I took an 8 hour night bus down to Kyushu from Osaka and got off at Hakata Station, Fukuoka. it was a little bit rural but everything there was so much more peaceful and the people seemed much more nicer and patient. for this post, I’d be writing about one of the most popular place to visit in Fukuoka, Dazaifu.

CIMG0527 copy

but first, here’s my tour guide of the day, Megumi! aka my best friend.

CIMG0532 copy

but the tour guide and I were so busy talking that we missed our station and passed another 3 stations until we noticed. T_T. and trains in Fukuoka come pretty slowly so we wasted a lot of time T_T. well at least we took loads of pictures! hehehe.

CIMG0536 copy

you will know you’re taking the right train if you see the cutest train in your life. ahahaha. ain’t it cute?!

CIMG0538 copy

even the insides are!

CIMG0541 copy

I just HAD to take a picture. hahaha. there are sakura on the lights too!

CIMG0547 copy

my very humble friend. someone please tell her that she’s pretty! hehe.

CIMG0559 copy

and finally, DAZAIFU!

CIMG0560 copy

here’s some of Dazaifu’s famous treats

CIMG0561 copy

and the shrine here. I think coming here during autumn would be much more beautiful but oh well..

CIMG0565 copy

upon exit, we bought this rice cake wrapped with seaweed. YUMMM.

CIMG0566 copy


CIMG0568 copy

they’d give you a small cup of rice and you can test all the mentaiko’s!!!! my favourite shop zomg. super delicious mentaiko they have. and in different spice level. ahhhh.

CIMG0569 copy

they also have mentaiko spread in tubes. yum. but I prefer the raw ones.

IMG_7701 copy

no matter how touristy this place may seem, Megumi told me that she never failed to come here at least once a year.

CIMG0571 copy

look at the background in the shop! the gardens they have here are just so… breath taking. and while having a meal? how cool is that.

IMG_7627 copy

this is like some Japanese national favourite character. you can see him EVERYWHERE. forgot his name haha. friend said its name is ANPANMAN!

IMG_7629 copy

just another restaurant. another pretty restaurant. I love Japan T_T.

IMG_7631 copy

do not eat this. I mean, do not get the one with the Mentaiko mayo. it isn’t just very disgusting, it’s more expensive! certified disgusting by a Japanese too.

IMG_7633 copy

Senbei’s (something like roasted rice crackers? roasted everything actually. into cracker form.) very popular around here. a must eat in Fukuoka!

IMG_7637 copy

and I met my love. =3.

IMG_7646 copy

love these red bridges too! so Japanesey =3.

IMG_7649 copy

and the trees!!! so very pretty.

IMG_7660 copy

I was so happy I just ran around doing silly things. and this was one of it. “oh look at my pink hair!”

IMG_7668 copy

so some kids wrote their wishes and it amounted to this. madness.

IMG_7673 copy

I shall be holy after rinsing my hands with these holy water of the holy shrine~ I see some people dabbing their lips with these holy water too!

IMG_7684 copy

AJISAI! the amazingly beautiful flower of the summer. =3.

IMG_7691 copy

and it comes in an array of colours. don’t it look magical?

IMG_7694 copy

hello cow. =D.

CIMG0574 copy

an adorable old couple! ^^.

IMG_7706 copy

if you come to Dazaifu, Umegaemochi is a must!

CIMG0582 copy

one for 120yen! ^^.

CIMG0576 copy

the famous shrine.

CIMG0578 copy

oh, did you know, that Fukuoka is like.. the Mentaiko land? the mentaiko here are known to be spicy and ridiculously delicious =P.

CIMG0579 copy

look at all these mentaiko goods! I have a pair of hello kitty in mentaiko costume socks too hehehehe.

CIMG0580 copy

and MORE mentaiko goods. crazy much?

CIMG0584 copy

totally out of my earlier mentaiko topic but TRY THIS CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM! it’s an ice cream I MUST eat every time I come to Japan. just toooooooo good.

okay that’s all!

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9 years ago

I was never interested to visit Japan, because Korea really captured my whole attention.
But seeing your posts on Japan, I think I seriously have to consider going there. It looks like an awesome place, though I don’t speak Japanese of any sort.
Keep on writing these great things!

9 years ago

Hi, may i know how long did you take for your dazaifu trip? Wanted to visit the place immediately after I land in fukuoka in the morning.. and hopefully still have time for me to use my Fukuoka Tourist City Pass. May I know if there’s any attractions/shrine that needs entrance fee?

9 years ago

I’m from indonesia, i love japan and i love ur post … ^_^
someday i would go to kyoto. if there a time, would u like to go with me…there again?