perhaps one of my favourite places in Kyoto would be the great Kiyomizu Temple. it is indeed a very very touristy spot. but the thing is, its beautiful! that’s why it’s so packed with foreigners. I have yet to visit many hidden temples/shrines since I am not quite much of a temple or shrine person. but I will! slowly.

IMG_4375 copy

took a bus here. did I mention it costs only 500yen for unlimited bus rides?

IMG_4377 copy

and yeap, I wore a Kimono! it had always been my dream since I was little to dress in one. I didn’t look very good in it but still! I liked how you can only take small steps and walk like penguins. very adorable to me =3.

IMG_4379 copy

I had a habit to stop by every store selling warabi-mochi because I love mochi. but why does warabi mochi (not those in convenience stores) have to be so expensive T_T. going broke for mochi. the one I had here was the best I’ve ever had so far. not sure how to describe the store but it was on the way up =X. and had seats like the above.

IMG_4389 copy

hello. welcome to Kiyomizu! it was freezing cold in January and I was shivering under the not very thick kimono.

IMG_4397 copy

how I wish to own all of those Totoro drawings! to control my otaku self for my love for Ghibli, I limit myself to only purchase ONE item at most when ever I visit a shop. currently only have 5 items from Glibli =S. somebody, present me all of the rest!!!

IMG_4406 copy

look how beautiful the street was!

IMG_4408 copy

another favourite snack while in Kyoto, Matcha ice cream. not a big fan of the real matcha drink since it’s really bitter, but it seemed like everything else made from matcha tastes amazingly sweet and delicious.

IMG_4413 copy

some random alley. spam.

IMG_4415 copy

I don’t know where’s the picture of this green tea biscuit with white chocolate sandwiched in the middle is, but since I’ve described about it, you should know. it was really popular when I was there and super delicious. I only wished I had bought more. Malebranche is the name of the brand.

IMG_4417 copy

those ice cold cucumber sticks was delicious but I later found out that it usually costs only 100yen for a stick. so don’t pay anything more than that.

IMG_4420 copy

finally! getting close to the temple.

IMG_4429 copy

had to take a picture here hahhahah. tourists are tourists.

IMG_4443 copyI

but heck, most famous temples have high entrance fee =(. I think this temple costs around 500yen per entry. but worth it anyway!

IMG_4449 copy


IMG_4468 copy


IMG_4475 copy

and up up up! it was really pretty. the whole temple.

IMG_4480 copy

you should drink it at some places and you should wash your hands only at some places. from my observation, if the stick’s wooden, you normally wash your hands with the holy water while if the sticks metal, you should drink it. but get a Japanese person to help read it for you! or just look at what the rest does. the easiest. haha.

IMG_4482 copy

I wonder if foxes are seen as holy animals or gods but I’ve seen foxes in many temples and they look so cute.

IMG_4491 copy

I assume touching the rock makes me luckier! I hope it isn’t some rock for pregnancy or something =X.

IMG_4504 copy

Kiyomizu! it is actually not quite as beautiful when I went since it was under construction =/. but they say the temples phenomenal if you come here during autumn.

IMG_4511 copy

now you’re supposed to drink it!

IMG_4536 copy

random shopping area in Kyoto.

IMG_4542 copy

can you spot the kitkat corner?!

IMG_4562 copy

each time you rent a kimino, you should take purikura for remembrance! and I left mine somewhere at home.. I don’t know where T_T. grrrr.

IMG_4580 copy

somewhere in Shijo.

IMG_4584 copy

izakaya : Japanese drinking place.

IMG_4589 copy

IMG_4594 copy

some really beautiful Italian restaurant.

IMG_4598 copy

really love this street. very pretty. =3.

PS: I rented my Kimono from Yumeyakata. the cheapest amongst all with an online site. I got my Japanese friend to searched for me as well. this is the cheapest! and their quality’s not bad too ^^. here’s the website :

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9 years ago

i was there too during june. Apparently there’s another rock at the other end. and you have to touch one rock and close your eyes then walk your way to the other rock and touch it and your one true love will appear soon if you succeed.

9 years ago

Your cockroach feelers ahahaha.

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