SO, I’m still on DAY 1 of my Jeju post. and I had the best experience of nature. ever.

never had I wonder something non-man-made to be so spectacular and breath taking. this place deserves its title as one of the 7 wonders of nature of the world.

IMG_9437 copy

maybe I was lucky because the weather was great, but to compare the weather in Jeju and Seoul which was only 1 hour flight away, I would say that Jeju was like total paradise. not only was it much warmer, its clear blue skies and clean air was the best of it all. unlike dusty Seoul. pfft.

Seongsan Ilchulbong was beautiful even from afar and if I were to make a guess on how many “wows” I said when I was there.. I would say 1000. and 1000 is too little of wows compared to its beauty.

IMG_9452 copy

here’s a touristy picture of me.

CIMG3666 copy

and another one. those stones inside’s the traditional clock! reading time with the help of.. sunlight! I wonder how would they ever know when to meet someone in the past if it was raining cats and dogs hmm.

okay, so much for the beauty, the hike was quite a challenge. to a weak girl like myself whom had never exercised. I am ashamed of that pfft. but I literally have no stamina.

IMG_9488 copy

one of the many stones popping out of the mountain. some of it was said to be haunted so we should not go near it or something errrrrrr. a stone being haunted. scary much?

IMG_9497 copy

but halfway through, I was happy enough. I kept asking myself if I should just stop climbing up till this point because the view’s good enough. but my mom told me that I MUST go up till the top because it’s not everyday I get to see a world famous mountain pfft.

IMG_9502 copy

I always wonder who uses these binoculars at the peak. if I wasn’t trying to find my own house or something, I don’t think I’ll ever use it =X.

CIMG3686 copy

it may be pretty, but the crowd’s crazy. it rhymes!

IMG_9522 copy

so after that crazy flight after flight of stairs, I made it! I, JAMIE LIEW, MADE IT TO THE PEAK! well as the name of the place suggests, we are supposed to come here to see the sunrise but.. whatever, it’s still beautiful and my breath’s taken away by it hahhahaha.

CIMG3684 copy copy

at the peak, it somewhat declined downwards. I thought there was going to be a pond or something but no, nothing. there were trees and it seemed like there were trails for people to hike down there but.. I don’t think it’s allowed.

CIMG3685 copy

IMG_9527 copy

coming up and going down’s two different routes so if you see something and thought “nah I’ll just take a picture of it on my way down”? DON’T. capture whatever you wanna capture because you won’t have a second chance. unless you want to go through climbing the mountain all over again. it’s a good 25minute climb you see.

IMG_9551 copy

and the view going down wasn’t bad too!

CIMG3714 copy

finally! back on land. coming down’s a little scary because you keep going down =S. like there’s no end.

CIMG3737 copy

the spot I found which was absolutely beautiful. nobody took pictures here so I conquered the whole spot and I love it so much. people who kept walking down didn’t bother to look back and see how beautiful it is it seems.

CIMG3747 copy

see? perfect selfie spot.

IMG_9560 copy

and those yellow little flowers.. I bet this place’s amazing during spring.

IMG_9568 copy


CIMG3751 copy

okay, so… that’s the Sea Woman(?)’s village. if you did a little research on Jeju, you should know that one of the most famous things to see here’s the woman divers, or Hae-nyeo, which directly translates to.. Sea Woman. hahahha.

IMG_9578 copy

so one of the spots to see them’s here. at the exit of Seongsan Ilchulbong. more stairs downwards.

IMG_9590 copy

in Malaysia, people travel to see that “black beach” at Langkawi which wasn’t even too wide spread. but the rocks and beaches are like black everywhere in Jeju! hehehehhe.

CIMG3779 copy

it was around 430 when we arrived and I only managed to see a bunch of Haenyeo’s arriving from the sea from above.

CIMG3786 copy

when I arrived at the bottom, only one Haenyeo was present and she was.. selling the catches of the day.

IMG_9622 copy

I didn’t manage to snap a picture of them with their headgear on T_T. it’s pretty funny actually because the headgear’s like one piece of round flat glass =X.

well click here to be directed to google’s wide array of pictures of them.

they are actually very courageous and respectable. while many Asians have this mindset of how men should be the bread winner of the family, in Korea however, we have these brave Haenyeo whom fends for their family, diving for a living.

IMG_9625 copy

look at all the fresh and HUGE abalones and soras. I am not sure what you call that spiky shell.. we call it Sora in Korean. and Abalones are called Jeonbuk. and those pink gloves made the picture look awesome.

IMG_9627 copy

everything was so fresh they were moving pretty vigorously. D=.

each piece costs 10,000won. you get 1 free if you buy 3 or something. I know, for an abalone 30ringgit seems like a steal. but in Korea, you can get it for half the price. but it’s a tourist attraction AND THEY WERE ACTIVELY MOVING, YOU GOTTA EAT IT!

