was recommended to come here by a friend and so I did. apparently this chain of restaurant is opened by a married couple where the husband’s an architect and the wife’s a lighting designer.

CIMG0147 copy

went to the one at Sinsa located at the roof top of Galleria Shopping Mall.

CIMG0145 copy

beautiful interior I must say. and probably the only restaurant in Galleria as others are all in food court form. the best food court too by the way.

CIMG0142 copy

CIMG0136 copy

big big glutton.

CIMG0135 copy

pop corn ice cream D=! this dish costs 13,000won. not really worth it but it’s pretty yummy. too much for 2 though.

CIMG0120 copy

highly recommended! forgot what this was but it was like.. bits of.. pasta? or something. called cheese and chunky pink sauce gnocchi. quite heavy. very very cheesy. and the tomato was amazing. loved this dish.

CIMG0117 copy

ordered my favourite gorgonzolla instead of the famous green monster flat bread. regretted it =/. gorgonzolla and citrus.. not the best combination. =(.

CIMG0114 copy

hello =D.

CIMG0110 copy

as you can see dishes are around 20,000won. not cheap but it’s pretty good nevertheless.

CIMG0108 copy

basically, I liked how the whole restaurant’s like.. ambiance, food, service.. except for the price pfft.

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9 years ago

oh, my my! it certainly looks extremely gorgeous!!! i am such a fan of long glass windows! :’D