having two weeks spent at Kansai, how could I not go to Kobe?! to have Kobe beef of course. but no matter where you have it, it seemed like these beer-fed (rumoured) cows are just expensive everywhere. we searched the web for a cheaper and popular place and ended up in a Korean restaurant which serves Kobe beef hahahaha. my Japanese friend didn’t know it was Korean. I was just.. speechless since I live in Korea hahaha.

CIMG4576 copy

hello. Kobe station!

CIMG4524 copy


IMG_4915 copy

some shopping street.

IMG_4922 copy

MUST visit TOKYU HANDS. it’s everywhere in Japan. hahaha. they sell everything I like. =3.

CIMG4531 copy

some temple near the station.

CIMG4631 copy

traveled to Kobe’s port to visit Kobe Tower!

IMG_4969 copy

beautiful Kobe view!

IMG_4991 copy

hahahahhahahahaahaha. spontaneous magic show!

IMG_4983 copy

and the malls and hotels in Kobe’s really pretty too @@. like, really. look really expensive too hahaha.

IMG_4963 copy

went up the ferris wheel. almost died. I’m afraid of heights T_T.

IMG_4956 copy

the beautiful streets of Kobe. so pretty!!!!!! the row of restaurant on the right side is especially pretty!

IMG_4950 copy

went up the ferris wheel behind. I think it costed around 700yen.

IMG_4949 copy

a good reason to come to Japan on Winter. the illuminating trees.

IMG_4944 copy

hello =D!

IMG_4939 copy

Umie, a famous shopping mall here apparently.

IMG_4937 copy

and finally.. KOBE BEEF!!! there are a lot of shops around for Kobe Beef but we ordered a set for 5,000yen per person. for dinner I guess it’s quite an alright price. still expensive though T_T. I’m POOOOORRR. someone donate me some money T_T.

IMG_4927 copy

waiting impatiently for my GYUUUUUUUU. (it means meat)

IMG_4936 copy

look at that marbling beef D=.

IMG_4935 copy

this is so Korean. hahaha. but I didn’t bother wrapping such good quality meat in vege. >_>”. it’s almost like using money to light up fire instead of wood. if you get what I mean.

IMG_4934 copy

and the 3 types of other meat.

IMG_4932 copy

Japanese Beef’s so good. but I won’t lie, KOREAN BEEF’S AS GOOD! >=3.

IMG_4930 copy

KOBE BEEF TONGUE! simply my favourite. I won’t like. my favourite part of a cow’s the tongue but Kobe Beef’s just perfect almost everywhere T_T.

CIMG4568 copy

apparently a really rare flavour of ice cream, some black tea called the hojicha. wonderful flavour. I really liked it. it’s literally as good as green tea.

and some goodies I grabbed at Tokyu Hands while they had a sale on all the famous edibles all around Japan.

CIMG4636 copy

strawberry chocolate from Hokkaido! the packaging’s so cute I still have it until today. I’m a huge rubbish collector. teehee.

CIMG4643 copy

so cute!!! no?

CIMG4645 copy

it isn’t the most delicious thing on urf but it was really good!!!

CIMG4637 copy

according to my friend the best snack from Hokkaido.

CIMG4641 copy

it has rum in its filling and the biscuits really good. it’s a wonder how all the biscuits made with milk from Hokkaido tastes so different and milky while melting in your mouth. ah. bliss.

that’s all for my Kobe post! planning to go to some mountain to see sheeeeeeeeeps this trip! (summer!) =D. wait for it!

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9 years ago

I always eat “poor man’s Kobe beef” =the beef bowl of 「Sukiya」 226yen~(^o^)
Have you eaten the beef bowl of Sukiya?

Japanese Fast Food: Gyudon 牛丼  Sharla in Japan

9 years ago

I’m not really a fan of strawberry but really love to eat chocolates. And the one that I dislike combined with chocolates, I wonder how would that taste for me. hahahahahaha . But srsly,