CIMG3792 copy

the view of the.. restaurant beside.

IMG_9628 copy

they might look soft and all when they were alive but they’re pretty hard and crunchy after they’re chopped up. and this is what 10,000won worth of abalone look like on a plate. very few but huge pieces. I actually had raw abalone at some chinese restaurant back in Malaysia and it totally made my stomach upset =X. and ever since I doubted about eating abalone raw. in Malaysia, they tasted weird and it wasn’t good I swear.

IMG_9629 copy

but these were SOOOOOOOOO good. you have to eat it with the sauce and seaweed! I had raw Sora somewhere else too and Jeju’s Sora’s AMAZING. I kind of actually liked Sora better but the abalone was good too! just not cheap to eat pfft.

while eating this there was this Chinese couple from Hunan beside with their kid. and guess what……… they were giving that barely 5 year old beer. BEER. and the little girl kept asking for more. oh goodness D=.

IMG_9636 copy

the whole area was spectacular overall. look at the layered floor. that stone look like a skull I don’t know why hmm. creepy. anyway, the layered floor was multi-coloured too!

IMG_9641 copy

there’s some boat ride but it was nearing winter and a boat ride in the cold? are you crazy?!

IMG_9658 copy


CIMG3814 copy

this picture is the.. “I have someone to take pictures for me but you don’t” picture. hehehehehe. I’m such a sadist =X.

CIMG3795 copy

and more of the weird but spectacular stone formations!

CIMG3820 copy

the flowers were just so pretty. no wonder people say that we must come to Jeju during spring..

CIMG3824 copy

but Autumns not bad too! look at those beautiful reed!

CIMG3762 copy

ohai =D.

CIMG3769 copy

my favourite picture of this post. or one of my favourite.

CIMG3777 copy

and one last picture with Seongsan!!! I thought. but…

CIMG3841 copy

I couldn’t get enough!

CIMG3854 copy

and more…….

CIMG3846 copy2

ah~ I’m so in love with this place. despite it being swarmed with tourists.

CIMG3845 copy

here’s a zombie pose.

CIMG3859 copy

after a long walk, what’s better to do than to rest on the field?

CIMG3864 copy

and more pictures with Seongsan because I love it like that.

don’t worry about me upskirting, I always wear protective pants underneath because I know wind in Korea’s madness.

CIMG3870 copy copy


CIMG3878 copy

Jeju, certified the seven wonders of nature of the world!

CIMG3883 copy

and the… Japanese way of seven. weird huh.

CIMG3885 copy

and it’s finally time to go back.. T_T.

CIMG3887 copy

guess what this is!

it’s a stone yes.

but.. why do they sell it?

because it’s porous and because it’s naturally from Jeju?

well.. you use it as a scrub. =X.

CIMG3888 copy

so which type of Harubang’s your favourite? the one with more pores or… take the one with less pores. although a little heavier but they don’t look so flimsy. these are really cheap souvenirs! but I am living in such a small room, buying one will only take up more space T_T.

CIMG3890 copy2

me and the grandpa’s of Jeju.

CIMG3895 copy

oh! this is the car we rented! not bad ey? I think ALL the rentacars are the same. this model and this colour. at least from our renting place. we saw many of the same car around with the rentacar sticker so…

that’s all for Seongsan Ilchulbong! DON’T MISS THIS PLACE OUT IF YOU’RE IN JEJU!

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9 years ago

This sure makes one miss the place. The picture of you standing at the layered floor with the sun casting a glow on your hair is really nice! ^^

Nabila Armalia
Nabila Armalia
9 years ago

Hello Jamie. Jeju looks so pretty in your photos..Btw, I would like to know what flight did u use and how much did you pay for the airplane ticket from Seoul to Jeju? Thank you ^^

Nabila Armalia
Nabila Armalia
9 years ago

That sounds great. However I have heard that it is quite difficult to purchase korean domestic flight ticket online, because it requires internet explorer and some adds on, is that true? If it is, is it better to purchase directly at Gimpo, or will it be too expensive? Thanks a bunch and sorry if I ask too much 😀

Nabila Armalia
Nabila Armalia
9 years ago

Oh, I see. Honestly, I can read hangul, but can’t understand the meaning lol.. That’s not a big problem tho, cause Jeju has English version. The problem is, people said that I have to used Internet explorer with some adds on to purchase it.. I never use IE before and there’s no updates of IE anymore since 2005 for my laptop

8 years ago

That’s such a nice quote 🙂 thank you so much.. I hope we can meet up later, if u don’t mind 😀

8 years ago

Hi Jamie,
May I confirm which rent a car company did u take? How was the charges?
Is it by car type n hourly basis? Do they he hybrid car for rent?
Thanks ya