hello dear readers!

I finally went to Kibune, a place that I’ve longed to go ever since.. I saw its pictures online. google Kibune and its pictures will take your blow you away. this place is especially beautiful at night but.. I went in the day anyway.

IMG_8496 copy

now isn’t it breath taking?

CIMG2190 copy

since I was living in Osaka, a trip down to Kibune took me around 2 hours. train after train after train. the train above is to Kibune! finally. PSST. check out that cat on that girl’s phone hahaha. Japanese people’s obsession with cats. opps wait, rephrase, the world’s obsession with cats. =P.

CIMG2197 copy

when I arrived, I thought to myself “uh oh. very very crowded T_T” a tourist attraction indeed.

CIMG2203 copy

but no matter how many people, the view was so beautiful and the air was so fresh. the weather though, was a little bad. what a pity =/.

CIMG2214 copy

we actually took the bus inwards because walking was too tiring. =X. walked to the station though because the bus line was too long hahaha.

IMG_8330 copy

the touristy area. you can find many (expensive) restaurants around but if you’re in for a Kibune styled dining, walk a little bit more. also provided if you’re willing to splurge!

IMG_8334 copy

being a tourist haha.

IMG_8337 copy

every corner was so beautiful I had over 300 pictures of Kibune but I filtered it down to 55. it was very hard filtering them pfft.

IMG_8338 copy

get what I mean? it’s very.. traditional Japan.

IMG_8340 copy

I was surprised this maple tree was so red even though it was summer and I was sweating like mad =X.

IMG_8342 copy

the ever crowded shrine.

IMG_8373 copy

this is actually the prettiest part and the reason why I want to Kibune, the cascading steps of stone with red lanterns on the side. but it was so crowded I barely get to take a decent picture of it. and oh, the queue to “something” starts here. T_T.

CIMG2243 copy

I waited for at least 20minutes. and I was bored =X.

CIMG2261 copy

and it turns out that, we didn’t have to wait to go up to the shrine. what we were waiting for was..

CIMG2277 copy

this. okay just kidding. but sort of. the queue was to pray at the shrine which later leads you to buying this.

CIMG2280 copy

this expensive piece of paper costs 200yen. not to much to pay for the amount of happiness it gives.

CIMG2283 copy

it was absolutely magical. and beautiful. I wish I had a DSLR that allows me to record a video (mine’s ancient so it doesn’t have that function =(.) but here’s one by a compact camera.

sorry I sound weird. that’s the reason why I don’t youtube. hahaha. I think I sound bad on videos.

CIMG2270 copy

my favourite thing in every shrine, the holy water! I shall be blessed!

IMG_8394 copy

people normally wash their hands with it but at some places you can even drink them. I tried once but.. I’d advise you not to. =S. but here you should only wash your hands.

IMG_8379 copy

apparently, the 7th of July is wishing day called Tanabata in Japan so all the kids, adults and grandparents wrote their wishes and hung them on the tree! it’s normally done by kids though. this day is said to be the day where this separated couple could only meet once a year and it was only during that day. you know the story right?

IMG_8391 copy

that crazy line to the shrine.

IMG_8437 copy

okay so let me show you around more. so in summer, you can dine ON the narrow river. you heard me. ON the river. well, above it to be precise.

IMG_8441 copy

these platforms built above the river during the summer is called “yuka” and Kibune is probably the only spot that has such facilities.

CIMG2324 copy

this was actually one noodle snack place I’ve wanted to dine at but.. it was closed by the time I arrived. and it wasn’t even that late T_T. I arrived at Kibune around 2 and at this place around 5 probably. but it was so pretty I had to take a picture with it.

CIMG2325 copy

just look at the view! and what’s so special about this noodle place you ask?

CIMG2326 copy

well you dip your noodle on the flowing water. that’s why it’s so special. not sure if it’s yummy but I guess it is! water in Kibune’s said to be pure and clean too!

CIMG2312 copy

don’t you want to dine there?

CIMG2316 copy

I wanted to but.. the cheapest course was 6700yen. that’s approximately 200ringgit for a set meal. >_<. definitely paying for the view. I hope I’m rich T_T.

CIMG2333 copy

so that wall at the side’s all the dining above the river platform area.

CIMG2337 copy

if you feel even richer, there are even more exclusive dining areas around.

CIMG2431 copy

but for me, dining on a yuka is good enough.

CIMG2426 copy

look! I found a huge tree!!! since I watched Totoro, I believe every tree has a spirit.

CIMG2432 copy

I laughed so hard when I saw this picture. those were pretty much everything you can do in Kibune. not much, but it’ll eat up all your time. trust me.

CIMG2447 copy

all the restaurants here were so pretty I wanted to try all of them T_T.

CIMG2453 copy

when I walked back to the shine, surprisingly the area cleared. so… it’s my chance to take a picture!!!

IMG_8452 copy

at the very end of the road, you’ll find another shrine.

IMG_8454 copy

mini pool of holy water.

IMG_8457 copy

a very tiny shrine. but it’s really spacious and peaceful. it wasn’t crowded and you can feel the zen here.

IMG_8462 copy

well I am still trying to guess why they make the lions wear that red cloth. in certain places it made them look like they were wearing napkins. my Japanese friends didn’t know why too hmmmmmm.

IMG_8465 copy

and me, trying to imitate its expression.

IMG_8467 copy

I’m pretty good yes?

IMG_8471 copy

when it clears up, you better take your chance. quick.

IMG_8481 copy

because in any minute, there will be a crowd coming in.

IMG_8486 copy

the moss that makes all trees and land in Kyoto look magical.

IMG_8487 copy

in front of Kibune Shrine.

IMG_8489 copy

IMG_8491 copy

oh hello!

IMG_8501 copy

like I mentioned above, the bus line was very long so we walked down.

IMG_8502 copy

and walked

IMG_8503 copy

and we saw this beautiful cafe!!! wanted to have a cup of tea here but.. we were rushing back to dine at Kamogawa =S.

IMG_8512 copy

on the way down, there were actually quite a few pretty restaurants so I recommend walking down!

IMG_8521 copy

and you can even take pictures with the road as your view hahahah.

IMG_8522 copy

okay I like being dorky. it’s fun.

CIMG2456 copy

remember to take the train that heads back to central Kyoto! that’s to the right.

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9 years ago

Beutfull photos! Congrats!
We are going there in june.
Kisses from Brazil