pretty zombie jail breakers =P.

IMG_0138 copy

and more cosplayers. how do they ride on rides I wonder hmmmm.

IMG_0140 copy

I don’t know if they are cute or just… hahahaha. cookie monsters for you!

IMG_0144 copy

when people say Japan is filled with weird people, I guess they are right. and I like it because of that. despite being older, people in Japan do not fear to dress however they want. and I think such a value should be implemented in people all over the world. check out that Hogwarts Kitty.

IMG_0145 copy

I would also like to believe that these are drewn on by themselves. such art skills. it was literally perfectly drawn on.

IMG_0181 copy

more rainbow girls. I don’t know what they are trying to be but okay D=. errrrrrr clowns perhaps?!

IMG_0209 copy

oh hello =D.

IMG_0253 copy

the Halloween street! haha. actually the whole place’s pretty much decorated. not only in USJ. everywhere. I want to steal those inflatable pumpkins pfft they were so cute. not in the picture though sorry hehehehe. you’ll have to use your imagination =P.

IMG_0142 copy

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA~ <3!!! the cookie monsters eyes!!!!!!! win me some please? D=. I would be really grateful. I REALLY WANT IT. >=D.

IMG_0114 copy

and errrr……. the scary version of cookie monster. an Ajosshi was actually holding it. I ampretty sure he made it on his own. gruesome much? =S. but everyone looked at it. which means, he succeeded hahahaha.

after a few rides, we came out and saw the field in USJ filled with… zombies locked inside. a FIELD of zombies. D=. waiting to be released!!!!

CIMG4530 copy

look how many zombies there was! they are the ones employed by USJ by the way. hahaha.the zombies are actually barely visible because a hoard of people flocked around them to take pictures of them.

CIMG4539 copy

and the moment arrived….. they let the zombies freeeeee and the USJ Halloween Horror Night started.

CIMG4540 copy

there was also shows here and there and damn it was pretty darn amazing. it was so real we all had our teeth cringed. and as a kind and nice blogger, here’s a video I took! my arms gained some muscle for holding it up for so long lol.

if you look at the video, you might not see it but they actually strangled the victim and the victim even spit out water like fountain at some point hahaha. and at the very end, I shut the camera because the biggest, angriest, meanest looking zombie with a chainsaw came running towards us T_____T. I ran as quick as possible of course!

I PERSONALLY believe that they gave their best performance because it was the last night and also the main day.

CIMG4543 copy

SWAT teams not really guarding them well!!!

CIMG4549 copy

AHHHH. ugly face hahaha.

CIMG4550 copy

thank you for coming <3. definitely had fun <3 <3.

CIMG4554 copy

what these zombies actually do is that they’ll just appear beside or behind you where they’ll suddenly yell and scream and scare the crap out of you. ><.

CIMG4560 copy

this was actually one of the starting show where they danced to MJ’s Thriller!

and here’s the video! =3.

IMG_0255 copy

I promise they look much scarier and more realistic without flash.

IMG_0257 copy

and those lenses really do freak people out!

IMG_0260 copy

the atmosphere at night’s actually cooler.

IMG_0272 copy

and another Thriller performance in the middle. I spent 2 hours lining up for another ride and when I was lining up I saw smoke appearing after bombing sounds here and there which was really cool. they have performances ALL OVER so be ready to spend your whole night there!

IMG_0273 copy

I got really tired by 8 and I NEED to leave. by the time I got out it was already 9 though =S.

IMG_0282 copy

thank you Japan for such a memorable Halloween experience and USJ of course for making it even more fun. also, 사진 많이 찍어줘서 고마워 메구미~ <3.

verdict? GO TO JAPAN IF YOU CAN DURING HALLOWEEN! you’ll enjoy it for sure, especially in USJ =D. the horror night was crazy. another tip would be to go there early (as soon as the gate opens. check the website for the time as they differ everyday) so that you’d finish riding half of all the rides before the queues get 2 hours long. and 4 hours long for the Harry Potter ride so HEAD THERE AS SOON AS THEY OPEN! they also limit people going into the Harry Potter quarters so remember to take your ticket (it was at some garden nearby) to secure your entry (there will be a time frame for when you can enter and you can stay there as long as you want. they do this to limit the people inside).

the ticket was close to 7,000yen now (raised price wth) but I bought it from a Korean tour agency and got 500yen discount + an adapter and pocket for passport and documents haha. it’s definitely ridiculous on how expensive the ticket was and not to mention the food was horribly expensive as well.. I spent around 1,500yen for food (lunch) and starved all the way until I got back to where I stayed pfft. everything looked super appealing but I didn’t buy any T____T. I can’t wait until I get a job and earn stable income >=(. I was already going out of my budget coming here but oh well.. money well spent pfft.

AND, for those who are not in Asia, going to USJ Hollywood might be an even better choice but I guess the difference would be less people dress up for Halloween but I bet they have better shows and horror houses etc. =D.  I’m just lucky to have Japan as my neighbouring country so.. heh.

it’s my 2nd time in USJ and I haven’t even blogged about my first experience. I just had too much pictures. I will blog about USJ in detail sometime later!

so long for now!

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9 years ago

Just wondering, how do you travel to and from Japan so often? I tried looking for cheaper flights between Tokyo and Seoul but most still cost around 45000yen for a return ticket.

9 years ago

Did you fly to Tokyo from Seoul before? Apart from Peach, Eastarjet and jejuair, any idea what budget airlines that flies to Tokyo? International airlines is quite expensive =\

9 years ago

Hi~ Did you fly to Tokyo from Seoul before? Apart from Peach, Eastarjet and jejuair, any idea what budget airlines that flies to Tokyo? International airlines is quite expensive =\

9 years ago

Hi, Jamie.. what’s the name of hair dye that you used in here? the color is really pretty. suit u really well. thx 🙂

9 years ago

Hi, Jamie.. what’s the name of product and color of hair dye that you used in here? the color is really pretty. suit u really well. thx 🙂

8 years ago

Hi Jamie! Where did you get your costume? You looked stunning! x