warning! this is quite a personal post. travel post readers might find this boring =X.

my first summer vacation in Malaysia after 3 years. no doubt many things has changed. the crazy jam all over because of the MRT, inflation of almost everything, friends all started to work and the worst thing was, it is the busiest month for all. but nevertheless I am really grateful for those who had to travel all the way to see me because my license expired.. too long ago to be renewed. it is actually a good thing that I can’t drive. I don’t want to hurt anybody =X. I admit, I’m a lousy driver hahahahah. I’ve been told that I’m multi talented. but I can’t drive well and I have not mastered the basic skill to cycling, skating and anything involving balance with ANOTHER object. okay except high heels.

CIMG3340 copy

so as soon as I’m back, Pavilion was my first destination. and coincidentally, there was a K-festival thingy going on. my mom didn’t believe that those behind those costumes are Malaysian she had to ask them. I AM RIGHT!

CIMG3346 copy

the clothes was pretty impressive. but it was a little too draggy. I like looking at ancient Korean stuff. but I guess I am not so much of a fan of the slow dance.

CIMG3352 copy

some expensive Japanese restaurant in KLCC (not umai-ya) and it was quite a rip off. the slices of sashimi was very small and thin compared to what was being showed on the menu. quite a disappointment.

CIMG3361 copy

my sister’s wedding shower at Acme. a pretty nice cafe in KL. it’s Korean class. or even better.

CIMG3404 copy

I HAD to have my Nong and Jimmy (at Jalan Cempaka) before I leave. try their glass noodles and chicken feet!!! super affordable too! as long as you do not order crab.

CIMG3427 copy2

coming to A&W for the last time. since they are going to be torn down. with our country’s own famous photographer Andy Kho!

CIMG3429 copy2

and we went for some Swedish meatballs. I just LOVE all the lighting in Ikea. they say lighting matters a lot! which I find super true.

CIMG3438 copy2

dropped by Kakaotalk Malaysia’s office to visit APEACH! look at all the Apeach in the picture!!!!

CIMG3442 copy

okay truth was I was there to visit my favourite girl, Natalie! and another good friend, Jason working in the same building ^^.

CIMG3455 copy

and finally, during my sister’s wedding, the 3 musketeers reunited. although we hadn’t met (all 3 of us together) for 3 years, I really look forward to one day where we can go food hunting, badminton and swimming together again!

CIMG3456 copy

we didn’t reunite because this fatty’s schedule clashed with mine. but look how happy we were after finally being able to meet after so long :’).

CIMG3464 copy

they say you gain a brother when your sister gets married. well I’d like to assume I gained two. since my brother in law has a brother. brother in law’s brother is.. still my brother in law haha.

CIMG3467 copy

the singers my whom was hired at my sis’s wedding! they were really good but I especially liked how the guy’s voice and style is so very unique! hope they can make it even bigger one day! =D. (although they are already quite expensive singers for weddings ahem)

CIMG3487 copy

and last picture with my sister and my brother in law right before I left for Korea.

I left in the middle of the wedding dinner. sad much?

my handbag with very heavy stuff broke right after arriving at the airport. T_____T.

but thank goodness I am finally here in Seoul in one piece. my sister was worried sick because I had to go on a plane. she now has sitting on planes phobia because of the recent tragedies. =/.

and here are some pictures from my Instagram and further caps =D.


I am really grateful towards my mom for taking care of me and not complaining about sending me here and there just to meet my friends when I don’t have transport. and also the woman I love the most, my grandma whom had always been yelling at me to eat because she thinks I starve too much T_T.


went to chill at Joseph’s house and we experimented baked kit kat! pretty good. definitely would like to have more! and some good Korean cow’s tongue at night.


the very next day I met my twin partner in crime, Mr. Jeremy Teo. now now, don’t we look alike? had Korean food. AGAIN! this time Kimchi stew which I was longing for. hahaha. he is the most awesome friend ever. arrange to meet despite his busy schedule and messages from time to time. it isn’t an easy thing to do (even I can’t do it.) but he’s done it. U_U. *touched*


went to a zoo. I mean, Ginny’s house. she has the most animals amongst all my friends. and her Koneko is so cute. can you believe it, this beautiful and very adorable cat was actually once a very ugly kitten which she saved.


went to Andy’s Curious Goat. great place to hang out and yumcha!


Andy and Ginny! Ginny is another awesome girl. extremely true and she seldom lie. not sure if it’s a good thing but I find it good because I don’t need to stress and guess about what she’s thinking and be like myself when I hang out with her ^^.


thank you Shawn for bringing me to the SS2 durian buffet to feed me enough durians to last my cravings for a year. but I had durian again after a few days =X. it’s just TOOOOO good. drinking water from the shell of a durian is said to be good as they lower your body heat or something. and if you wash your hands with water poured into the durian husk, it is said that you can get rid of that strong durian smell from your fingers!


thank you to my old friend for taking me to Klang for Bakuteh which I’ve not had in centuries! and also the biscuits I wanted from his holiday destination. thank you thank you and thank you!


it was a nice catch up with Suzuki whom had travelled around Asia for 4 months straight by staying at random people’s house and hitch hiking. salute!


another close friend whom I had not met for 6 years, Jon. also, another good catch up =3.


sweet Mei Sze, the over-exposed model’s dopplegangger! I hope you get healthier and gain more weight before we get to travel and eat together in the future! so we can eat MORE!!! =D.


thank you uncle Pat Pat for the very glam Japanese dinner. =D. I will study hard and earn loads of money so I can buy you something yummy too in the future!

I’d like to say thank you to MJ for bringing me for my kaya toast in the morning and even got a saman for it, Caverlin whom made me feel super loved every single time. thank you for being my sister from another mother. there’s also YeeHou. I am glad you valued my cow t-shirt and thank you for sharpening all my knives; may that be your part time job when you get really old. also biggest thank you to Nic for flying me to the airport =D!

the thing about studying abroad is that it gains you a lot of foreign friends but you’ll come to realize that there are very few friends from the past whom will still remain. and those who does remain, are friends you know whom had valued you more.

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9 years ago

Loove the food. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ great friends. πŸ˜€

9 years ago

aiya. no chance to meet you. πŸ™

but nvm, i’ll go korea cari you with your cruciani(s)!

9 years ago

Hey Jamie,

I will be going to Korea soon and have enrolled in Yonsei’s KLI.
So I am wondering, can student open up a bank account in
Korea without a ARC? I am going there on a 3 months tourist
visa and do not wish to carry a huge sum of money with me.

Also, is it easy to buy prepaid phone card?

Omg I am do nervous about the placement test. I too had
studied at ICLS Fahrenheit til advanced 1 but had stopped for 2 years as I
went for μœ ν•™. Perhaps we might have the same μ„ μƒΉλ‹˜ γ…‹γ…‹

Anyway I am looking forward for your reply. Thank you
and have fun in your new fall semester.