I am not a famous blogger or anything, but I do get all sort of weird things ranging from hate mails to essays of their own life to love letters. I learned to be thick skinned and forget and not even let haters affect me. but really, to those who love me overly. please stop it. it’s creeping me out and I felt like I have a psychotic follower who is going to kidnap me one day and force me to marry him.

I would like to state that..

NO. I don’t want to marry you.

stop talking to me AS IF we are already in a relationship or as if we hang out.

don’t send me pictures of random things. including your parents pictures because it creeps me out.

I don’t add random people on Facebook. it’s my own private space and I hope you respect that.

please don’t tell me you want to be me. it is a little creepy too.

what I really do appreciate are..

appreciation comments/emails

thank you(s)

compliments (I LOVE THIS!)

suggestions on how I can improve.

correcting my grammar. I need this the most. don’t worry, it wouldn’t offend me. because I want to learn too. I know I have tonnes of grammar mistakes in each and every post T_T. oh well.


I also don’t mind if you email me asking me questions or if you want to set a date buy me lunch in Korea (if I have time. I love free lunches! ^^. only in crowded places.)

thank you!

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9 years ago

Huhu..i dont realised that I could contact u other than this blog,until I read this post lol.. I just realised that there is contact link up there

9 years ago

YA I AGREE WITH YOUR POST. If anyone wants to be closer to our star, you first have to join our VVIP membership. We will not hesitate to sue anyone who tries to hurt our star jamie.

ps. hope this doesnt creep you out the way it does me if im in your shoes. take it with a pinch of salt hehe!

9 years ago

okay deal! i’m gonna spend you lunch when i go to korea next time! XD

9 years ago

Just read this one.. 😀 I usually comment on your posts. Hope that doesn’t creep you out. 😀 or maybe loving it? XD