just a short bus ride away from the famous Kinkakuji is the most famous zen temple, Ryoanji. Also listed as one of the UNESCO wolrd heritage sites, this was put on my list when I first went to Kyoto.

IMG_5401 copy

the whole area is very calm to begin with. despite having a lot of tourists (mostly from visiting Kinkakuji), the beauty of the area did not subside.

IMG_5405 copy

the Ryoanji building.

IMG_5407 copy

upon entry, you should buy a ticket on the right side.

IMG_5409 copy

if my memory did not serve me wrong, the entrance fee to Ryoanji was 600yen although it is stated 500yen on the website.

IMG_5413 copy

a miniature Ryoanji and also scripts for the blind. don’t get it since the real Ryoanji is right behind.

IMG_5418 copy

here, I present you Japan’s most renown Zen garden, Ryoanji.

CIMG5523 copy

but the truth is.. I felt no zen. I mean, you are supposed to sit in front of the beautifully drawn marbles in front and meditate but with all the noise and crowd AND, barely a place to sit, I felt like my 600yen went to waste. the area was small and there’s nothing much other than this zen garden which was flocked by people and all you could hear when you close your eyes is their shutter sound.

so a tip for you? come here during the off-peak season and maybe you can feel some zen.

CIMG5538 copy

even my mini wide-angle camera couldn’t get a widespread picture of the place. so I had to take a panaroma shot haha.

CIMG5552 copy

yep, I’m a fashion disaster. haha. and this is the other side of the garden.

IMG_5429 copy

sadly, I couldn’t enter the other side which looked really pretty.


IMG_5430 copy

errrr… zen tatami?

IMG_5432 copy

while the entrance was super congested, the exit was empty.


IMG_5456 copy

but like I’ve always said, the beautiful landscapes even outside of the attractions are enough of a reason to visit Kyoto.


IMG_5459 copy

some really pretty restaurant.

IMG_5466 copy

entrance to the restaurant! didn’t dine in because it costed a bomb T_T.

IMG_5468 copy

and the lake nearby. pretty no?

all in all, I think it is worth a visit if you’re already at Kinkakuji. but if you’re on a tight budget, I’d say that it is a “okay to skip” place even though it is a UNESCO site. it is a little too small for a 600yen entrance fee. unless you come on a non peak season and feel some zen, if not I don’t think it is worth it.

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9 years ago

So pretty oo~

Maybe the zen, you have to feel it quietly.