watched Memoirs of Geisha? remember the scene where the little girl ran down a row of beautiful tori’s? it’s Fushimi Inari, the film site of the movie.

IMG_4622 copy

ever since I’ve watched the movie, coming here was on top on my list on my last Japan trip.

IMG_4620 copy

the delicious dorayaki which was as big as my face!

IMG_4623 copy

it was near new year’s and shops were filled with Fukubukuro, Lucky Bags which includes goods which you can not choose for a much lower than normal price.

IMG_4628 copy

and we’re here! at the entrance to the beautiful shrine!

IMG_4636 copy

I thought it was a dog. but I’m pretty sure it’s a fox.

IMG_4640 copy

this is where you make a wish.

IMG_4646 copy

so first, you go through a row of gigantic tori’s.

IMG_4652 copy

the place is more crowded than in pictures, even my pictures. there are A LOT of people and you’ll have to wait for a long time if you want to get a decent picture with LESS people.

IMG_4683 copy

and curves like these are the best to wait to get a shot with nobody at all =D.

IMG_4669 copy

this picture was not edited. it’s just THIS beautiful. it’s so breath taking I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to just keep strolling around.

IMG_4674 copy

oh hello. the tori’s were actually donated by people hence the words on it. if my memory didn’t serve me wrong, one tori costs around 10,000 dollars?

CIMG4438 copy

ehehehe. who watches Dragonball too?

IMG_4700 copy

I was just laughing out at how cute some of these drawings are.

CIMG4413 copy

Fushimi Inari has a huge mountain behind it filled with tori’s. and I wanted to

IMG_4702 copy


IMG_4738 copy

IMG_4751 copy

IMG_4795 copy

the tori hike was actually pretty tiring. it was so tiring I was only halfway through. and went back down ahhaha. but I went there again during new years and completed the course!

IMG_4828 copy

somewhere in the middle of my ‘hike’. there are rest areas so..

IMG_4847 copy

but really, coming here in winter’s not bad really. the weathers purrrrrrfect. and because of the beautiful weather my pictures all turned out perfect without me having to tweak the picture.

after being in Japan for quite a few times, I still can’t find anywhere more beautiful than Kyoto and Fushimi Inari being my favourite.

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9 years ago

Last I went to Japan was in 2006, I need to go there again!

9 years ago

Memoir of GEisha was one of my fave movies. 😀 😀 woahh!!!
What’s the taste of that huge dorayaki you got? hehehehhe