what’s coming to Osaka without visiting Dotonbori? since where I was living was pretty near, Dotonbori’s now my favourite spot despite the crazy amount of tourists and sky-high food prices. but I am sure those of you on budget are smart enough to dodge the tourist traps and hunt down for the cheaper ones.

IMG_5026 copy

the famous street of Dotonbori. with the huge crab. there’s two huge crabs by the way. this one’s just more central and and attractive. there’s also a humungous REAL crab inside which is the hugest king crab I’ve ever seen in my life. just pop inside and take a picture. I had a picture with it but my face was awful so..

IMG_5042 copy

and how can you miss the OKONOMIYAKI!!! I am a fan for Hiroshima’s Okonomiyaki but these are good as well. instead of having layers of vege and noodles this has.. everything mixed in it. errr.. and quite gingery. so for people who hates ginger I think you should skip this haha. I waited in line for an hour for this though. I don’t know which is good so I picked one with a long line of Japanese people hahaha.

CIMG4909 copy

oh hello.

CIMG4921 copy

I read some blogs stating that this costs 500yen but when I went it was raised to 700yen. T_T. bloody tourist traps. but it’s so yummy I can’t say no to it on a cold winter’s night.

CIMG4928 copy

the number 1 takoyaki store apparently. really, it’s really good. I tried it on my summer trip and I hated myself for not having it in the first place.

CIMG4929 copy

the busy busy street at night.

CIMG4937 copy

I bought takoyaki on my first trip from another famous store famous for it’s.. variety of flavours which was good as well.

CIMG4941 copy

still looks yummy alright but they could give a little more of those bonito flakes.

CIMG4955 copy

an Okonomiyaki store with queue so long it said we need to wait for 3 hours so I quit waiting =S.

CIMG4957 copy


CIMG4961 copy

ramen store.

CIMG4974 copy

famous Osakan icon. my Japanese friend just said “don’t ask who he is, just go take a picture with him”

CIMG4985 copy

we then head over for some delicious KUSHIKATSU! where you should only dip it into the sauce ONCE. because it’s going to be disgusting for the next guest if you keep dipping your disgusting saliva innit.

CIMG4986 copy

my favourite was the camembert cheese! so yummy U_U. love beef and chicken as well ahhhhhhhhhhh.

CIMG4991 copy

not to mention those chicken intestines. I went to their huge store so it came AUTOMATICALLY. which was super fascinating for a country pumpkin like myself hahahaha.

here’s a video on how fascinating it was! you have your own little station and all. I will blog on this restaurant someday later!

IMG_8302 copy

I forgot to take a picture of the entrance to the restaurant the last trip but don’t worry because I got you covered this trip! the shop’s name is “kushikatsu daruma” if my weak Japanese doesn’t do me wrong. very famous chain store and you can see it all around Osaka.

IMG_8268 copy

so for my summer Osaka trip, I took more pictures in Dotonbori and guess what? none of these pictures are edited! =D. other for the watermark of course. and that’s the beautiful stream by Dotonbori.

IMG_8279 copy

facing the stream’s this running Glico man. famous famous glico man.

IMG_8284 copy

walk up and there’s Ebisu Bashi-suji. a true shopping haven. the perfume sold at Kokumin’s really cheap too! like 2-3 times cheaper than our duty free in Langkawi. not that it’s famous for perfume.

IMG_8286 copy

some theater.

IMG_8289 copy

Dotonbori during the day. less crowded because it’s wayyyy too hot.

IMG_8298 copy

this ramen shop with a dragon above. I’m a fan of bubzbeauty though I didn’t watch every single one of her video. she makes me feel better about myself and put a smile on my face =3. and ever since I watched her Osaka trip video I’ve been calling this place the bubz ramen shop because she came here before. I recognized how you can sit outside and all. hahaha.

CIMG5044 copy

it was too expensive for a poor student like me to afford the deadly puffer fish/Fugu. so what I did was I picked the cheapest take-out box they sold (it was around 800yen) and ate it at home. =D. it tasted pretty funky and it’s definitely the type of sashimi I’d go for if I have more money T______T. I hope my mom win the lottery or something. hahaha.

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9 years ago

ohh.. so that’s called botoni flakes.. i’ve been wondering about that.. 😀 😀