A LONGGG walk to the castle. but it was beautiful. and the crepe shop outside sells amazingly delicious cheese & blueberry crepe. try it! as for the castle, if you can fit it in your itinerary, why not? it’s beautiful and iconic. not really just a tourist trap since it IS really beautiful. like WOW AMAZING beautiful.

CIMG4730 copy

caught an airplane in my shot! the walls of the castle and water surrounding it.

CIMG4754 copy

me and the magnificent Osaka Castle. which was closed on the day I went. bummer. taken with Casio Exilim.

CIMG4766 copy

Osaka Castle in Art-Mode.

IMG_5002 copy

another taken with my DSLR. hahaha I looked so round =S.

IMG_5010 copy

it seems like the castle looks amazing in every angle. it feels like they found the right feng shui and lighting to build the castle to make it look this amazing throughout the year. really, come here anytime of the year.

IMG_5019 copy

Osaka Station! and the illuminating lights which was only there for a limited time. looks better in the day really.

IMG_5020 copy

sunlight in winter’s just so.. breath-taking.

CIMG4811 copy

so so so bright. yes my stockings were torn. =S.

CIMG4813 copy


CIMG4838 copy

escalator to heaven!!!

CIMG4842 copy

there’s nothing up much there though hahahaha.

CIMG5019 copy

and get out of the station at night because… it’s so pretty!!!! like seriously. T_T. super romantic. the lights on the trees are… pretty. the lights are pointed at different directions which made each bulb look like they are of different sizes. making it even more magical looking.

CIMG5029 copy


CIMG5031 copy

and back up to the station. Umeda Sky Tower is walking distance from here too by the way!

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9 years ago

Hey Jamie!

Nice photos!! May i know what camera you’re currently using? 😀