my main point today:

CIMG6135 copy

asses. okay okay just joking. but how can any visit to Kansai be complete without visiting Nara?

Nara park especially has many many many deers running all around. and it’s really hard to come in contact with such wild animals so take your chance!

CIMG6082 copy

traveled to Nara from Kyoto. look at how “Horny” everything is!

CIMG6094 copy

and after around an hour, NARA!

CIMG6097 copy

pretty average I must say. but..

CIMG6098 copy

walk towards Nara Park..

CIMG6099 copy

and you’ll start noticing all the cute (and scary) deers!!!

CIMG6136 copy

I’m a perv like that =P.

CIMG6146 copy

ngaw T__T this is the cutest deer I’ve seen.

CIMG6148 copy

must take a picture with her! deers are generally quite shy and they move away from you. unless they have food.

CIMG6164 copy

and I got hungry so.. I bought a box of Sabazushi! Nara style!

CIMG6165 copy

wrapped in.. some citrus’s leave apparently.

CIMG6168 copy


CIMG6170 copy

artistic leaf picture!!!

CIMG6184 copy

even the temple has horns. and look at the colours of this picture. not edited! only my watermarks editing into the picture. that’s all.

CIMG6186 copy

oh hello!

CIMG6188 copy

I know you want to kiss me but.. I am afraid of your germs T_T. the Japanese aunties there told me to be careful and not touch the deers because nobody take care of them and they are VERY VERY VERY dirty D=. but I got my ass bumped by these cute little deers and hadn’t had my coat washed yet hahahahahhaha. =/.

CIMG6202 copy

it costs 600yen to enter the temple and I was going broke from paying all those entrance fees in Kyoto. every single palace and famous attraction requires kaching kaching T_T. even if it’s tiny and nothing much to see =/.

CIMG6203 copy

well the cute little deers can be REALLY scary. these wild deers might bite, kick, butt or knock you down.

CIMG6204 copy

such a view! <3.

IMG_5709 copy

poor male deers get their horns cut off =(. but there are SOME which still have their horn. depending on how lucky you are. or.. the encounter might be an unlucky one too if they decided to horn you.

IMG_5713 copy

my favourite deer picture. a picture that makes me wanna say.. it’s such a beautiful world we live in.

IMG_5717 copy

beware of deers crossing!

IMG_5736 copy

what happens when you feed deers. they ALL come. ALL of them.

IMG_5738 copy

perfect moment to leech a picture.

IMG_5751 copy

the kid might look like he was having fun. but.. he really was screaming “HELP ME! THESE DEERS ARE SO SCARY!” and he was about to cry because he held a handful of deer biscuit where he finished feeding and now all the deers are “bumping” and chasing him to get more food.

IMG_5753 copy

an example of butt-heading haha.

IMG_5763 copy


IMG_5775 copy

peaceful little deer.

IMG_5785 copy

beautiful weather. I went there around end of December to January. cold but at least I had beautiful blue skies!

IMG_5796 copy

had to sit there. hahaha. and after a while all of them stood up and left =/. deers don’t like me. even though I have horns too hahaha.

IMG_5804 copy

stairway to.. the deers.

IMG_5830 copy

even the sign is so graceful.

IMG_5833 copy

hello dog, I’m deer.

IMG_5859 copy

basically you only need about 2-3 hours in Nara if the deers are all you wanna see. we came back to Kyoto and made it for LUNCH.

IMG_5860 copy

made it just in time for Salvatore Cuomo’s lunch buffet. only 1200yen! they serve one of the best pizza’s I’ve ever had. no, actually they served the best. not sure if it’s because it’s buffet, it wasn’t THAT great but it’s still good nevertheless!

IMG_4046 copy

and this was the Salvatore Cuomo back in Sinsa. the italian restaurant is based in Japan and their restaurant’s employees are trained in a rather Japanesey way. in the shop even in Korea, there must be some if not all employees who can speak fluent Japanese. everything’s great there. except for the price. hahaha. a nice simple dinner could easily cost you 70,000won for two. so the lunch buffet’s a really good bargain!

CIMG6235 copy

and later at night? met up with the two adorable Gyopo’s (Korean born in Japan) from Yonsei. =P. they ordered side dishes non stop and yet the bill didn’t end up too bad. really shocked. so to everyone who think Japan is expensive, if there’s a will, there’s a way to live according to your budget!

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